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Of course many countries are wary of Japan's re-militarization, especially also in light of Japan's whitewashing of its atrocities. They are fooling themselves if they say they are not.

Having said that, who are these SDF live fire drills (and "joint USA-JPN-PHI-AUS-IND drills") supposed to scare? The local rabbits and beavers (marine life, sharks maybe)?

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It seems anti-war demonstrators are swelling, especially now with how the vast majority of people in Japan are against the unconstitutional bogus security bills being forcefully passed by Abe. These right-wingers feel these bills give them the right to assert their nonsense to the vast majority of people, which would in turn spark or ignite a further massive anti-war/abe movement. Is this a glimpse of Japan in the very near future?, the fracturing of society (abe-supporters and peace-wishers etc.). The 70th anniversary of the end of WWII still has not made these rightwingers learn anything, including Abe and his rightwing cabinet.

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"China isn't a threat. It is trying to defend itself by American/Japanese threat. what by claiming islands and seas that their neighbours clearly have more rights over!"

This is erroneous and ignorant of the basic facts.

Even the current Tribunal conceded that sovereignty issues regarding these islands is not within their jurisdiction. The key point is that China has demonstrated that these islands have been in their control for such a long time (not to mention their discovery by China), and the Philippines and Vietnamese recent claims to these islands are opportunistic. Philippines is betting on a Tribunal decision regarding the outline/border lines of these islands that could entitle them the same sovereignty issue that is not even a legal issue (nor is within the Tribunal jurisdiction) in the first place! So any decision, as some media has suggested, would be like a mockery of the whole proceedings. The Diayou/Senkaku islands issue is even more dubious pertaining to Japan's claims (hence Japan's conceding last November that China has a right to her own views/claims).

Even Obama conceded recently that China's claims do have some validity.

So the only to settle this is by war, as some posters have also suggested in other articles/posts. But... USA will not sacrifice its men and worse, risk its economic tie-up with China, by fighting for these islands and having the whole Asia-pivot blow up in its face, believe me. Like I did, you should research or have a candid talk with some of the high ranking smart officers stationed in Asia to get a clear picture of the USA's limits (including firepower, men, enormous risks, etc), as everybody knows whatever is being planned by the USA-Jpn-Phi-Viet, China is preparing more (esp as all plans are so easily accessed by China these days). Not to mention Russia, who will not allow USA to take control of this area as well.

But... what does this have to do with the somber yet moving humanity story in this article?

Can the posters here for once respect and accept that Chinese people do have a much stronger sense of humanity (than Japan , for example) instead of using every story to attack China but without first looking at the big stick in USA/Japan's eyes? As I asked, if the situation was the opposite, can you say Japan would show the same humanity or 70 years later forget and not get angry if "no more apologies are needed"? If you cannot answer a full "yes," then you can't DENY the Chinese do indeed have more humanity than the Japanese.

As I urged many times, please show some fairness and objectivity, as you might learn something from such stories regarding China and Chinese people instead of always being blinded by Abe and Washington and their self-righteous hypocritical anti-China endless noise and propaganda.

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@cardsfan5: the article is a true story of the humanity of the Chinese side, so why can you respect that? If the situation was the other way around, can you say Japan has the same humanity?, or for that matter can you say Japanese people can forget and tell the Chinese "no more apologies" 70 years later?

And you digressed to talk about the islands: well, you should be reminded that Japan itself is not innocent. Okonotori island was nothing but a man-made island built to bolster Japan's claims (borders) which the UN declined to recognize fully. The Diayou/Senkaku islands claims by Japan are no stronger than China's version, and Japan/Abe last November conceded to finally realize that China is entitled to her own claims/views about these islands.

As for the South China sea, other claimants are doing the same thing and their claims are not stronger than China's. And since Japan and USA themselves have rejected International Tribunals' decisions against them in other cases, China has even more reasons to stick to her stance.

