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Posted in: Survey ranks Japanese children's problem-solving skills near world-best See in context

Results are not surprising, placing countries/cultures with strong collectivist values at the top. I'd like to know how 'working well in a group' was defined, and on what kinds of 'problem'. Some problems are best solved by individuals, and with a lot of other factor throw in. Anyhow, as with any testing, cultural variations have a say.

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Posted in: Trump dump delights peckish carp; causes stir on Twitter See in context

... which is what any other five-year-old would do, right?

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Posted in: The Kong Show catches Halloween scenes in Shibuya, Tokyo See in context

It's over. The percentage of creepy people has exceeded the percentage of creepy-looking people. And half of the latter have their made-up faces in the smartphones.

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Posted in: Two ex-Trump aides charged in Russia probe, 3rd pleads guilty See in context

Will peel Trump, one layer of orange skin at a time.

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Posted in: Police prepare for Halloween crowds in Shibuya with multilingual guidance system See in context

Those three guys have really un-original costumes!

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Posted in: Trump says predecessors didn't honor fallen soldiers; response heated See in context

I read that North Korea's nuke test mountain may collapse and therefore they may test a nuke in the atmosphere, which is not good. What they need is an extremely large, thick, closed empty space that people don't want, and even better if it is a vacuum. Between Trump's ears is a perfect fit and he can take credit for his contribution to detente and be certain that no other president has done it.

America, be embarrassed.

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Posted in: Sea creatures 'hitchhiked' across Pacific on 2011 tsunami debris See in context

This form of species movement has been happening for millions of years. Tsunamis and currents have been pushing critters around for eons. And not only sea life. Bit different from the redbacks, fire ants and Scotch thistles I seen my neighbourhood recently that have been unwittingly transported in to Japan in crates etc., or the introduced species such as the mongoose on Amami Oshima.

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Posted in: Trump feud exposes racial divide in U.S. sport See in context

Trump is a racist so why would expect anything different from him in this context.

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Posted in: Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner dies at 91 See in context

Loves 'Casablanca' so he can be all bad.

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Posted in: N Korea threatens to sink Japan, reduce U.S. to ashes and darkness See in context

Kim can and will say anything he wants because he does it while leaning on 'de' fence he shares with China. Nothing will happen without their say-so unless Kim is dumb enough to fire a missile at someone. What is REALLY weird are all these fan-boys, grinning and wetting themselves around him. Are THAT many people ready brainwashed? Do they practice this at home? How long do they keep it up for before their faces return to a grimace? Is there a department whichs check each video or photo to find someone not hysterical (and say goodbye two the lineage)? (I recall many many years an article about that.) What will happen? I can only see one of two outcomes. 1. Kim flips the switch and that is the end of NKPR, but hopefully not us. 2. Kim backs down and dismantles nukes programme in exchange for aid. 1 is too horrible to imagine despite the moronic cheering from those well out of harms way. 2 is hard to imagine because how will Kim 'sell' it to his fan-boys? How would he explain in relation to Juche? Actually there is a 3rd option which involves the physical removal of Kim and his immediate lineage, the installation of a rational Kim (hell, make one up - plenty in the phone book) that will lead to aid. But how do you rehabilitate this country? At least with East Germany etc. they knew the truth about the West. This population mostly does not.

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Posted in: Prince Hisahito, 3rd in line to the throne, turns 11 See in context

Looks like a normal 11-yr old boy, except for the shoes. I mean, seriously, get the kid something NORMAL for a walk in the backyard... forest. But, I have to say, in 30+ years in Japan, that is the warmest photo of anyone from the 'Imperial Family' that I have seen. It looks like his sisters love him to bits. I hope that after the photoshoot he went and rolled down the hill.

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Posted in: Man falls to his death from bridge after proposing to girlfriend See in context

I feel sorry for the GF but if you are going to do dangerous things and get yourself killed doing it, it is something hard to have sympathy.

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Posted in: N Korea warns Japan of 'imminent self-destruction' See in context

Three generations of fruitloopness is coming to the fore. When North Korea turns turtle, and that will be sooner than later if this keeps up, I will feel sorry for the garden-variety North Korean whose mind will be blown over have much they have been deceived. I would hope that besides the barking (of the mad of both sides) there are covert programmes in place to remove Kim (please, before he breeds!) and/or find someone sane in the ruling 'elite' to take over. But, nothing can happen unless China is happy.

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Posted in: Under 20s to remain unable to smoke or drink despite legal changes to lower age of adulthood See in context

Yer old enough to vote, but not for smokin'

Decide the country's future, but not your poison

Handful of old blokes, with no imagination

No decisions reflect the real situation

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Posted in: Aso retracts Hitler comment after criticism See in context

Aso is a fool. He has been saying derogatory and clearly unschooled things on a variety of issues for years and years and years. It both is and isn't astounding that he is still in public office let alone holding a cabinet position, and to think, he used to be Prime Minister!!

