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Posted in: Online piracy thrives in Internet cloud See in context

@_Jack A fellow Comic Book/Marvel movies enthusiast. I like your Captain America's reference there.

There is some ambiguous thing about piracy though. If you download a recorded television, say drama series, does it contribute as pirating? If you think about it..... it's basically just the same as copying the recorded file from your friends, except this "friends" are not people whom you know and live across the ocean.

And because they don't ask you to pay money, isn't just like sharing your friend your own recorded movie? If you share a Blu-ray released copy, I guess that can be called piracy, but a TV recorded copy????

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Posted in: Gundam creator expresses disappointment over current state of anime voice acting See in context

@inakaRob I'm with you here. Don't ever learn Japanese grammatically from anime or manga because they're not speaking with your basic Japanese used by living mortal (not 2D). You may learn few new words from it, but who the hell are using words like 堕天使(だてんし)=Fallen Angel or 魔眼(まがん)=Magical Eyes (I called this 中二病語) in everyday conversations..... you said that to your normal Japanese, they might think you as an otaku instantly.

But back to the topic, I think what the director wants to point about is not about the voice actors having similar sound, but they all are tend to follow a certain set of characteristic or pattern when producing the voice. Especially, some of the newbies are known for trying to imitate the older generations seiyuus. Although the main problem here is not the seiyuus themself but more to the lack of new or original characters in nowadays animes. You will find a lot of similar set on the rule kinda like characters, such as twin-tails, tsundere, etc etc (overlapping characters=キャラ被り). So even though they get jobs, it's just a bunch of repeating the same thing kinda jobs they got there. And I think Tomino here refers to the newest generation of seiyuu, so Hanazawa Kana or Hayami Saori's generation or older aren't counted in probably.

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Posted in: Deer hunter shot and killed by fellow hunter See in context

Is it going to be a tradition each year? Killed by your own fellow hunter..........20 old people with guns in closed vicinity means only one thing ,"Hunger Games" or in Japan's case "Battle Royale".They should do more screening about gun possessing for old folks here. May your soul rest in peace!

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Posted in: Global anger intensifies over downed Malaysia Airlines jet See in context

Even though we called it an advance military system, the radar of S-11 Ground to Air Missile itself beyond thing that you would call advance by today standard.

Because it is an old technology which still adopts PESA (Passive Electronically Scanned Array, means it only uses a single frequency of wave to detect object so it cannot identify other frequencies used by different type of object unlike the more advance Active Electronically Scanned Aray system) object misidentified by the system itself because of its limitations rather than only untrained operators may caused this accident to happen. The real perpretator? I don't think he/she will be brought to justice. Too many politics surrounding this accident.........

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Posted in: U.S. military to deploy unmanned spy plane in northern Japan See in context

it's logistic reasons i think, since Japan has facilities for producing avionic parts for U.S Air Force. One of the factory of the contractor is in Akishima and I am living there while hearing tons of U.S Air Force cargo planes fly over everyday recently.

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