@Alex80: So, yes, I agree with your objective view that the only and real threat is from the USA, and hence China's stance regarding the South China sea etc. How would USA feel if China, Russia etc. had bases surrounding USA? And now Japan is really pushing her luck trying to do the same by acting as a menace to China's security (Japan already "stole" the Diayou/Senkaku islands and making nonsense claims on the islands too that are rejected by Russia and Korea) without having atoned for her own brutal aggression (but whitewashing everything and acting self-righteous by twisting the facts of history) and without having learned her lessons from WWII.

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Yep, Japan and America are "best pals"... to the extent that USA is so insecure even about her own best allies that she distrusts Japan (and Germamy, France, UK etc) as much as she distrusts her perceived "enemies." Yet the USA lectures China and Russia etc about hacking etc. The hypocrisy keeps swelling until when...?

So much for the Abe's claim that the Japan-USA alliance is the "strongest and the best" in the world. Biggest joke of the century, which is making Japanese people distrust the USA even more.

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Thanks for your insight. I think your example/explanation is not far from the truth... in fact, it sums up the situation. The pubic (Japanese people) have been too trusting of Abe etc. (I just hope they won't make the same mistake with his "war bills", because war is not the Olympics games and will cost a heavy heavy price.)

@BertieWooster: yes, indeed, that is what/where Abe is leading Japan to.

Btw, didn't Abe , as recently as March or April, say on TV and guaranteed all was FINE and there would be NO issues whatsoever as he was "on top of things" as far as the Olympics plannng is concerned?

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Wow, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was supposed to be a major PLUS for Japan and Abe.

However, it is turning out to be an endless nightmare, and this is just the beginning. The stadium fiasco is just unbelievable and mostly unprecedented, not to mention so much tax money is now gone. Now the logo emblem design is also a major embarrassment for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (the committee assured the media that it checked ALL the trademarks in the world very carefully... yet it didn't catch the so obvious similarities with the patented Belgian theatre design logo???.. seriously???). Soon they will call the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as an exercise in incompetence, thus negating the image of Japan. HOw much overruns in costs will again happen? Not to mention the tight schedule.

To be fair, other countries, like China (2008 games) had its own issues, but nothing like this. Compared to this nightmare, the China games were planned and run flawlessly I would say.

The nightmare unfolding now in Tokyo is showing how Abe is really off the mark when he promised the world "everything is under control" and that the Tokyo games will be prepared and run in the smoothest way. Has he planned for possible other major problems (Fukushima stability issues, earthquakes as they say a big one may come even as soon as by 2020, and even Mount FUji erupting as we are in a seismic/volcanism age now, etc.)? What if his posturing spark a war? Or Japanese people will be so split that riots will start happening because of Abe's bogus security bills? Does he think these will never happen (just like he didn't think the stadium and emblem fiscos would happen)?

What about if the next stadium design hits a snag again??

One key reason for the nightmare is Abe is 99% focused on his military agenda/"imaginary threats"/beautifying Japan's military past etc. Or else, how could such a top head of state allow such major problems come one after another for such an event to hightlight the nation's competence and pride ?

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Yamashi & Tiger: I agree with your balanced views.

To CrazyJoe and Advill:

China and Russia have a much longer relationship (than, say USA and Japan), and so yes everything has not been perfect... but now it seems their respective major interests are gelling and becoming stronger, which is more than you can say for the turbulent issues between Japan/Japanese people and what the U.S. wants. In fact, as some other media has pointed out, the China and Russia paradigm is becoming the most sophisticated in the world, and we only see what is on the surface of their partnership.

As for the issue of trust/mistrust, Russia and China have an implicit trust that is, frankly speaking, unshakable. They seem to be able to overcome any diffferences in a much smoother way (than the U.S. and her partners). And with the situation in Russia, Russia more than ever relies on her dependable partner, China.

If you want to talk about mistrust in a deep sense, then just look at the U.S.' insecurity as it spies even on its best pals (including the heads of states and their people, not to mention spying on Americans themselves). And for this and other reasons, the U.S. allies are shifting in terms of their trust in the U.S.' motivations (evidenced by major U.S. allies rejecting American's advice/requests for them not to join China's AIIB and other ventures etc.). Even Putin doesn't trust Abe in the way Abe likes to think (as some Russian and other articles have pointed out).

