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Posted in: Kobe woman, Nagoya Sagawa delivery man, JAL cabin attendant test positive for virus See in context

Addition to the possibility of the wide-spread of deadlier version in Italy.

Italians are making autopsy in the northern part to all of their recent deaths whom never had tested while alive , and adding them to their death counts if they are positive.

In Japan, we all know that nobody will do the same while they are not even testing alives.

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The woman's whose 16 year-old has a runny nose should chill out and treat it like a normal flu.

The death rates (by best estimates of current data) are lower than the 1918 "spanish" flu.

You are idiotically comparing all three year long statistics of spanish flu (which lasted three years) with one month of chinese coronavirus statistic.

We don't even know medically whether what harm has/will happened/happen to the patient's stories that didn't resolved with death. I or neither that woman can't chill out by considering future complications to the health of our kids. A pneumonia case that developed in early ages, may influence future respiratory health of a person in adulthood.

You can chill out for your family members.

This is not only death or being alive, we couldn't experience perfect recovery from this yet to compare statistically and scientifically with other diseases.

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Before going to a hospital, people have been advised to first contact local healthcare centers if they develop a fever of 37.5 C or higher for at least four days. The period is shortened to two days for the elderly, those with chronic diseases, and pregnant women.

It's hard to understand this while we have the data of two crucial factors about this virus.

1) Although incubation period is long; after developing the fever and the virus reaches to lungs, the patient's condition is getting worse quickly and developing the pneumonia.

How you can ask people to wait four days with fever after you made much more harder to treat.

2) How you can let potential patient to spread the sickness for four more days while the worst thing about the virus is not the mortality rate, its his spread rate.

This stance is basically driving me crazy, and I am having serious trouble to understand the logic behind it from the medical perspective. This is the practice that Iran did based on its local reports, now we are witnessing the disaster at there.

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Britain confirmed a third case in which the coronavirus was contracted after the individual concerned visited an Asian country other than China. The government did not identify the country but issued a list of places from which travellers who developed symptoms should isolate themselves, it said.

The list included Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, as well as China.

Britain identified the country as Singapore. The mentioned individual only travelled via direct flight to Singapore and returned back to Britain.

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As @ThonTaddeo said, naturally, the boy will be our future-prime minister for the years of 2060s and 70s.

Excellent that we have less problems to think about.

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Posted in: Japan's Nov current account surplus rises 75% on falling energy prices See in context

both exports and imports are plunged, but we have a positive headline, kyodo pushing the boundaries of positivism and polyanna attitude.

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of newborn child See in context

If the story arc (plot) and dates are correct, the hospital worker should be also arrester over suspicion of unfulfillment of public duties.

Suspecting that, they just delay to investigate the process and hide to not to bother their "important" shogatsu holiday.

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all japan has to do is stop aid to lebanon just pay one year aid to mujahideen n ghosn walk till Japans prison

Wrong assumption.

There is no record of Japan aid to Lebanon since 2013, which was only USD 7.5million, possibly Ghosn's charities and Ghosn related investments are ten times more than Japan to Lebanon.

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Posted in: Abe cancels visit to Middle East amid tensions See in context

He cancelled the visit, update the news @moderator.


Can see an urge coming on.

I bet, we'll see an urge within today :)

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Posted in: Gov't to buy island in Kagoshima Pref for U.S. military drills for ¥16 bil See in context

Unobserved detail by Z A Landers

The company owned the island actually did whatever it takes to not to sell the island for two years including changing its president.

Mage Island sale negotiations:

2018 - Govt proposes ¥4.5 bil. yen sale price; company says ¥40 bil.

Jan - Two parties agree on ¥16 bil.

May - Company, under new president, breaks off deal to pursue "another option" for development

Dec - Company agrees to sell for ¥16 bil.

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Posted in: Record 400 kg of cocaine seized at Kobe port See in context

The smugglers may have sent the cocaine to Kobe by mistake, possibly intending to deliver it to some other destination, the sources said without providing details.

This sentence is a joke right? Who do "the sources" trying to protect?

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Posted in: Q&A: The feud over Tokyo's Olympic marathon See in context

Saying that Olympics needs to be held on summer because of the tv networks and giving the example of NBC's 1 billion, is absolutely meaningless.

Now, we are in 2019, not in 1954 that the sports players are amateurishly playing only in Olympics once in a year.

There is Champions League, NBA, National League Associations, even the waterpolo champions league that the sport players making their earnings. Olympics are already tasting the down trend by spectators and players who earn more and find more excitement in its yearly leagues.

If you just change the season from summer to an another time, you will not find any high-quality player to participate in olympics, they will be rejecting to leave their organizations.

Then, we will be watching second class or amateur players on almost every team sports.

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Posted in: Nightclub files criminal complaint against Uruguay rugby players See in context

Actually they've been investigated by police on 14th of October, and been released at the same day.

