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Posted in: TV personality Bobby Ologun indicted on domestic abuse charge See in context

His great coonin days are over...

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted rape of teenage girl suspect in similar crimes See in context

"I couldn’t control my sexual desire."

I was riding my bike by one of those all girls jr high, and an ancient raggedy dusty j-guard was watching me, then another slob coming up the the street , was trying to piggyback on the j-guards assumption, but I kept going. These obsolete busy body slobs dont know their history. The are the ones doing that crap in japan , JT numerous rape and molestation articles confirm.

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Posted in: Former Nissan executive Greg Kelly pleads not guilty as trial begins See in context

" I hope this trial ends soon and with an Innocent verdict so you can go back home were you belong."

Unlikely , he has fell into the clutches of the J-side rightwing nationalist imperial supremacist, + chitty chiity bang bang yaks and thangs...he's in deep do do at the wrong time, the wrong decade and the wrong year.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly says he will prove his innocence without Ghosn See in context

"I would love to have him here as a witness because he could testify," Kelly said of Ghosn. "This is a case about no promise and no pay. So I wish he was here"

Keep dreaming fantasizing, wishing and dreaming mr w. m. ... you are now under the:

Japan's "Tommyknockers" J-system.

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Posted in: 58-year-old man arrested for filming up woman’s skirt See in context

"The first time I saw it I apprehended the creep and ended up in more trouble than him."

What does that tell you? It means they want their world to crumble without interference, so let let it be.

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Posted in: Lawmaker denies hand in witness bribery in casino graft scandal See in context

" same guy whose fingerprints were found to literally be all over the cash that was used to pay said bribes (according to an article on here a couple days ago)?"

yeah U caught the fragments too. Fragments are always utilized here elude conclusions, when deemed appropriate.

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Posted in: Lawmaker rearrested over casino graft scandal See in context

"rearrested "

now that's an authentic jail bird.

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not to indict 4 firefighters arrested over gang-rape of teenager at karaoke parlor See in context

"The underage victim had passed out after drinking alcohol at the time of the sexual assault, police said."

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of 102-year-old aunt See in context

@ Ego Sum Lux Mundi

"A society that no longer has any interest in raising children and taking care of the elderly isn't one that is going to last much longer."

real talk; you nailed it; tip of the iceberg

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Posted in: Man arrested after his father’s skeletal remains found in apartment See in context

"He told police that although he and his father had been living together for about two years, they did not get along and hardly spoke to each other."

So he let him rot out...

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing drinking acquaintance See in context


"recently he had been getting on his nerves and was acting in a high-handed manner."

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Posted in: Man shot by police after threatening them with knife See in context

"he suddenly pulled out a knife. officer told him to drop the knife but he refused and threatened them"

"attempted murder" on an officer..

= hella long time in the slammer...

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Posted in: Couple arrested for extorting ¥1.1 million from man over video voyeurism See in context


I beg to to differ, Higashi-Ikebukuro is a dive lined with multicultural meth hoes, and yaks.

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Posted in: 4 firefighters arrested over gang-rape of teenager at karaoke parlor See in context

4 firefighters are employed at fire fighting unions in Saitama City Fire Department.

Good they put their names out there, these criminals have broken the j-public trust, and destroyed their careers over stupid jail bait thirsty acts.

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Posted in: Man arrested for ramming car into work crew, killing one; claims he ‘wanted to be a god’ See in context


Don't you need an address to register a car and prove you have a parking space for it?

And a job to pay for gas, tax, insurance, and shaken?

Last time I checked YES,

but you know he probably slipped through one of those brethren or family cracks.

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Posted in: Man arrested for ramming car into work crew, killing one; claims he ‘wanted to be a god’ See in context

"Kei Aono, of no fixed address and occupation"

there you go...

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