Even Japan (especially the Japanese people) does not trust what and where the U.S. is leading them, especially now with the U.S. basically forcing the Japanese people to accept Abe's bogus security bills based on the weak reason of the imaginary "China threat" (which Japanese media even find a very dangerous game as people are beginning to realize Abe/USA are overstating and exaggerating the facts and using imaginary scares regarding China to accept such an unconstitutional action).

So, in this respect, the Russia and China partnership is presenting to be a very dynamic and forceful presence for the world, for the good balancing of U.S./Japan's self-serving war-mongering posturing and provocation ( examples of such postures that don't make any sense but only to provoke: now Japan complains about the China's gas exploration activities when the Japanese media questions such moves by Abe to bolster the non-existing support for his bogus security bills, especially as these complaints fall flat when the facts show China's activities are not in the disputed areas per se, nor are illegal... and why didn't Japan make the same BIG fuss two or three years ago when it knew of such activities? The same with China's ADZ which China notified Japan in 2010, but Japan didn't complain BUT actually extended its own ADZ by tens of miles. The same with the Diayou/Senkaku islands - UK documents showed Japan and China had agreed to put aside this issue, but Japan breached this and provoked China, against U.S.' clear advice, yet Japan lies to the world about the facts and point the finger at others/China).

So, readers/posters, please see the whole picture and try to use balanced facts instead of just repeating Abe/U.S.' anti-China rhetoric that does not have much validity but has only hypocrisy. As I always said, look at the big stick in Japan/USA's eye first.

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@danalawton and nigelboy:

So you mean "wacko groups" are making more sense than the Abe and Aquino cabinets by questioning their unlawful actions.

Which means that Abe (his bogus security bills and disrespect for the Constitution) and Aquino (Tribunal, pacts with Jpn/USA and maritime actions) are beneath or lower than these wacko groups?

No wonder Japanese and Filipino people/majority/legal experts are rejecting their way of illogical and unlawful thinking/actions/hyperboles.

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@teamwork: that wouldn't work, as everybody loses if China is surrounded/provoked/WWIII is pushed upon China. Not a brilliant idea, for you and your kids, for everyone and their kids.

WWIII?, do you know what you are wishing for?

Good luck with all that.

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"wacko fringe group"? Why would such a "wacko" group be able to make a valid argument ( questioning the legality/constitutionality of the Philippines' joint miltary partnership with Japan)?, which the top judiciary supports such questioning.

As I said along, Japan has no right being involved in the South China Sea issues. Both Japan and the Philippines are desperately resorting to unlawful and unconstitutional mechanisms to try to suppress the non-existing China "threat", especially with both countries themselves having done things to also provoke China.

It would be much constructive for Abe and Aquino to focus on the real threats: their respective domestic urgent issues like the economy, social welfare, poverty etc.

If the China"threat" is so real, it is telling that the Japanese people and Philippines majority/top court have rejected such a hyperbole by Abe (bogus security bills) and the attention-grabber Aquino (joint military "agreement" with Japan and even USA and Tribunal hearing which itself has no clear jurisdiction).

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Let me repeat:

Abe and his bogus security bills and flimsy "China threat" are bring presented in a box of unconstitutionality and hypocrisy and nonsense, all of which are totally rejected by the Japanese people.

So, as I indicated before, his desperation now reveals even more how really really bad, illogical and dangerous his aims are. Abe and the rightwingers are sinking faster than the Titanic.

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@sf2k, thanks, that says a lot more about Japan doing nothing but using false accusations and hypocrisy (like now these Chinese gas platforms that Japan can't even say are illegal!) to drum up non-existing support for Abe's bogus security bills that are rejected by the Japanese people. Can you deny that it makes no sense to accuse China of something that is not illegal nor breaching any legal pact/agreement. What will Japan accuse China of next? Japan should just focus on its own business and not dwell on China's unstoppable rise as a just nation. Better yet, look at the big stick in Japan's eye first before pointing fingers...

