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Posted in: Mother charged with murder of newborn baby girl See in context

Sad, sad story. I fear another child didn't get a fair chance at life because of this woman's fear of social stigma, something, when viewed here in the context of my image vs. my child's, is put as a priority.

Even sadder is that this all could've been prevented if she or her partner had of just thought of protecting themselves via condoms/contraceptives. Im all for having fun, but safety is/should be paramount. The unknown 'father' is at just as much fault as she is.

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Posted in: No. of Japanese centenarians hits record 67,824 See in context

The figure rose for the 47th consecutive year, with women accounting for 87.9 percent of the total, according to the population estimate for Sept. 15, based on resident registry data as of Sept. 1, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said.

Woah! That is an interesting statistic...!

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Posted in: 50 and out as Mayweather stops McGregor See in context

Do this, do that; put Mayweather here, Conor there. At the end of the day, McGregor must've known he was going in there to lose, but the payout was just too much. UFC is closer to street brawling while boxing requires more than just toughness and grit.

Despite what people say about Floyd, a 50-0 record is something some of us can't say we have in anything, rather alone something as intense as boxing. Hats off to the guy, and good on McGregor for lasting 10 rounds with an undisputed champ.

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Posted in: Man dies after being beaten outside train station See in context

Unfortunate. It's becoming scary to be out past 10pm~6 or 7am, when the drunk buffoons are on the loose. Also, you have to be mindful of where you're walking. A lot of people in Tokyo have no perception of personal space, and have no qualms about invading another persons' personal space. With that being said, this guy didn't deserve to be knocked out over this...

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Posted in: Wonder Woman promoted in Japan with idol song 'A Woman Can’t Sleep Alone,' angering some fans See in context


Their first and biggest mistake was choosing an idols group for a movie like Wonder Woman. Which we all know they're all young (underage) sexy candy for "grown up" males. They portray nothing of being a strong independent woman.

Hit the nail right on the head!

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 72nd anniversary of atomic bombing See in context

I am proud as a Japanese that the ceremony is held quietly without violent demonstrations or protests against America.

Why would there be? After the war, everything was blamed on the militaristic government and officials and the Americans came away scot free, as heroes, as they nursed a dilapidated Japan back to full health--after they had dropped two atom bombs and firebombed the heck out of Tokyo.

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Posted in: Man injures woman with stun gun in Chiba See in context

An unemployed 20-year-old man...

What's up with these unemployed guys and committing petty/stupid little crimes? Go look for a job/something worthwhile or read a meaningful book to take your mind off things... sheesh

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Posted in: Woman gets 13 years in prison for fatally abusing 3-year-old daughter See in context

Police subsequently questioned neighbours who said that at the end of 2015, they could hear loud children's cries coming from the suspects' house, often for up to an hour.

Police were summoned by neighbors on two occasions in June and July of 2015 after residents had witnessed the children locked outside the house. At the time, however, police found no signs of abuse on either child and no reports were made to the local child consultation centers.

Looks like all the signs were there...just the police did not have enough evidence to act at the time. A sad story for all parties involved. A little girl dies, another will be traumatized for life, and two mentally sick individuals will only serve a little over a decade for these heinous crimes.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested for stabbing female acquaintance See in context

Scary stuff.... too many people out here who act impulsively. If this guy needed to blow off steam, he needed to find a healthier way to do it. Hope the lady recovers soon.

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Posted in: For most Japanese, April Fools' Day still no joke See in context

“Japanese, whose ‘warai no tsubo’ (funnybone) is in a different place from foreigners, are better off not >getting involved in this custom.”

I agree with the old lady who said the above comment.

As a foreigner in Japan, yes, I like seeing things from my respective culture appear here, but, for god's sake Japan, stop.

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Posted in: 'Moonlight' director to film slavery drama for Amazon See in context

I agree, but no one is stepping to the plate and taking the initiative to take on the task. Sad actually. This is not saying I don't like that part of history that was so inhumane and tragic for millions of Blacks, but it would >be great to see a historical movie of what other races have gone through in the US and there is a lot to talk >about.

What happened to African peoples in the slave trade is virtually incomparable to any other event in history, HOWEVER, I am also tired of the same old story being told over and over. Why don't these directors go past slavery and make movies about African History prior to slavery? Oh, because Americans, even black people, aren't interested in African history because the lack of perceived connection--and positive things rarely sell well in Hollywood.

