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“I think it’s pretty obvious that a red line has been crossed,” McCain said. What exactly IS this 'red line'. Is it selling chemical weapons to Saddam Hussain so he can murder thousends of Iranians, like the American did, or is it using depleated uranium shells in Iraq, like the Americans did, or maybe its using phosphorus chemical weapons in Gaza, like the Israelies did. The hypocracy of the American government is stunning.

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Since when has using sophisticated tracking systems, explosive harpoons and hunting in Antartica been a part of 'Japanese tradition', typical arrogant politition crap. Next time there is a disaster in Japan my money will go to Sea Shepard and not to the thieving Japanese government.

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So this country that has spent the last decade invading,bombing and slaughtering millions in any middle eastern country that stands in the way of their quest to dominate the worlds oil supply is now asking the self same countries to defend their citizens! Oh the irony.

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50% of the budget goes to social welfare - pension and health care. What a difference compared with America where birth, aging, sickeness and death are on their own responsibilities. The current government is spoiling the weak.

That's the kind of atitude that makes America such a great place to live. I agree, much better to spend the money on bombs and bullets. (sarcasm off)

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I wonder how many people were on the roof.

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Posted in: Ax-wielding arsonist kills imam in Brussels mosque See in context

There are extremists in ALL religions.

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Posted in: Cyndi Lauper calls on world not to forget Japan See in context

Love the expression "radiation issues".

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