So - That's right, Japan is using desperation and hyperboles to cover its own ability to see what is right and wrong, basically being , as you coined, a bigger "a-hole." (See the Japanese media for their even more harsh comments and even suspicion about Abe releasing these photos... which the Japanese people are not buying into his "China grave threat." And where are the missiles Abe is now claiming are on/will be mounted on those gas platforms??...)

If you/other pro-Abe-security bills/Japan posters can't take that, ok, then seriously,as I asked, are there no comments that can tackle the issues objectively without frustration and emotion and envy? No?... good luck then, but please... Be fair and objective... I know it must be hard for you, but please do try. At least my comments are balanced and every point against China was answered with an equally strong (or better) point against Japan.

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Everybody knows Japan is acting out of desperation to publish those photos of China's rightful gas exploration activities (even the Japanese media suggest Japan is doing this probably it is trying to influence the public to be panicked and thus support Abe's bogus unlawful security bills which are being rejected by the Japanese people as they see no "China threat" in the way Abe is misleading them), especially Japan could not even articulate clealy if there is any illegality in such activities. As usual, Japan is presenting "facts" when they are not facts.

And the hypocrisy Japan is shamelessy showing is mind-boggling: Japan itself unilaterally provoked China (against USA's advice etc.) by "nationalizing" the Diaoyou/Senkaku islands (when UK documents etc. last year showed China and Japan had agreed to put aside the issue) and by using military "patrols" with Philippines/USA to provoke China in the South China Sea when Japan itself is not a claimant.

So, all the provocation is done by Japan, or at least Japan itself is responsible for half of the tensions.

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@sf2k, playing "Stop hitting yourself"... ?... All I know is that everybody wants to hit China out of what?, envy?, frustration? hatred?... because I know China no more unfair than Japan/USA etc.

"what a load".. I feel sorry you feel that way... usually "what a load" retorts usually means one thing to me: the inability to fairly address an issue (i.e. no objectivity). but it's your right to believe USA/Japan are truly pure and China is not. And I say this out of politeness.


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To the above posters, why are the main points avoided (from me and related to the article)? Why so afraid to answer my points directly? Not a single voice of reason and objectivity but only cries to destroy China without examining the big stick in Japan's/USA's/Philippines' eye.

You nick-picked and extrapolate but evaded the main points. Ok, regarding your unrelated or quasi-related points:


it's the same with Abe/Japan, left hand peace stick, right hand breaching and "nationalizing" islands (that UK documents showed both nations shelved the islands issue, and even the U.S. can't say to which country the sovereignty of the Diaoyou/Senkaku islands belong to but could "give" the islands to Japan, which even western media find strange/makes no sense) and provoking China with military patrols and telling China it has no right to its own ADZ (when Japan has a huge one) etc. And the USA is worst. The three things you list are exactly what the USA is famous for, and you know it, as USA is always threatening sanctions with "peace," and military intervention with "peace" and initiating unjust wars and turning a blind eye when Abe did not apologize to China/Korea in his Congress speech (but could "sympathize" with Jewish holocaust victims and always preaching about moral virtues and universal values and saying it is against crimes-against-humanity committed by the Nazis ) because it wants Abe to really push on regarding Okinawa/do what USA wants it to do (security bills) etc etc etc.

If that is not DEVIOUS for you, I doubt, so does the Japanese population doubt, if China can top that kind of self-righteous deviousness. And, as you can read up, the provocations started also from Japan, Philippines and Vietnam.... and most of all , USA. How about China having military bases near USA to contain it, would you not feel provoked? So be try to be a bit fair and objective instead of blindly hating China.

This is WHY the Japanese people do not see China as the kind of "grave threat" as the above posters and Abe would want them to... and the Japanese people/legal experts/even SDF members have totally rejected Abe's "China threat" reasons for his bogus security bills, as I keep telling these posters who refuse to see the reality of this fact. Turn on the TV or go to the sites of the demontrations against Abe/security bills, and NOT ONE of them has China (or the "China threat") on their mind, but they have one thing on their mind as the REAL THREAT: Abe and his lack of rule of law.