There are footages that showing one player is tackling from behind to a bar staff upon a discussion.

I remember this news at the day of 17th October, was no additional story about DJ equipments and teddy bears, USD 9,000 damage at that time.

Now, above story made me feel like, more has been added without any proof with one-sided reports & claims, showing all the team as vandals after they left to their country and the cup got over.

I'd like to hear what happened, why they tackled the guy, and how they damaged the bar. There should be more footages than 1 second.

Isn't it?

If everything correct on this article, then why they get released at the day of 14th October, and how they fly back to their country one week later?

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Posted in: Gov't to urge male civil servants to take more than 1-month childcare leave See in context


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Posted in: American ALT teacher fired from high school after exposing genitals See in context

incredibly & surprisingly detailed article for Japan

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Posted in: Koike again opposes plan to move Olympic marathon, walking race to Sapporo See in context

Koike's insist sounds to me like typical "omotenashi" , apathetic endless training program for guests until they obey fully voluntarily or involuntarily.

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Posted in: Heavy rain floods parts of Japan recovering from typhoons See in context

Rained hard all night in Kansai. All areas have evacuating places including schools and other buildings. You need to know your area.

If it's that straight-forward, how come we experience close to 100 death in the last disaster?

The strong typhoons are irresistible; accepting that with all my heart. However we lost most of these lifes because of the flood like a third-world country, it was not because of strong winds.

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Posted in: Tokyo eyes starting Olympic marathon at 3 a.m. to counter IOC plan to move race to Hokkaido See in context

Is this also part of omotenashi?

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Posted in: Heavy rain floods parts of Japan recovering from typhoons See in context

evacuate to where? did they show anywhere to go?

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Posted in: Turkey pushes offensive in Syria, despite sanctions and calls to stop See in context

This is called "Stab In The Back" ! The world should remember when you are volunteer being the puppet or mercenary of Uncle Sam, you should expect your doomsday is near! The Kurds were dreaming their "Kurdistan" or Kurdish state for sacrificing two generations of people since 1991 the uprising against Saddam!

And now this is the Turks who were manning US made tanks and warplanes bulldozing the fragile Kurdish state! This is nothing new, remember the "Republic of Vietnam" (South Vietnam) in 1975? Some people just don't learn from history and they were not a few nut a whole group of people! The Kurds deserve this, their pay back time, a sudden death warren signed by Donald Trump!

If it helps, since I've considerable knowledge regarding to the region, I'd like to give some historical/political background about Kurds and clarification to your misleading facts.

There are reasons that Kurds never get able to found a state in the history, the reason is that, they are heavily divided to sects and tribes, such as Shia Kurds that aligned with Iran, Sunni Kurds that aligned with arab sunni / Erdoganist / Muslim Brotherhood movements whether in Iraq or in Syria, Shafi Kurds that aligned with tribes or with IS, Nousairi Kurds that aligned with Assad and Alaouite Kurds that aligned with Ataturk's Turkey or radically aligned with Marxists movements since the cold war. So while calling Kurds, you are making an assumptions that really similar to call all arabs living in Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain as arabs and considering that they can live together, which is impossible!

Kurdish state that sacrificed his two generations against Saddam in 1991, has its own autonomous state in Iraq, happily sitting on oil-rich Mosul and Kirkuk cities, under the control of Sunni Kurdish Barzani family. Iraqi Kurds are mainly Sunni and never wanted to help to Syrian Kurds or never get involved to the ongoing war.

Shia Kurds continue to support whether Assad and Persians, automatically aligned with the regime force in the Syria war.

The Kurds that now we are talking about in this event, is PYD/SDF terror groups, marxists that has been heavily supported by Obama/Hillary period, and EU left-wing backed fighters, they had created their autonomous state in the city of Kobane, by appling obligatory army duty to civil people. Their Marxist world-view is makes it easy their alignement with Russians in any time in the near future, you can read the name of their organization is Kurdistan Workers Party in between the lines of articles.

As a result, this group that has been supported previously never had a capability to found a country for all Kurds because of their radical perspective, they were useful to fight with a radical group, because they are violent too, but they don't have potential to establish a constitutional state that will fit in world order; that's what U.S know.

There will be Kurdish state in the region but not with these guys.

So here above is the real facts about the region, doesn't contain any internal US politics that hardly can be seen in the media right now.

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Posted in: Turkey pushes offensive in Syria, despite sanctions and calls to stop See in context

@Norman Goodman, when speaking about Armenian genocide, we should talk about the role of Kurds whom is the predominant population on the region that Armenians left.


Mainly Sunni Kurdish cavalries that made actions such as mass murder, deportation and looting, their main motivation was to own the lands that Armenians left.

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Posted in: Money, hatred for the Kurds drives Turkey's Syrian fighters See in context

These same guys were America or so called civilized-world backed democracy fighters a week ago.