I would definitely like to see something on the Native Americans, or other Native groups affected by the European 'discovery' of the 'new world.'

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Posted in: Japan hopes to leave agriculture out of U.S. trade talks See in context

Question is how much price increases can we expect by the goods being shipped halfway around the globe.

Walmart/Seiyu is not all that much cheaper, neither were the ASDA owned stores

It's called tariffs, mate; but what JA doesn't want, is competition.

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Posted in: Pep rally See in context

Silly...but good look to those young people in finding a good place to work!

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Posted in: Cool Japan Ambassador Paul Christie talks about plans to highlight a different side of the country See in context

The government’s hands-off approach extends to the duration of the role, with Christie not having heard about any specific time limit. But that suits Christie, as he sees it as an extension of his existing work, and so it is something that could continue well into the future.

The government is hands-off, and, probably not offering/providing finances either.

At first, I was going to say this guy is a complete buffon for taking up this farce of Japanese 'coolness,' but then I read:

“It’s provided me with a slightly wider platform to promote Japan and promote our business than we had before”, he added.

It's a win-win. The government gets the white face it wants to portray its 'coolness' to the world with, and this guy and his wife makes money.


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Posted in: 'Scorpion' robot mission inside Fukushima reactor aborted See in context

The Japanese government said in December that it expects the total costs—including compensation, decommissioning and decontamination—to reach 21.5 trillion yen ($189 billion) in a process likely to take decades as high radiation levels slow operations.

Pretty soon they won't be able to put a price tag on the amount of damage TEPCO and the government has caused because of their incompetent handling of Fukushima. All efforts to try to, at least, hedge and control the damage should've been made early on. Instead of lying to people and promoting tourism to the prefecture, the best thing would've been to reach out and ask for help, if that's what they needed. This is why we have to hold companies to a higher standard; TEPCO management should've been wiped clean a year after.

Fukushima is making a good case to take over Chernobyl's place as one of the worst self-inflicted human disasters in history.

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Posted in: Ready for Valentine's Day See in context

I saw some Godiva (pronounced go-die-va) chocolates on display in Celeo. They wanted 3,700 yen for 5 chocolates in a heart-shaped box! $6 for one piece, are you kidding me?

Ridiculous...but I doubt anyone would buy their overpriced chocolate(?) in any other case.

Recently, I have realized that people, these days, don't appropriate holidays and customs in Japan... It's the ever-greedy companies that are pushing western holidays down these peoples throats. Valentine's Day is a month away, let's start advertising; Halloween starts in late August now; "Christ"mas starts as soon as we get someone to take down the Halloween decorations. ugh...

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo ward office worker arrested for stealing personal info of woman See in context

This is one of the many reasons I hate providing any organization with information I don't deem as necessary. In Japan, they take it to a whole new level on the amount of information required at times, and with the past data leaks and theft, I'm ever more reluctant to divulge private/personal information.

This creep obviously targeted women who lived alone--I wish he would've broke into the wrong home, and there was a guy like Bobby Orogon or Masahiro Chono waiting on him with a baseball bat.

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Posted in: Four 18-year-olds arrested for possession of drugs See in context

It seems that you can tell the J-cops "no", when it comes to searching your possessions. They require a warrant, unless you agree to the search, that's why they ask you, in broken English, "Body Check, Okey?" But of course, they can just call in and get a warrant....

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Posted in: How do Japanese people feel about kissing in public? See in context

Japan tries to emulate western culture in almost every other aspect of life, why not how they show affection?

Let's face it, Japanese people shouldn't have to change how they act or live in order to be "liked" or fit in. Besides, I'm happy to see some of these people not engaging in affectionate manner anyway.

Be yourself Japan!

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Posted in: 3 bag-snatching cases reported one after the other in Saitama See in context

SmithinJapan: calm down, son. I never said these women were definitely on their smartphones, bud, I said "I can only imagine."

If the police policed Saitama streets as hard as you police and scrutinize posts on JT, these women might still have their handbags.

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Posted in: 3 bag-snatching cases reported one after the other in Saitama See in context

I can only imagine that these women were giving their smartphones their undivided attention when these thugs tried to snatch their bags. This doesn't excuse their crimes--not at all--,but I'm not going to lie and say that I haven't thought how a good robber or thief could make a killing in the Kanto area, preying on those glued to their phones.

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Posted in: Panasonic promotes 'Beautiful Japan towards 2020' for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games See in context

the sporting world’s attention firmly shifted to Tokyo and the prospect of the Tokyo 2020 Games Did it? Cuz Tokyo is the only place talking about it, for the most part. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill...