People here have to FACE the fact: Abe, to the Japanese people, is the most dangerous threat and public enemy number ONE. Period. Nothing to do with China, and the Japanese people know that very well now. Abe's "China threat" ammunition is backfiring on all cylinders and taking him down and down and down into the abyss, deeper than his tummy aches... (and you can bet China is having the last laugh and will continue with her own BOLDER and rightful activities that are not illegal).

@thunderbird2 and serendipitious:

you just described the whole history of USA and how it treated those who couldn't/can't go along with its so called "values." And don't forget Japan, "nationalizing" the islands and provoking China and then looking surprised when China is angry... and even today, its whitewashing of history and now Abe revising the brutal history of Japan is provoking China/Korea, but feigns surprise when China/Korea are rightfully outraged. So of course, it is "spot on" for you and such posters, because you use double standards and one set of beliefs but then try to CONVINCE me that I have no right to objectively show that Japan/USA/Philippines are hypocrites and have provoked China too.


So, to these and other same-minded posters, please, come on, if you really think USA and Japan and Philippines are that pure and China is that impure with their respective motivations, then why these posters cannot give a single convincing argument but resorting only to emotional, frustrated lines of reasoning/words/hyperboles that have no self-reflection and no room for objectivity?

And the topic was about these gas exploration sites that China is buidling/built - - why is Japan harping on about this and using photos to tarnish China when Japan and the article do not even say what China is doing is or could be illegal (especially Japan dragged its feet/abandoned such joint exploration plans and China is doing her things within her area)? It just makes NO sense whatever. And... using these photos to get a rise out of the Japanese population to hate China and to support Abe's much-hated bogus security bills is the same DEVIOUSNESS that the above posters talk about. There's no two-way about it.

How would you and Japan feel if China releases photos of Japan building her own exploration sites in her own area and China claims "unfair/foul play"?

So examine the big stick in Japan/USA/Philippines' eye first, please, if you want to respect the discussion and be objective...

'Night, all.

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@moonraker and ossan:

You avoided the main theme: Abe's security bills are Unlawful and haphazard and without logic but only using hyperboles.. and using photos of China's rightful activities to desperately drum up non-existing fear of China and non-existing public support for these bills is itself more hypocrisy than anything China can top.

Regarding your extrapolation, where exactly does the article or Japan say what China is doing with her own gas exploration works is illegal? Japan is just choking on hyperboles and presenting facts when they are Not facts, as the article and other commentators suggest. Your words would perhaps make some sense if Japan was really innocent of its own dishonest actions/provocations and manipulation and using hype to falsely fatten its BS and Abe's bogus security bills. So of course I don't buy your list, just as you don't buy the list of Japan's BS.

Moreover, as I pointed out, the fact that the Japanese people, not you and not me, have REJECTED Abe's bogus security bills prove my point: nobody believes there is such an urgent immiment do-or-die "grave threat" from China. And Japanese citizens know China is not a threat because they desperately need China for the long-term. The latest Japan Defense White Paper also does not make it appear that China is such a "threat" as Japanese media pointed out.

In fact, ISIS , as far as it is, is far more lethal and a real threat to Japan especially after the beheadings of Jpn hostages etc., and still that does not warrant such security bills...so China, with which Japan came to an agreement last year (Diaoyou/Senksku islands), is far less a "threat" by a wide margin. And re: South China Sea, you can read up and see China has long controlled those islands, and only until recently the Philippines and Vietnam started to claim and do reclamation work too...and as I pointed before, no Tribunal has jurisdiction over the Philippines' claims.

And as I said, regarding these gas fields in the ocean, Japan dragged its feet/abandoned the joint plans, so why does it insist China cannot do anything in her own waters? Japan hypes up nonsense with the USA to suppress China, and they think they can do what they want to accuse China with flimsy envious reasons and surround China with military bases to contain her.. yet they tell China what she can or cannot do in her own waters?

Thus, instead of boasting a list of China 's so-called "threats", why don't you first examine the long stick in Japan's (and America's and Philippines') eye and its own list of deceits?...especially now Abe is gravely threatening Japanese democracy and its rule of law.

As the Japanese people and legal experts are asking now: WHERE is the "China threat"? Do you prefer hyperboles for a nation to shape or reshape its supreme law?

