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Posted in: TEPCO considers evaporation, storage of tritium-laced Fukushima water See in context

If evaporation was done in closed containers, such as those used to collect water via evaporation/condensation in high sunlight environments, the above mentioned contamination would not be an issue if properly if the products were treated. But, having worked with TEPCO and some energy related Japanese agencies, I am not holding my breathe.

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Posted in: Japanese wives in int'l marriages share what they hate about Christmas overseas See in context

Ah, yes! The need to complain.

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Posted in: Wild weather greets baby Prince George in New Zealand See in context

What a crock! The media hype is so very contrived with veteran anchors and newscasters clogging my screens with the most inane comments that the suits are forcing on them as the main viewer market is for housewives and other women, as it is for women's magazines. With NZ's population increasingly non-British in origin and, in Auckland where I now type this, 49% Asian by last year's census, most people do not give a damn.

In Princess Anne's last visit, there were so few people turning out to see her she complained. But then, she does not have a new baby and is not part of the current show which is a such a feature of the women's magazines and similar shows. Wiilies wife, like Diana before her, is a shrewd manipulator of the media, but sometimes that puppy turns around and bites the hand that is feeding it. Think back to the Charles and Diana, Fergie and other royal family fiascos and the Queen's famous quote from one of her Speeches from the Throne commentng that that year, I forget which, had been an "annus horribilus" - a terrible year, mainly because of the shennanigans of her offspring and their spouses.

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