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People, why are you so stupid? Less see and read their false media.

Came to the polls 83% of voters, 17% - were boycotted. Tatars in Crimea census 13%. 45% of Tatars went to referendum. Of those people who came to the polls land, 96% were in favor of reunification with Russia. What is there to understand? Those who wanted in Russia - came and voted, those who did not want to - boycotted. And do not throw all the Tatars in one pile. Tatars who are against radical Russian absolute minority. Russian in Crimea 60%, 25% of Ukrainians.

All Russians advocated a return Crimea Russia. Transfer of Crimea to Ukraine, we believe historical injustice. Khrushchev had no right to give the Crimea, and Ukraine should not take it, then she does not belong.

Infuriates hypocrisy and threats of the West. When in Ukraine with the support of the West carried out a coup ousted the legitimate President, unarmed police set fire to fire and shoot, capture the building, take a law banning the Russian language, prohibit Russian television, running through the streets armed nationalists and militants seized power criminals - this is normal and complies with the constitution, and when the people of Crimea peacefully vote on the long-awaited referendum - is a crime and is not unconstitutional.

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