Anyways, good on Panasonic for bringing more attention to this part of the games. I hope to see more of these kind of ads, rather than another hair dryer, during my morning commutes.

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Posted in: Android malware breaches more than 1 million Google accounts See in context

After using an Android for 2 years I was completely irritated by their Wild West approach to apps and OS's depending on the manufacturer. From the outside it appears almost a little too easy to get malicious or unchecked apps onto an unsuspecting Android device

While this is true, I love the freedom my Andriod gives me. The plethora of options, minus the stringent guidelines, and the variety of apps, themes, etc. makes me a happy Andriod user. However, the cons are just as you mentioned and this recent attack exposed. :(

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Posted in: Hiroto and Aoi ranked as most popular baby names for 2016 See in context

Good to see J parents don't follow Hollywood trends unlike many westerners.

The must be following some trend if there are more Hiroto's and Aoi's. Just because they're not naming their children Sky Blue or Marshmallow, doesn't make them any better.

Japanese people also seem to be the ones who follow trends the most and want to be part of them: Christmas, Halloween, etc. and what's worse is that these things are in no way related to their culture, ideals, etc.

Anyway... got off topic. Gonbei is such a horrible, but hilarious name to say.

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Posted in: IOC urges unwavering commitment by Olympic Games' hosts See in context

IOC wants their coffers filled. Tokyo wants the notoriety. The losers? tax-paying citizens. I honestly think that Olympics games should be held in a neutral location, every--single---time. Perhaps build an Island in the middle of the ocean somewhere.. I hear the Chinese are experts at it. But this would take away from the IOC reaping ridiculous profits, at the expense of the middle class, and governments strutting their stuff to the rest of the world. Bummer.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl who fell in canal after snowfall last week dies in hospital See in context

Unfortunate. These types of accidents are constant reminders that we have to be extra vigilant when it comes to children, even in the "safest" of countries. May the little girl RIP and her family find comfort.

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Posted in: Film '13th' traces path from slavery to U.S. mass incarceration See in context

Americans in general are ignorant about the ramifications of amendments and legislation that have virtually stunted growth in the black community in general. A reply to people who give the "pick yourself up by your bootstraps" is, easily, the Homestead Act, which gave free land to whites (at the expense of Native Americans)-- a type of welfare, if you will. When black people in the U.S. have striven for economic and social prosperity, unfortunately, they've experienced terrorism--google Tulsa Oklahoma, Black Wallstreet ( and do we need even mention the KKK?), and COINTELPRO which infiltrated and essentially dismantled the Black Panthers (contrary to Tomi Lahren, they were NOT a terrorist group).

My only hope is that these films can educate Americans--black, white, yellow, green, red, purple,indigo, etc.

The more comments I read about how it's this group's fault for this and let's cite crime statistics to prove my point, the more I can see how self-inflicted the racial divide is in the U.S.

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Posted in: New PlayStation 4 products aim to keep Sony in lead See in context

Love my ps4, but I'm really turned off with both companies new marketing plans. They've developed plans similar to Apple: release a decent, but half-finished product, and 6 months+ later let's introduce an updated version. Now I understand how technology works, and sometimes companies don't have the capability, but it's clearly all a racket.

Love Sony and their playstation, but I think I'm going back to PC gaming and will avoid the next-gen roll out.

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Posted in: What to do about mindless smartphone zombies? See in context

The phenomena is happening all around the world, and just another distraction created for people. No one gets concerned and writes an article when a guy reading the news isn't paying attention, why get mad at someone for playing Pokemon Go? These phone zombies were a problem before Pokemon Go.

Like someone said, the root of this problem goes deeper than just superficial reasons. I can somewhat agree that it may be a mental issue similar to that of other addictions (gambling, drinking, and other obsessive behaviors)

People are becoming more and more anti-social because technology allows us to. Japan, Tokyo in particular, just exhibits an extreme case.

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Posted in: Trump tells black churchgoers in Detroit his visit is 'to learn' See in context

People who underestimate Trump don't see the amount of people who would never vote for a Clinton out of spite, Bernie supporters who she polarized, and independents who hate both Trump and Clinton. As we can see, lately Trump has been moving toward the center (his radical supporters must be too dumb to see it), and if he can be successful in winning over, not black voters, but white voters who think he's a bigot, he'll giving HRC a run for her money (no pun intended).

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