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to extort money from smartphone user who ‘bumped’ into him See in context

This scam reminds me of one I was warned about many years ago when I went to New York, that guys with 'booze' (aka water) in a paper bag would 'bump into' tourists, drop the bag, which would break their booze, and they they would demand it be replaced. But "paid a total of 235,000 yen"... not only are smombies annoying (and deserve a good shake up) they are pretty dumb, too.

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Posted in: Japan hits N Korea with additional sanctions See in context

North Korea's three gifts to the world are nuclear threats, cyber attacks, counterfeiting and drug running! Four! Four gifts are nuclear threats, cyber attacks, counterfeiting, drug running and arms dealing. FIVE of North Korea's gifts to... etc. And let's not forget panchiko. It deserves no leeway. Every concession however small remaining it takes as a victory. But basically it is too late now. When the missiles fly Japan will be first in line. North Korea will not attack Koreans and they will not attack America directly.

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Posted in: 'Outing' by teachers puts LGBT students at risk in Japan See in context

Many Japanese teachers are so paranoid about criticism from students, parents and school administrators that they will steer away from almost anything that would seem to put themselves in a bad light or supporting a targeted minority. Has happened with bullying and now this with gay and LGBT students. Issues probably overlap. 'Safest' option for such chicken-hearts is to side with the other students.

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Posted in: Man posing as 85-year-old woman's son on phone cons her out of Y23 mil See in context

Why is this still happening???

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Posted in: Trump reportedly describes White House as a 'real dump' See in context

Canada should go in and finish the job. So, White House is a dump. Trump (hey, it rhymes!) is a blight.

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Posted in: Man wants to move out of his home, so he takes off all clothes and walks through the neighborhood See in context

"you got to give it to Japan when it come to "weird!" not many can challenge them". Well, I'll take 'weird' over 'gone postal' or 'God made me do it' anytime!

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Posted in: One year after mass murder, culprit retains hatred of disabled See in context

Hoping that " the alleged perpetrator will show remorse" is a waste of emotional energy and time. He will eventually end up on the end of a rope. I say 'fair enough'. Will it be a deterrent to others? No. Because a nutcase is a nutcase is a nutcase. My question would be how on Earth did this guy ever get to work in the institution. What kind of vetting system allow him in? Being a very long-term resident I know how thoroughly companies and universities vet. Seem the End-of-life institutions are getting the rough end of the pineapple. Put energy into reforming the system rather than waiting for this waste of air to show remorse.

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Posted in: Tokyo must step up now, 3 years from Olympics, Mori says See in context

An Olympics that few at grassroots wants here. I have not met one Japanese who really really wants it. Another case of higher ups making a decision that flies like a lead balloon. It'll 'work' but much like serving tea to the guest you really want to leave.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law says he met Russians 4 times, but denies collusion See in context

"a bag of dirt" screams METAPHOR!! METAPHOR!!, or he was given what the Russians literally promised him. Chances are Trump will attempt to leave him holding it.

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Posted in: Sex robots: Perverted or practical? See in context

Dame yo! Dame. Dame.

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Posted in: Sex robots: Perverted or practical? See in context

Mitch Hallen has been happily married to his TV since 2002. I am quite infatuated with my Roomba. But this robot doll sex is weirdsville!!

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Posted in: Three cups of coffee a day keep the doctor away: studies See in context

The social aspects of drinking coffee (with friends or even alone but surrounded by people), the act of preparation (taking a time-out), the aromatic benefits, the lack of fear of ill-effects on the body (as opposed to neurotic health freaks)... these many also play a role in longevity. How does tea compare, I wonder?

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Posted in: Silicone Sally: Japanese men find true love with sex dolls See in context

Having lived here for over thirty years nothing surprises me any more. These guys are a bit sad and I have to say twisted. However, they are dealing with their loneliness/fetish in a way that hurts no-one (it is a given that their families are not dealing with it so well). BUT (sorry for shouting) the tone and attitude of the article is disgraceful. These people opened their homes and allowed themselves/family to be interviewed. Yes, it is a sub-culture not to be encouraged, I think, but the reporting of it could have been handled with some respect and journalistic objectivity. Our comments are moderated. The JT editors could have done better on their side with this one. I suggested this online newspaper to my students. I regret that now.

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Posted in: Shinto shrine maiden swimsuit goes on sale See in context

Is nothing sacred in Japan anymore?

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Posted in: Police launch campaign to eradicate groping on trains See in context

There have been at least two versions of this poster, both in the same manga style, and a few others around for the past number of years. Didn't help much. Maybe get some medieval stocks out and a couple of baskets of rotten tomatoes out the from of some major stations for some offenders. I don't think we can blame it on the Chileans....

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