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As I said, Japan breached the islands dispute (UK documents showed last year Japan and CHina had indeed shelved the dispute) by provoking China (Japan bought the islands). Now it provokes China again by using military patrols with USA/Philippines in an area that Japan is not even a claimant.

Today Japan provokes Japan by publishing "photos" of activities by China that are NOT even illegal. Japan itself dragged its feet/abandoned the joint gas exploration plans, so China has the right to do the exploration etc within its own area. Abe/Japan is harping on with illegitimate reasons to hype up the "China threat" that even Japan Def White Paper this week does not show what the real threat is, as the media pointed out. Yet Abe/Japan now, suspiciously, releases these photos to desperately drum up non-existing support for his bogus security bills. Japan always accusses China of manipulation, but Japan itself blatantly manipulates its own public and the world.

But Japanese people now can see through Abe's manipulation. The fact that Japanese people, legal experts and etc have all rejected his bogus security bills show that his "China threat" is unfounded, especially Japanese citizens realize how beneficial China is for Japan's survival (economic terms).

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Abe's TV sesame street antics have not even an ounce of logic :

If the American house is on fire, that means if it was self-caused (accident), and Japanese house/fighfighters can help control it, why would the security bills be needed?

ANd if the fire to the American house was set out of spite (war) by a third party, obviously the Japanese house could be set on fire too (out of spite/war) if Japanese come "helping" the Americans and if they both set out looking/punishing culprit.... but this also is very gray, because what if the fire was a response to the American's provocative moves/first shot etc.in the first place?, and if so what right would Japan have to punish/attack the party who responded to the provocation.

These are why many questions are making the security bills highly risky, dubious, meaningles and unwanted (plus illegal), as such scenarios are unwanted by the Japanese people... and morever, the China threat is very very flimsy and is misplaced as the people an experts show by rejecting these security bills that are supposed to "protect from China" (even the Japan Defense WHite Paper doesn't show any real danger from China, as the media stated this week).

All in all, it won't be simple as a housefire. The whole block, neighborhood, will burn in flames if Japan gets involved in other party's ambitions/wars/to maintain domination. And Japanse soldiers do not have the stomach to be in a real war, plus their psychology and morale will be so low due to the history issues plus the fact they know these security bills are not lawful.

As I said numerous times in my previous posts in related articles, Abe is using very empty excuses to change and desecrate the Constitution like a Lego toy, and his TV sesame street antics prove this. Just now on TV, people commented that more and more people are so outraged by being treated as if their voice means nothing and now being treated as schoolkids/brainwashed idiots - - and thus Japanese people are rejecting his bogus security bills by a very wide margin (85% totally against, compared to only less than 12% who hesitantly agree, plus 99% of legal experts, professionals, scholars, etc. are against these bills as "not legal and unwarranted")... not to mention these bills clearly against the Supreme Law.

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As I said, Abe and the country he thinks he represents, now stand for: a consitution that has no meaning; a people whose majority voice has no meaning; a people whose lives can be so easily sacrificed (thanks to Abe and America' say-so); a set of bogus security bills that can be easily shoved down people's throats based on bogus misplaced "threats" (the Japan defense white paper released this week BEGS the question: where is the threat??? as the media asks of this white paper... and where is the real China so-called danger??? when China and Japan can deal with emergencies and Japan agreed to China's rightful view/claims of the Diaoyou /Senkaku islands and Japan is not even a claimant in the South CHina Sea issue which China has not/is not militarizing but may be forced to because of Japan/USA's own military action/surveillance and interference etc); a fragile democracy that suppressed the people, etc. Am I missing anything else?

As I also said, Abe changed the Supreme Law/Consitution that belongs to the people as if it was a Lego toy. As his toy-cardboard cutouts kindergarten-type TV explanation prove me right - - he really thinks the Constitution is like a lego toy that he could change to his liking.

