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Posted in: U.S. Ambassador Roos to attend Nagasaki Peace Memorial ceremony for first time See in context

Just another whistle stop on....... The Obama Apologize for being American Tour.

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Posted in: Japanese model uses her half-naked body to tweet to fans See in context


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Posted in: Mariners trade Ichiro to Yankees See in context

Ichy has been a class act throughout his career. He deserves a world series win even if it has to be with the Yankees. I hope the baseball gods and lady luck smiles on him and grants him a couple of comeback seasons to rival the best of his glory day.

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Posted in: Stabbing suspect should have killed himself, Osaka governor says See in context

and it's been proven over and over again that capital punishement does nothing to stop people from violent crimes like murder.

...........but it sure prevents them from doing it twice............

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai's ex-husband arrested again for possession of stimulants See in context

Call this man a loser all you like, but it is society that is failing him by refusing to help him with his addiction.

LOL and roll on the floor...It certainly does bugger the mind to the depths of denial people will go to avoid personal responsibility and accountability. Drug addicts, alcoholics, and perverts now hide behind the PC BS that their habits are a “disease”. The stark truth is that these people are lacking in sufficient personal fortitude and character to function within the social norm. Patting them on the head and sending them off to a two week retread course is not the answer, statistics prove that 88.9% will be repeat offenders within the first year. It is also a fact that of the other 11%, 6% will repeat offend within two years. The remaining 5% will stay clean….. which, by the way is the same rate as those who do not receive “professional” help. We have lost the whole point of imprisonment, prison should be a place of punishment, not a place to watch TV and workout until you do your reduced sentence that you had to serve because some conservative jerk passed a law saying that all of every sentence could not be suspended .

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I think the Japanese voice actors do a great job of voice overs. The producers take some time and try to match the voice actor to the actor they are voicing. I have watched some dubbed movies from other countries that the voice actor was so poor that Stallone sounded like Mickey Mouse.

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Posted in: End of era with three Wiggles to stand down See in context


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Posted in: 13-year-old girl on bike dies after being hit by truck See in context

How about a little more accountability from the parents? I am tired of people having kids and then expecting me to babysit because they want the kids out of their hair. How about acturally taking the time to teach the kids to ride safely? How about charging some of the parents with child neglect when they let their children play in the streets and then wonder why they get run over? I can tell there are a lot of public transportation fans and non drivers on this forum from the comments. I like my car and the freedom that comes with it. Streets were designed for automobiles, if you want to peddle your A$$ on the same street, obey the traffic laws.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd leader Watson freed on bail while extradition decided See in context

The only difference in Watson’s pirates and the ones in Somali is he videos his acts of piracy and sells it to the highest bidder. All you have to do is look at the SS logo and paint scheme on its ships to determine that he pictures himself a swashbuckling Robin Hood. No matter how much the hand-wringing- save- the- ocean- crowd tries to justify his action; the fact remains, he is just a egotistical vigilante criminal breaking Maritime law and putting people’s lives in danger.

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Posted in: Europe debt crisis biggest risk for Japan's economy: PM See in context

The bottom line is all the people who have been riding the train for free are unwilling to pay for tickets now to keep the train running. Until Europe and the rest of the world come to understand there are no free lunches, you can only spend other people’s money for so long, things will continue to get worse until the Ponzy scheme ultimately collapses. I for one, am tired of paying for my neighbor to sit home and watch the telly and complain about the 1% while I go off to work every day to pay for my family’s food and his too.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson arrested in Germany See in context

Hang him high..... ecoterrorist extrodianare...

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Posted in: Prosecutors appeal Japanese-Taiwanese star's suspended sentence See in context

Just another case of a celebrity/actor/pro athlete getting a free pass.... great role models for today’s youth.

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Posted in: Active fault may run beneath Mount Fuji, say researchers See in context

Funny how no one cared until March 2011..

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Posted in: Gold prices hit 2012 low on concerns over Europe See in context

Wait until tomorrow.....

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Posted in: Toyota's quarterly profit quadruples on recovery See in context

The safety issues in the US were all B.S. and everyone with atleast 1 brain cell knows it.

Maby, but Toyota's response was almost out of TEPCO's playbook. They did not do themselves any favors.

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Posted in: Brad Pitt to be new face of Chanel No. 5 perfume See in context

Maybe they should have gotten John Travolta?

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Posted in: Indonesia finds wreckage of missing Russian plane See in context

In March 2012 it was revealed that Aeroflot is asking Sukhoi for compensation since the six Superjet 100 it operates are in the air only 3.9 hours/day on average instead of the standard 8 to 9 hours. "Outages were caused by failures due to technical problems and delayed delivery of parts", noted the deputy chief engineer of the Department of Aviation and Technical Support of "Aeroflot" Constantine Mohni in the russian daily newspaper Vedomosti

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Posted in: Lunchtime See in context

The Emperor and his wife have proved to be a truly classy couple in today’s world of tabloid royals. Even at their age they continue to get out and meet the “common” people where ever they live.