All the events passed in Syria for 7 years are total disgrace for the world and our civilization, putting all the blame in Turkey in a week is absolutely unfair also the amount of anti-Turkey propaganda in a week is disgusting and too suspicious for me. All this news have an aim to below plan.

There is an ongoing plan to create an autonomous Kurdistan in that region and all the parties already agreed for that new country including Turkey, however what they didn't agree is how this new country will be big, whether it will have a part in mediterranen coast of Syria or not, will there be frontieres with Federal Kurdish State of Iraq or not?

Turkey now has 3.6 million documented refugees (65% Sunni Arab, 20% Kurds 15% Christian Arab (Assyrian), Armenian and Yazidi) most of them came from the northern and north-western part of Syria. Turkish aim is to let them go back before foundation of Kurdistan and make them the part of the upcoming population referandum which will finalize the map at the end.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka picks Japanese citizenship with eye on Olympics: NHK See in context

The only disappointment for me is, Naomi Osaka was the only person to start a discussion about this unnecessary archaic law in the mass-media, and create a pressure on japanese government to change the law or at least start a movement, she did none of them for the future of dual-citizenship holders and accept in total obedience silently.

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked world's safest city for 3rd consecutive year by EIU See in context

Here below there are there elements that they are evaluating inside fourteen factors while giving the score to each city:

Problem corruption and bribery

Worries being insulted

Worries being subject to an attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion

Of course Tokyo will score close to zero as danger, while other developed countries scoring high points. In Japan, above facts are not even crime :)

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Posted in: How should a guy say 'I' in Japanese? Japanese women give their opinions See in context

While I learning japanese in my first year, I had a feeling like "boku" is for high-school boys until I've had a dinner with a retired intelligent japanese senior executive that passed his decades in abroad, and managed thousands of people, he was using "boku" in his impressive speeches consistently that I adapted the usage to myself.

This is my fifth year as boku and I never felt any disadvantage.

My look is overly-masculin enough, if I call myself "Ore", I will only give bitter taste and thrill to these womans that got surveyed.

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Posted in: For our readers who live in Japan, what are some items you always make a point to bring back to Japan after you return from a trip abroad? See in context

Toothbrushes for all family members and acquaintances

Pistacchios, nuts, almonds




Body shampoo for Mens


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Posted in: Abe says WWII labor row is biggest issue with S Korea See in context

Both presidents of Japan and Korea elevated/used/speculated the historical tensions for their local election successes to hide the economical failures and they can't step back from now on, since both of them heavily rely on nationalistic ideologies. Abe's Akihabara rally back three weeks ago, was terribly unfriendly and had a huge impact on Korean media, the other guy just blaming Japan for everything and try to consolidate the votes.

Now the situation is getting out of their hands just in two weeks.

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Posted in: An interview with #KuToo founder Yumi Ishikawa See in context

While there are thousands of more serious problems regarding to the placement of japanese woman in society, dealing with high heels is kind of funny and insincere for me, especially so called movement is lead by not a real careerwoman. How about dealing with other vital problems of woman? DV, power harrassement, sex workers, single mothers, inequality etc...?

I guess they will not bring sympathetic fame that high heels brought to her, especially for the government.

Regarding to women rights, Japan is in the first floor of Maslow's pyramide, there are tons of things to deal before shoes.

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@RickyCToday 11:50 am JST

Final solid proof for that is, Germany has compensated to all the victims of Anti-Gay Law during Nazi Regime on 2017 in Germany and in Poland. Or continuous new compensations that has been paid to Jews "Germany has agreed to pay an extra 800 million euros (£685 million) to help care for Jewish survivors of the Nazi Holocaust." (2013)

@Kazuaki ShimazakiToday  02:30 pm JST

Before you are so proud of this one have you considered that it can be used against your side, in that apologies even in Europe where people are relatively rational do mean unlimited de facto (if not de jure) liability, just as the Japanese side points out?

The so called maganimous policy doesn't work, not even in Europe and Germany.

I proud to be European, "so called maganimous policies" are putting the human lives and conditions to the first place, if they preferred to hide under the juridicial liability of 1940s conditions for their actions (there were not juridicial liability at that time to condemn some violent policies of Nazi regime towards humanity / excluding war) , there were not any 70 years of peace in Europe. Thanks God that they did, and it worked.

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Posted in: Colonial-era Korean laborers want Mitsubishi compensation See in context

@Disillusioned Today  12:10 pm JST

There is nobody in that photograph that is even close to being old enough to have been a victim of slave labor. Koreans really need to get a new hobby. The 'Japan hate club' is getting pretty stale.

Congratulations genius! You proved that there is no victim of slave.

Read the description under the photo, the photo is not about victim of slave labor.

"A South Korean protester uses scissors to cut an image of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during a rally denouncing the Japanese government's decision on their exports to South Korea in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday. The signs read "Punish economic aggression."  Photo: AP/Ahn Young-joon"

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