To those supporting Abe and his bogus (and very dangerous) security bills: you mean you believe and are confident at his Sesame Street antics and explanations (that are being laughed at by the people, legal experts, journalists, teachers, scholars , EVEN by the SDF members, not to mention China who must be having a howling of a laugh looking at Abe)....? You believe, really, that a house fire is as simple as a war???? Are we all that gullible and easily manipulated in this day and age???? Are we all less intellectual and/or have less common sense than grade-school or even high school kids???

All I can say: Wake up, people, especially to those who are pro-Abe/bogus unlawful security bills.

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zichi and yubaru have rational fair points.

@A realist, how are the Chinese people and culture and administration "stupid" or "sick man of Asia" when they will become the number one economy in the world soon? Heck, the US and Japan are said to become depedent on China for their survival. So it's okay for them to be stupid yet westerners/Japanese with a superiority complex hypocritically take their money happily with a double-face? And how is your rant and superiority-induced judgment of Chinese culture and people as "stupid" relate to the unease regarding Japanese remilitarization?

@Jimizo, it is hard to understand what you are trying to say. How is your statement about hating China related to the illegality of Abe's security bills and remilitarization that is causing great unease in Asia and elsewhere? Do you mean you espouse the hatred of China because it's a personal issue?, because it sure sounds like one. So hatred of a culture/people justifies the remiliarization of Abe's army and together with the US they should carpet-bomb China into oblivion? Didn't that happen 75 years ago when the Japanese Imperial Army brutally invaded China...? Wasn't that enough to show "hatred" of a culture/race/nation/people?

Have you or westerners reflected deeply about the hatred for Americans as exhibited by other parts of the world?

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This is the reply/post from yesterday (reworded here) regarding same issue. The first part if about the Diayou/Senkaku islands, and followed by the South China Sea issue:

Objectively speaking, the Diayou/Senkaku islands are far from what Japan claims as hers. It can't be denied that it is strange these islands were "given" by USA to Japan, yet the giver cannot say the islands' sovereignty now are Japan's (but only under Japan's administrative control only)? It makes no sense. Moreover, Japan's claims refer to a few decades, but as other media pointed out, China's claims go back further. If China's claims are not clear, then Japan's claims are more dubious (especially as some have said the islands are so close to China). Additionally, last year it was reported that the UK documents showed that indeed China and Japan had agreed to "shelf the islands issue indefinitely" in contradiction to Japan's denials (i.e. Japan breached that agreement, as typical of Japan). And last November, China and Japan agreed on four basic principles (when Xi and Abe met), and these include Japan's admission that there are other valid views/claims (notably China's) and thus China is entitled to her claims and views regarding the said islands (in fact, the agreement says Japan agrees and understands/accepts there are other views, notably China's, regarding the claims to the Diayou/Senkaku islands). So how is the Diayou/Senkaku islands a flashpoint when the two sides have reached this agreement in principle?

Regarding the South China Sea, Obama himself admitted China's claims to the islands in the South China Sea have some merits/legitimacy. Further, any belief that a Hague Tribunal's award (if that happens) to the Philippines regarding her claims to islands (that are claimed also by China) is going to "compel" or "pressure" China to give up her sovereignty claims (by way of military intervention by Japan/USA/Australia/Vietnam/Philippines), then consider that as wishful thinking... really bloated wishful thinking, as some experts have also warned (in fact, the opposite may happen and the Philippines' action could backfire). The Tribunal can't decide sovereignty vs delimitation/demarcation claims and has no real full juridiction, so any judgment is not only invalid but shows the Tribunal has very unclear powers. Further, any award can't be legally enforced as it is not binding, as it is only an "opinion" more or less. Lastly, other countries have ignored Tribunal rulings against them, including the U.S. - even Japan ignored a Tribunal/International judgment against its brutal whaling "scientific" program. Hence, China has the absolute right to reject and ignore any ruling (of which may come five to ten years later), especially one made by a panel with no full or real jurisdiction or one that has contradictory powers. So using this case to support Abe's security bills (and military patrols) is a very unconvincing one (not to mention very risky and Japan's move could spark a response that the Japanese media has speculated could throw the region into turmoil) as Japanese legal experts have indicated so - meaining Japan has no reason taking risks there with its "surveillance" activities (and when such information can already by accessed from a far more "superior" surveillance expert, the U.S.).

