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Posted in: Japan's top gangster at risk of Al Capone-style fall: experts See in context

Question is, is there a Japanese Elliot Ness who can take these powerful criminals down?

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Posted in: 1st Fukushima worker diagnosed with radiation-linked cancer See in context

I don't doubt the assertion by Utrack above. As I stated all along, a lot of the posts on this site are absurdly pro-Jp to the point that no logic is even apparent, much less a balanced view.

In this case, how on earth are things 'not really affected' by Fukushima/radiation exposure , esp those poor part time workers. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and at least 30-60 percent of these workers, if not all, are severely damaged in their bodies.

Japan points fingers at others about transparency, but again it is just a shameless hypocrisy. Jp can't even be straight with its own citizens who risk their lives to clean up Tepco/Jp's mess.

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Posted in: Japan posts Y114.48 bil trade deficit in September See in context

As a poster pointed out above, blaming China isn't the whole picture. Japan needs much more than abenomics, like real innovation, to be more competitive in other important (but less powerful) markets.

Unlike China, it is said Japan may not survive intact in a world economy that is slowing more and more. And Japan should avoid aggravating the situation in other areas (Yasukuni, meddling in the South China Sea, etc.) that could further negatively impact its economic lifelines (exports to China is one big lifeline)... even now the Chinese tourists are such another lifeline for Jp businesses that could be disrupted with any bad or insensitive move on the part of Jp.

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Posted in: Japan shows off naval power as U.S. signals wider engagement in western Pacific See in context

That's it...?


Who is this supposed to really scare...?, seriously... Japan would be much better off to just keep plugging away at its fantasy anime power projection (ala Yamato battleship).. as that's as "powerful" as the Jpn navy can ever become, LOL.

And if powerful, why hide behind American ships and navy (which experts have warned are getting left behind by rapid and secret Chinese naval broad-range advances).

Doubt very much Jpn's show of power would create even a bead of sweat but rather make the Chinese laugh. This Jpn-US alliance really is the biggest joke of the century, and Jpn is being played, LOL.

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Posted in: Two more Japanese detained for spying in China: media See in context

@moon1, nobody would be surprised if that was the case, esp military. Heck, China has a lot more going on than Jpn or US, esp envious Japan has zero innovation in anything but accuses China of everything (as if self-righteous Jpn doesn't copy others too, LOL).

In any case, Abe's new CIA/NSA spy units are a TOTAL JOKE, already caught before anything is achieved ( are Abe's spies aware of rule number 1?: never get caught, esp. in such an embarrassing way). Mission impossible, and the operating key word is Impossible, like amateurish/inept/clueless.

China outplays Jpn in everything and for good reasons too.

Abe's spies??...ha ha they are a laughing stock in the eyes of the intelligence community and China.

Mr. Bean would have done a far better job.

Good luck with that, Jpn and Moon1!!

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Posted in: Japan hits out at UNESCO for archiving Nanjing massacre documents See in context

@triring , nah, as you can see everybody here prefers to give credence to Unesco and its objective international committee and the countless objective scholars and historians (including Japanese) than to give any serious thought to immature emotional and subjective and self-righteous fascist whitewashing and excuses and moaning from Suga, Abe, and you. The world is not gullible nor care about your propaganda.

Give it up, you had your chance. Respect the victims and their rights and Unesco's objectivity.

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Posted in: Japan hits out at UNESCO for archiving Nanjing massacre documents See in context

Japan is Unesco's largest donor?, yet Unesco chose carefully and honorably to support the truth and history (despite Japanese pressure)... that says it all. The world stands for the truth and gave justice ( to the tens of millions of Chinese victims of Nanking massacre and of the Japanese atrocities as a whole) except Japan which is exhibiting more and more signs of facism intoxication.

@triring, it's a done deal: the world has rightfully branded Japan a liar for whitewashing and obstructing the truth (like the grasping-at-straws comments from you, Suga, JFM, etc) as the Nanking massacre documents and evidences are very clear and compelling objective evidences that more than met the high standards and criteria of international and even Japanese researchers. You can dream all you want, but you should quit the babbling and moaning in public before you injure more yourself in both the intellectual sense and integrity as a human being.

Like it or not, Nanking is one step closer to being equal to Auschwitz in terms of history and crimes against humanity, and the world respects all these victims and wants to never forget this history (except for the scared-of-the-truth Japanese).

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Posted in: Japan hits out at UNESCO for archiving Nanjing massacre documents See in context

The above comments against Japan's hypocrisy and self-righteousness and lack of remorse and whitewashing are fair and logical and moral.

