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Posted in: Becky loses sponsors, regular TV appearances over affair scandal See in context

Becky and the whole gaggle of "talento" circus performers are annoying. Having said that, she is getting a raw deal from the establishment. The guy is just as much at fault as she is and should be getting the same treatment, after all, he was the one married.

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Posted in: Obama warns rejecting Iran deal would spell war See in context

Bet Jimmy Carter is smiling behind his hand.

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Posted in: Japan probe comes up empty on Dreamliner battery problems See in context

Its simple, GS Yuasa's quality control was less than stellar. They delivered defective batteries in the initial batch. If you notice, there have not been any battery issues since the original spate. I'm sure Boeing was not a happy camper and explained the realities of loosing millions of dollars over battery technology that has been around for awhile.

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Posted in: Apple acknowledges bug in iPhone software, offers fix See in context

The analyst said Apple may offer some compensation to buyers or it may take a “hardball” approach by saying “you’re not supposed to abuse your phone or sit on your phone, you’re supposed to treat it like a piece of electronics.”

All Apple has to do is to say ithe phone is supposed to bend. The Apple I-diots will smile and nod sagely, and continue to slather praise on the emperor's new clothes.

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What the US and a great deal of the world needs now are leaders that are not right or left extremists. The United States needs a president that will unite the people under a common cause of fairness and prosperity and above all, common sense. Neither the Democrats or Republicans have a candidate that comes close.

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Posted in: AKB48 sister group HKT48 kicks off first national tour See in context

Is that button "Record to Hard Drive" or "Kill Advertisement"?

No, it is the kill switch for the sheeple manure dispenser. I can't think of anything that is broadcast or advertised on this dispenser that I would want to record much less acknowledge the forced marketing promotion. But hey, thanks for pointing out that some people do.

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Posted in: Why does Japan have so many overhead power lines? See in context


The poles are placed on the street because there is no other place to put it. The power company negotiated with my significant other for over a year, wanting permission to place a pole in our driveway. They were willing to pay a yearly fee for the privilege. The poles have a date stamped on them and are replaced every few years. The slight movement of the pole causes the rebar to become work hardened and brittle. The poles are good for about 150 knots of wind in a typhoon. They are more susceptible to being pushed over rather than snapping. The transmission wires are insulated and the only danger of a broken one is at the end or damaged area. One of the design factors of the pole/wire system is that if a pole breaks or is blown down, the wire must be capable of supporting a designated number of broken poles on each side of it, this is an additional safety factor. Having said all this, they are as ugly as a mud outhouse.

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Posted in: AKB48 sister group HKT48 kicks off first national tour See in context

I discovered this little red button on my TVs remote control, I utilize it a lot.

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In hindsight, if she had been elected president instead of BHO, she would have done far less damage to the US than he has. She would have been far less a puppet on a string and less of a Socialist. If elected now, her agenda on top of that BHO has already implemented will just take the US further down the path to becoming another Greece. The only difference is; when the US plunges, there will not be a sugar daddy with deep enough pockets to bail it out, and the rest of the world will be sucked in like a stars to a black hole.

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Posted in: Pink Floyd sets Nov 10 release date for new album See in context

I saw them in two concerts:

1973 Dark Side of the Moon, Keil Auditorium, St. Louis MO 1989 Momentary Lapse of Reason, Docklands Arena, London

Look forward to any new or re-released music from them

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Posted in: Abe's wife tells U.S. audience about pain of political life See in context

Abe said she was crying and did not want to face waiting media, but noticed well-wishers across the street who were smiling.

Maybe an honorable mention, but no Oscar. Most of the things the article recounts, just seems a bit too planned and polished to ring true.

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Posted in: Pink Floyd sets Nov 10 release date for new album See in context

You can't yawn at a group that had an album to stay in the Billboard top 200 charts for 861 weeks. For you math impaired types, that is over 16 years. Pink Floyd were ground breakers in their genre, as well as concert special effects. David Gilmore is one of the best guitar players in the world.

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Posted in: In Japan, grave times for the tombstone trade See in context

what an amazing rip-off. 200 000 yen to take a boat out, say a few words and then head home. Maximum an hour or two of work.

Lets say a 35 foot motor boat......

Boat Captian salary, 5000 yen hour. Crew member / deck hand at 1500 yen hour Boat mooring fees: 2000 yen per foot per day, or 720,000 year. Fuel for two hours using 190 liters per hour at 130 yen/liter is 24,700 yen Annual inspection fees 80000 yen Commercial boat Insurance at a cost of 12000 yen per million yen of insured property. Hint a 35 foot boat suitable for carrying passengers will cost upwards of 20 million yen. Boat maintenance costs... priceless

Now is that 200000 yen funereal still sounding outrageous?


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Ban smoking in public places, except for areas that are clearly designated and have approved ventilation. Ban smoking in restaurant franchises and bars. Let privately owned restaurants and bars choose either non smoking or smoking, but not both, their customers will sort them out.

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Posted in: Q&A: Barbra Streisand, the feminist, sings on See in context

Huuuummmm.... Maybe she could get with Cat Stevens and cross that bridge...

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Posted in: NFL sponsors critical as league struggles with violence See in context

Professional sports needs a good wire brush cleaning from the top to the bottom. I can't believe the double standard that prevails in dealing with criminal acts committed by professional athletes.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd to switch campaign from whales to toothfish if Japan abandons hun See in context

Ever notice how Sea Sheppard only takes up causes in areas that allow them to act outside the law? They break so many international maritime laws that if they operated in waters where there were patrol ships, they would be hauled off to prison and the key tossed. Now they are going to take their boats back to the Antarctic and sabotage boats and equipment and risk the lives of fishermen fishing for toothfish. They are not about the conservation of any species, they are about committing violent and dangerous acts in the name of conservation. Their whole operational plan is based on violent confrontation. All you have to do is watch one of their videos to see how they revel in the violence and their disregard for the safety of the boats they are harassing.