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Posted in: White girl fronting Japanese rock band actually a Swedish boy See in context

@Sonoko Ikeda.... I hope you got paid well for this infomercial. There was way too much commercial information in this article to have been written by someone who "realized this beautiful young girl is actually a boy" and spontaneously decided to gush about the “discovery”. The article would have been a much better read if it had been written as a straight forward piece.

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Posted in: U.S. soldier sentenced to 6 years for raping teenage girl in S Korea See in context

The United States military has re-instituted a curfew on service members in South Korea after two soldiers have been accused of raping local girls. One of the cases involves 21-year-old soldier who allegedly broke into a girl's home on September 17, U.S. Forces Korea, said in a statement. The soldier, who was identified as Kevin Robertson, is accused of raping the 16 year old girl and stealing a computer from the home. "He had been drinking with her earlier in the evening and walked her home, the press release said. "Police say the accused says it was consensual but admits to stealing her computer. Police are now studying DNA evidence and CCTV footage from the girls apartment."

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Posted in: Men in Black See in context

Get used to the plaid, it's the latest fad.

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Posted in: Man robs Chiba love hotel See in context

A friend of mine owns a love hotel and believe me some of the comments here are so ludicrous it makes me laugh.

You are correct; a significant number of people who patronize the LHs are just looking for a bit of privacy to do their business. Husbands and wives who want to get away from the kids or more likely the grandparents, dating couples, etc. Even the all night rates often beat the regular hotel/motel if you are just looking for a place to crash. Makes a great date for old married folks!

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan step up talks on military accord See in context

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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Posted in: Nuclear-free Japan braces for summer power shortages See in context

I can't wait to start living like its 1930...

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Posted in: Pressure builds on France's Hollande over EU debt plans See in context

A very good example of a politician telling the voters what they want to hear. Wonder what he will tell them when Germany gets tired of paying for his voters who retired at 60 to sit on the beach? Tax the rich 70%? If he don't close the borders and put out armed guards they will be moving to warmer climes... do you want to work your a$$ off while your neighbor sits home, watches the telly all day and meets you on Friday with his hand out for part of your paycheck?

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Posted in: TEPCO names new management See in context

I'm agreeing that the odds don't look good, but at least give them a shot.

I think in this case I would rather apologize after the new faces at TEPCO proved me wrong. I don't think TEPCO's track record up to now warrants giving them the benefit of the doubt. Zichi made a couple of good points about the government’s unwillingness to pressure TEPCO into being proactive. I see the latest installation of these two as just another blind move to stall the inevitable. I think the laundry list of CEOs who were offered this job and declined is very telling. If there was a reasonable chance of pulling TEPCO’s chestnuts out of the fire, they would have jumped on the job. I think they saw the "business as usual" mindset fully entrenched, and wanted not part of railroaded failure.

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Posted in: Obama as a war candidate See in context

Until the US learns that you can’t win any sort of peace in countries that have centuries old histories of secular hatred and think nothing of massacring their own population just because they do not follow the “right” version of the same religion. The rule of thumb in these countries seems to be that the only stabilizing factor is the ruling identity that murders more of the citizens than the other factions. Once the #1 badass is gone they immediately start to murder each other and pick up at the point they were interrupted by the latest dictator or religious guru. The US will continue to get itself mired in no win situations, until it comes to grips with the fact that if these people were really and truly unhappy with the way they live, they would do something about it.

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Posted in: Doolittle's Raiders recall daring WW II mission See in context

When your country’s leaders take your country to war, they take every man, woman and child in that country to war. Pandering to the idea that when civilians get killed as collateral damage that it is somehow a crime is just hogwash. There is no such thing as civilized war, anything less than maximum effort just prolongs the conflict and worse, just means you are going to have to fight the same war at a future date. The military does not get tired of war, it is their job, civilians get tired of war because it destroys their lives and families. In today’s world, an army of pacifists sit in their armchairs in cold comfort and decry the ugliness of war when a few civilians die in some $hit hole country that is populated with people who are more than willing to let their government abuse them and commit “holy” murders throughout the rest of the world. Any war will not cease until the civilian population have had enough….. or are all dead.

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Posted in: Anti-austerity ballot backlash rattles euro zone See in context

Or in Greece/Spain/France/Italy’s case you will run out of workers because they are all eligible for retirement as soon as they are out of nappies.

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Posted in: Aftermath See in context

The utility poles are gridded together and act as supports for each other. The large dark cables you see in the photo are telephone/data lines, either hard or fiber. The telephone lines are attached to wire cable strung from pole to pole by lacing wire ties, those are the short pieces of wire you see dangling everywhere. The power transmission lines are the ones at the top of the poles with the large ceramic insulators. The power wires are actually insulated quite well and are made up of stranded wire, which is more flexible and stretchy than solid core. The end result is, the pole may fall but the wire grid will stay intact and electricity is easy to restore. The usual cause of a power outage during a storm in Japan is a lightning strike to a transformer substation.

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