As I always stated, Japan, a democratic and moral nation? ("superior than China" the Jpn people like to boast) is nothing but truly hideous when it comes to such issues and esp when belittling the victim nations and tens of millions of Chinese/Korean/Asian victims etc. Not even a single monument for the countless mass victims of such unimaginable atrocities.

Well, this is one "monument", and from Unesco, which speaks volumes. Japan has to now face its own demons and eat its disgusting pride and show respect and remorse truly by erecting its own monument for these victims and to teach the truth and learn a hard lesson about whitewashing history.

Ishihara, Hashimoto, that Nagoya mayor, Abe, Suga and their History-deniers and normal Jpn people who ignore or deny the truth must be pooping in their pants from now on as they now look even more pathetic representing a so-called nation "ruled by values, truth, justice and law." How will they ever sleep at night again?

Ishihara should take this to his grave... esp for all the unspeakable things he said that gravely insulted and wounded more the victims. Either way he knows they are awaiting him and his kind on the other side...

For now, the victims' souls must feel some relief now with this global important Unesco recognition.

Next should be international cities erecting monuments for these victims, like for the sex slaves.

(Korea too is now preparing to ask Unesco to honor/recognize the memory of the sex slaves/comfort women.)

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Posted in: Australia in talks with Philippines to resettle refugees See in context

Ironic, wasn't Australia a land of refuge for the first settlers and all sorts of "people" from the old world, UK etc?, who then wiped out/displaced the native aboriginal communities...

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Posted in: China debuts film on its last surviving 'comfort women' at Busan festival See in context

@ yubaru, exactly!!!!, the pathetic reaction of the Japanese (of course you are global enough to accept the truth already) when they hear the truth for the first time...

...as you succinctly put it, "... but again this is Japan"..!!!!

Well put. Nuff said.

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Posted in: China debuts film on its last surviving 'comfort women' at Busan festival See in context

@madcows , could be, but the facts of contents are not disputed by normal impartial international historians including Japanese and American and European.

This is of course the opposite of Japan, who never produced any film to show the truth but only glorifying its and whitewashing its war crimes etc. If you rather prefer that, then that's your right.

@shallots, yes, it's pathetic Japan contacted the Unesco committee (Asahi shimbun reported the membets of the committee were "clearly displeased" by this) as it shows the stopping of China's application points to Japan's lack of atonement and respect for the countless victims and their lives and future and everything else that were wiped out by the invading/occupying Japanese army. Japan doesn't build even one monument for the tens of millions of Chinese and Korean and Asian victims, and now bullies the Unesco committee to stop showing the truth/give some deserved recognition to the victims (that suffered the same or worse than the Jewish victims at the hands of the Nazis).

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Posted in: Abe hails new trade era; hopes China will join pact See in context

@serrano, if China is a troublemaker for you, why you have Chinese made goods, and don't say you don't buy Chinese made excellent goods. Yep, only the Chinese can afford 35 bucks per apple , but only the envious would call them troublemakers esp. Japan soooooo desperate to sell to Chinese as the Chinese are the best consumers in the universe.

Ha ha , China's rival trade pact is in the works and will trounce the TPP , and Japanese will drool at China's trade pact as its benefits (for Japan too) will be far better than the TPP (which may even not happen given the domestic resistence in each nation).

@christopher glen, good one - best comment so far for this article.

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Posted in: Indonesia defends rail project after Japan expresses anger See in context

Copied?...as if Japan itself invented the trains and everything else, as if Japan never copied from western inventions, tech, innovation and culture.

Maybe the truth probably is that Japan has no innovation nor hunger nor realistic approach and maybe Japan's trains are not that impressive anymore and the financing aspect is just too one-sided and ridiculously heavy for "poor" and normal countries, not to mention the arrogance and constant badmouthing China on Japan's part.

This is a good dose of humility and reality check for sinking Japan. Maybe this is what Japan needs, as it can't even count on Asian countries as being "anti-China" or as pals to join its wet dream of encircling China in stopping her economic might etc.

