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Of course the world will end; just not in my lifetime. Well, if i live for another million years or so, then maybe.

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Civilians don't need to have guns. In fact, none of my close friends or family members own one and have never needed to. The one person I do know who owned one actually got himself hurt (accidentally shooting his own foot). Of course he's an idiot, but it just proves the point that a gun (whose primary purpose is a weapon) can actually do more damage to the wielder. However, I wouldn't want to take away the right of gun ownership to Americans, since in America, there are enough nut cases (believe me, I've come across a number when I used to live there) and people without morals with easy access to guns, to merit the ownership by those living in fear of them. People say that guns don't kill, and that is true. It's just sad that in the U.S. there are enough people with thoughts of killing without a concience which use guns in the wrong way.

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