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Posted in: Scotland begins historic independence vote See in context

Goodbye Texas, don't let the door hit you.

Funny you would cast a slighting remark at Texas independence on the back of Scotland's potential freedom. Texas is the only state in the Union that was once a country. The Texas embassy still exists in London and is a tourist attraction.

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Posted in: TV announcer Mariko Oe to marry Monex billionaire Oki Matsumoto See in context

A large number of posts to this article are disappearing. They pop up and when my browser refreshes they are gone. Is this article a sensitive subject?

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Posted in: Two of Abe's new picks deny neo-Nazi links See in context

The really neat thing about voting is; the majority gets to pick who it wants to lead the government. It appears the Japanese people want Abe and crew for the time being. I think he is a good balance to rest of the socialist heavy side of the government. There is nothing good about being too far right or too far left, both poles will take any country in the wrong direction, the last two presidents of the US are proof.

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Posted in: Pachinko parlor politeness See in context

The answer is quite simple! Gambling is illegal in Japan. At many pachinko parlors there are signs warning foreigners not to go inside.

Pachinko is not gambling. If it were the police would shut them down. I have never been told to leave a PP in the many long years I have been here, you must have smelled bad or had bad breath. I only go to PPs once or twice a year on my own and then just to remind myself how boring it is. I do get drug into visiting occasionally by a visiting relative, so it adds up to about 2-5 excursions per year. The only thing I ever win are some pens, gum or erasers, and I usually spend about 5 thousand yen. I don't have much use for these items so i sell them to a small stand that is located nearby. I do have a neighbor that leaves his house EVERY dad around 3 PM on his scooter, rain or shine and works a list of favorite PPs until about 11 PM. He said it pays the bills and beats working.

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Posted in: New volcanic isle may collapse, create tsunami: study See in context

He said a rockfall of 12 million cubic meters of lava would generate a one-meter tsunami that could travel faster than a bullet train, hitting the island of Chichijima—130 kilometers away—in around 18 minutes,

Maybe this needs to be put into perspective. A Typhoon generates more than 1 meter of storm surge, which for all practical purposes is a tsunami. Chichijima gets hit by at least a couple of typhoons every year. People on typhoon prone islands learn where to live and where not to live or they drown. Even caught unawares, it would be more of an inconvenience than life threatening. There might even be the loss of a few lives if someone was swimming or wading, but the article is still an over reaction. Bottom line is you can't do anything about a volcano and you can't effectively warn people in 18 minutes.

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Posted in: Lamborghini Murcielago goes up in flames on Tokyo expressway See in context

Love to stay and chat, but I gotta nip over to the paint shop and see if my K truck is finished.

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Posted in: As Missouri violence continue, fingers point to outsiders See in context

I think Jessie Jackson had some integrity in his early days. He had heart and passion for his cause. Then it seems he started to see himself as a new Martin Luther King, but was impatient with the progress his fame and prestige progressed. He seemed to lack the intestinal fortitude to expend the sweat and toil required to be seen as a person of integrity or greatness. He then sold himself out to the special interest groups and fringe causes like a politician. He as pretty much degenerated to an ambulance chaser and media whore, who plies the race card at every opportunity to get attention.

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Posted in: Skymark Airlines under fire for selling items past their expiration dates to passengers See in context

Begs the question, was the cup noodles in the original package and if so, why did the imbiber not notice the dates? We are all getting outraged after the fact... in spite of the fact that no one was injured or made sick. Shoganai.....

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Posted in: Japan aid agency pulls staff from Ebola-hit nations See in context

No quarantine? JT ran a "poll article" the other day asking the question if readers thought the virus would be brought back to Japan by a tourist/traveler, the odds just went up that it will happen sooner than later..

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Posted in: Official: Robin Williams hanged himself with belt after his wife went to bed See in context

Curtain, exit stage lett.......

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Posted in: Rola changing DNA of Japanese pop culture See in context

I have lived in Japan for many years and have a couple of haafu kids that grew up here. Hell, my dog is haafu! Any place in the world has its quirks. I chose to live where I do, so therefore I try to fit in and not transform my neighbors and Japanese society to one just like ____ (you fill in the blank) . My kids thrived in school and now prosper in life as adults. The dog has issues outside being haafu, it thinks it is a cat. One thing that is evident from TV verses real life, the Japanese enjoy living vicariously through the outlandish personages and lifestyles of the parade of over the top “stars” on TV. If you dare to be different, you will either get marginalized or admired to some extent. While all the women in our neighborhood (and most of japan) go outside wrapped like mummies to hide from the sun; my Japanese wife and I sail and spend a lot of time on the water. She has a deep sailor tan, which she tells me scandalizes her deathly white friends, but you can tell they admire her flaunting of the “norm” and doing something they do not dare do by the way they make a point of seeking her out and her "status" in the pecking order.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says allied soldiers raped women after D-Day See in context

she wasn't born rich and famous and gives so much of herself and life to others!

She is the daughter of Jon Voigt and was born into the Hollywood system...... any publicity is better than...........

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Posted in: Water decontamination system down again at Fukushima plant See in context

........begs the question, why is there no backup unit? I believe they bought it from some firm outside Japan, gotta be others around.

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