Huge problems between China and Indonesia in their deal?...as if Japan would be free of the same problems if it had gotten the deal...besides, ha ha ha, Japan couldn't even win the bid fair and square and that is already a HUGE problem as it sets Japan back in terms of pride, morale and economically. China won and they say it could be the frontrunner for other Asian projects. Japan, out of spite and envy and immaturity, dishes out bad luck/bad wishes to China and Indonesia (Suga saying the deal would not be successful for China and Indonesia), yet Japan itself has more than just bad luck such as severe superiority complex and really poor planning (how could you lose when you are a few years ahead in your bidding?) and poor understanding that it is not tech but also other things that would win over a client. How COULD Japan expect a "poor" country to pay for a one-sided burdensome payment plan? Japan has no realistic approach, as usual, when dealing with the outside world. Moreover, Japan cannot blame China for giving the client "incentives" , as Japan itself is known for shamelessly bribing (and getting caught red-handed) poor and rich countries...so why didn't Japan regroup and offer more incentives if it complains abt China's tactics esp. as Japan knows how all this works.

As I said previously, Japan is acting like a neurotic infantile insecure brat , badmouthing the fair winner and even the client. Doesn't Japan know that the client decides, not the bidders. And if Japan now cries and moans about it, why didn't it offer a much stronger deal instead of overrating its own technology and chance to win the bidding (especially it boasted of having spent four years getting to know the ins and outs of what the client was needing/expecting, but yet offered a very pricey deal to a "poor" client)? And isn't the won bid for a slower train and not the overrated and way too expensive Sinkasen?

And if Japan now blames Indonesia for being corrupt, then what on earth was it doing trying to do business with such a "corrupt" nation client? As I said many times, Japan cannot keep badmouthing others and China...China never badmouths Japan and it won, so Japan should learn something from that.

Japan needs something else other than magical excuses and badmouthing China to even barely stay afloat and in the game and barely competitive. And Japan knows it, as China is leaving Japan far far behind in the dust.

Japan thinks its products and services are like a godsend, but it can't even make TVs anymore and its five TV makers can't even compete with the innovative and affordable Samsung or Philips TVs. Sony is now a has-been as Apple dominates. Toshiba sinking. Hitachi barely squeaking by. Panasonic ended some of its lines. JR trains losing to China/German/Taiwan/Swedish etc train tech. Even military tech can't go in a straight momentum, esp with Abe's bogus security bills, and the Australian sub deal making both Aussies and Japanese uneasy. Etc. In fact, as somebody mentioned above, China is innovating like crazy and now is leading or co-leading in all fields.

Japan can still make good rice cookers that Chinese buy...but try convincing clients of the expensive speedy train systems that other bidders can offer at much better prices and identical service/tech.

Now Japan will copy China in its future tactics..

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Posted in: Indonesia to award fast train contract to China See in context

@gokai_ wo_maneka: even if Japan can get in on the action, Japan is still seen as the loser and I doubt Japan has the humility to humbly serve the Chinese-led project in a lesser capacity.

Remember, the media and experts said whoever got this Indonesia deal would be the leader in Asia for other big projects. The fact Japan lost, big time, to China speaks volumes.

It also shows Abe doesn't necessarily have "friends" in Asia to join his wet dream of forming a gang to control or suppress China economically or otherwise. Actually, it is Japan now suppressed by its own ego and mistaken anti-China mantra...big big mistake. The Asians and even Americans are only too happy to have a much much better viable partner: China.

Japan is fast becoming pointless and liability to many in the region and the world, especially with no innovation and its superiority complex.

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Posted in: Indonesia to award fast train contract to China See in context

@moon1: LOL, and yours is a fair assessment but ignores certain facts?

Stop being envious and admit that Japan lost fairly to China in both tech and financing as other posters and the news media have said. I wish posters would refrain from acting like sore losers and whine and badmouth China and the clients and pull magical excuses from a magic hat like the infantile self-righteous Suga of which such attitudes will sink Japan even more. Japan needs more that magic and badmouthing China to barely stay competitive, LOL.

@ nigelboy, if Chinese products are so bad, why use them at all, even if free, and risk human lives? You sure rich countries use only Jpn tech and never Chinese tech? So why USA, Abe's "best buddy", is preferring and trusting China's technology and financing for its world-renowned Las Vegas corridor?

So, Moon1 and Nigelboy, please refer to my post above ( OssanAmerican).

On the other hand, those like Joshua Degreiff have more realistic comments.

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Posted in: Indonesia to award fast train contract to China See in context

@OssanAmerica, two words: sore loser.

I know it must be a huge shock to you and Abe etc, but as some stated above, there was no question of technology and quality in the article, so Japan lost fair and square in both technology and financing to China.

Worse, Japan now frets over the new trend China is setting: China pays for all spending to make the client happier, while poor Japan keeps bragging but has no money (but will use taxes from Japan to offer similar deals?).

And to make Japan look even childish and a brat, Suga made disparaging comments on TV against China and Indonesia (such as ".. I/we doubt this deal between Indonesia and China would be successful..")... doesn't he realize this is the kind of anti-China superiority complex and self-righteous attitude that turn off potential clients???, not to mention sinking Japan deeper plus making the Chinese even much more motivated to achieve their clear goals.

Even Japan's "best pal" (under the biggest joke of the century: Jpn-USA "Alliance") is choosing China's technology and financing over snobbish and innovation-less Japan's for key train lines.

The very key problem with Japan is its attitude. It can't face up to today's realities: China is fast surpassing Japan and USA in everything, by a very large margin.

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Posted in: Not a full house See in context

Abe assumes he is a big fish on the world stage, but the world and even his own Japanese citizens can see clearly he is the antithesis of a leader who rules by law and democracy, not to mention his administration are whitewashers of history who now are sneaking their way to remilitarize again.

The fact he faced an almost empty UN audience says volumes...including nobody cares about his paradoxical "proactive pacifism" that sounds so hollow when knowing what he stands for.

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Posted in: Indonesia to award fast train contract to China See in context

Some JT posters had previously made derogatory comments about Chinese products and services being "crap" ( you know who you are).

But nobody would buy millions and billions worth of crappy products, especially for safe public use. Which means Chinese products and services are not the stereotypical crappy copycat nonsense, but are fast becoming cutting edge top value reliable brands, as more and more nations (USA and Europe too) are choosing Chinese products and services over less-innovative and financially burdensome Japanese ones...

... while envious Japan can only watch its own fate sinking and losing to China in every sector and way each day by many times over.

Japan should know by now it can never win again over China , and Abe/Jpn people's badmouthing and looking down on China shows how immature and how trapped and mired Japan is in its own shaken speriority complex. Japan can't never win back its own position because its grave miscalculations are its anti-Chinese infantile mentality and its inability to face its so many shortcomings/history and its xenophobia, not to mention Jpn people have no hunger and no motivation and no innovation at all. Japan is becoming a zombie nation, with less and less innovation and ambitions each day...

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Posted in: U.S. admiral signals wider role for Third Fleet in western Pacific See in context

Ossanamerica, what a load. Such comments are typical of the self-deluded self- grandiose self-righteousness that spout from highly anxious envious Americans/Abe. Why don't you try being a lot more realistic in such assessments.

The fact Americans need to use their strongest naval fleets shows how U.S./Japan know it will be extremely difficult to stop China and to win in large-scale war. And the fact China antes up any moves by USA is a key sign the China PLA is far more ready to protect their rights and engage in a war of which will be unprecedented (and which surely will make Japanese soldiers become more timid and even more unsure of Abe's bogus security bills and his haphazard anti-China war fantasies, not to mention Japan could be roasted first before the main event has even started).

As I said before, posters need a realistic and honest view, like Ptownsend above.

President Xi is far more astute and daring and extremely but realistically ambitious than the tyrannical Abe and the weak Americans or even the stoned-faced but predictable Putin.

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Posted in: Japan must recognise Kuril islands for peace deal: Lavrov See in context

Yep ... Japanese hypocrisy at its best:

Everybody knows Japan has quasi or unconvincing arguments for claiming Diaoyu (Senkaku), Takeshima and the Kuril islands, especially when seen from the perspective of the Postdam declaration and other tools of surrender (incl. the promise to return stolen islands to China).

Japan is the bad boy who denies his bad behavior but yet has the shameless audacity to bad-mouth China and Korea and even Russia whom were/had been bullied and abused by Japan.

Japan living in its own universe that's crunching into mini black holes mostly based on its denial of the truth and realities.

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Posted in: Japan passes controversial security bills into law See in context

@xin xin: LOL, what a load. The fact that the vast majority of Japanese citizens and legal experts and scholars and prominent figures reject Abe's bogus security bills clearly shows nobody believes seriously in the "China threat" excuses and hyperboles from war-mongering Abe and U.S. Japan made miscalculations and provoked others, esp. China, and that includes the Diayou islands, yasukuni, whitewashing, and making unfounded anti-China statements wherever Abe goes. Abe is many times a de-stabilizing factor, more so than China, as even Japanese experts have commented. Japan has failed to atone for its past atrocities which took the lives of 50 million innocent Chinese/Asians, yet there is not even a monument in Japan for these victims, so that is why Japan will never be a "normal" country with an army ( especially led by a leader who glorifies or makes excuses for Japan's atrocities and worships the killing machine that was the Japanese Imperial Army).

@peter liu: you can't be serious - why do you think Japanese people, legal experts and the world are against Abe? Because his security bills are illegal, bogus and have ulterior motives, not to mention they go against Japan's pacifist nature.

While on the other hand,

@Otakawa: you are right, and the courts have no choice but to dismantle these unconstitutional bogus security bills , and the people should further the fight against those responsible for turning the Constitution into the farce of the century.

@smithinjapan: as always, you make a lot sense...Japan is now no more a nation ruled by law than China.

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Posted in: China marks 70th anniversary of victory over Japan See in context

@ JerseyBoy - your comments, like mine probably, seem to upset folks here, yet your comments are the most balanced. Those favoring Japan should reflect deeply about Japan's acts of aggression that led to up to 50 million innocent victims and about Japan's constant insults against those victims even 70 years later (Yasukuni, whitewashing, excuses).

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Posted in: China marks 70th anniversary of victory over Japan See in context

Lol, the comments here.

I am sure it's hard to swallow for those used to the status quo, but the world domination/policing of America and its wishful attempts to suppress/contain China are no more and crumbling so rapidly. Even the CNN guest commentator during the parade today agreed that China (even with less war experience and less war-infused mentality such as the U.S. forces) would be unpredictably or insurmountly hard to defeat in any military scenario, not to mention China's other options that are superbly and quickly matching or surpassing U.S.' domination in other military capabilities.

Ha ha.. bet the parade and mini show of force by China today sure pulled Abe and his cronies also back from his wet dream (to confront/match China) to reality. One has to wonder what China didn't show today (it was said the parade today displayed like only 2%?? of China's massive arsenal). Even the U.S. has no such dream like Abe's.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee scraps controversial logo See in context

Copying is copying. Don't justify it just because it's Japan doing it.

Sure, China copies... but as I said, you can't deny Japan takes the sole top spot and the trophy for the mother of all plagiarisms.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee scraps controversial logo See in context

And Japanese people (and posters here) claimed/thought only China copies/plagiarises?!?... but nothing beats this: plagiarising the Olympic emblem to soil Japan's image for eternity...

Japan sure takes the trophy for this mother of all copying/plagiarisms.

Wonder how Japanese citizens feel that this also puts them even further lower than China.

And how on earth did the JOC (or 3rd party investigator) not thoroughly check the designer's/firm's previous or other works (when regular folks could point out the obvious), esp when a nation's rep is at stake?? Such clumsiness and lack of discipline seem to pervade even the highest of Japanese society and quality too...

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Posted in: Japan protests China news agency's call for emperor apology See in context

Japan's yasukuni shrine and the whitewashing of its atrocities are proof Japan never was sincere in any spology - in fact, now it wants to revise history (and reawaken its dud army whose members may actually bolt after Abe's security bills are railroaded in an umconstitutional way).

China and Korea etc of course have the absolute right to demand a full clear message of total repentance from the Emperor.

How would Japan feel if China invaded Japan and slaughtered and raped tens of millions of innocents and no real apology has come but only self-righteous repulsive whitewashing?

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Posted in: Aso warns China on currency moves See in context

As I always say, this is typical Japan: Japan accuses China without looking first at its own much bigger stick in its eyes.

And the Japan reporters didn't point out the obvious at the press conference... typical... what's the point of Japanese journalism?

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Posted in: Abe's wife visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

To TinaWatanabe:


No, it will come back to Japan who keeps whitewashing its crimes. And what real and long lasting apologies?, you mean the ones Abe now is diluting and making meaningless? If Japan was truly sorry, where is the monument for the victims of Japan's crimes against humanity? I see only the repulsive Yasukuni (where Jpn leaders worship Jpn soldier killers but no respects are paid to the Chinese/Korean/Asian tens of millions of victims), and I see only the self-focused Hiroshima / Nagasaki monuments etc.

Perhaps you should consider Germany's fine example instead first...

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Posted in: Abe's wife visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

Repulsive - an "advanced"country boasting best etiquettes yet Japan gives no thoughts to the up to 50 million victims of sadistic Japanese soldiers and pilots but worships the feelings of these killers/rapists and whitewashes its crimes-against-humanity. Shouldn't these Jpn leaders first pay respects to the tens of millions of victims of Japan's war of aggression first (and build a monument for this purpose) like Germany does every year?

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Posted in: SDF kick off 4 days of annual live fire drills at Mt Fuji See in context

@the Principle: your point is what I have been saying on my posts here for some time. Unconstitutional bogus security bills (yet Abe shamelessly lectures others about rule of law) are obviously impossible for the people (and the world) to accept , much less to trust.

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