These two points above show that Abe's security bills are more than unwarranted because Japan's Coast Guard allows Chinese Coast Guard ships to patrol Diayou/Senkaku islands (and this seems to be the norm now, especially Japan has conceded that China is entitled to her views/claims) and any problems can be handled bilaterally and sufficiently by the current SDF (i.e. no military force needed per these security bills), and because Japan has no business in the South China sea as she is not a claimant there (or, if we go with this Japanese general's and other supporters' reasoning, then China has the right too to support and defend South Korea's claims to Dokdo/Takeshima islands and Russia's claims to the northern islands), objectively speaking.

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@Shimosueyoshi: I posted in yesterday's article about Diaoyu/Senkaku islands issue.

Basically, it is strange USA "gave" the islands to Japan but won't say whose sovereignty they belong too. If China's claims are not clear, then Japan's claims are more dubious (especialky the islands are so close to China).

Last year, UK documents showed that China and Japan had agreed to "shelf" the islands issue, contrary to Japan's denials and breach.

And, most importantly, last November Xi and Abe agreed on four principles when they met, including Japan's agreement that it accepts that there are other valid views/claims (notably China's) regarding these islands.

So there is no flashpoint, and Japan understands China sending her Coast Guard ships to patrol these islands. Which means Abe's security bills are even more unwarranted (in addition to being unlawful), as both sides can manage the situation bilaterally per the agreement above.

Let me repeat: all this anti-China hatred and talk is misplaced, as these bogus bills are unlawful and unwarranted as deemed by the overwhelming majority of Japanese people and experts themselves, who realize also now that the basis of these war bills (China "threat") is without justification.

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So much hatred for China (yet even those far away in Canada still take her money even with the smell/hatred of China??, like Knowbetter and Jimizo etc are trying to say?).... yet China is not the one with a history of initiating unjust wars and global domination and forcing her values. Look at your own history and hypocrisy first.

All this anti-China this and that, yet NOT even a single rationale nor convincing argument that can nullify the 11,000-plus (Japanese too, mind you) legal experts and scholars' conclusion that Abe's security war bills are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and UNLAWFUL.

All hot air in these posts and very gung-ho, but the basic most important point of these bogus bills is not talked about. Nor is America and Japan's hypocrisy and history mentioned. Everybody too eager to rain down missiles on China.

The fact that 80% of Japanese people and 99% experts themselves have concluded Abe's security bills are unlawful and unwarranted shows all this anti-China reasoning is misplaced.

Why are people here and America forcing the Japanese people against their will to ababdon democracy and rule of law (which westerners always preach about) and force them to abandon peace and to force them to go to (most likely unjust) wars (especially America dictated that Japan should never again wage wars 75 years ago)? Don't the Japanese people have their basic right to refuse wars?

@Wa4TKG: of course Japan has the moral duty to heed democracy and justify its actions and history, given its malevolent past. Even Japanese experts and commentators and American experts have said so. You can find and read their opinion pieces, which are numerous and far outnumber those holding views like yours.

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With these bogus security bills to remilitarize Japan (when, among other things, Japan still has not fully accounted for its brutal invasions/aggression against China/Korea/Asia in WWII but Abe whitwashes them), Abe and his cronies already did something profoundly unconstitutional and against thousands of legal experts and 80% of the Japanese people. In certain aspects, China (and Korea etc) are obviously right in their warnings and concerns. With these unconstitutional bills, it is now affirmed that Japan has no respect for democracy nor for the supreme law and thus is a hypocrite to lecture China to rule by law.

@wc626 and others with the same point: your point is valid...as I said in the other article's posts, Japanese soldiers have no stomach for a real war, plus are mentally insecure when these bills are not clearly lawful and when the ghost of Japan's brutal past weighs heavily.

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Nigelboy: I don't doubt there are theoretical ideas as to how Emperor Abe wants to "bash" China with the help of the boss (USA), but didn't the USA have the same bold ideas with Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan and Somalia that turned out to be nightmares (plus leaving those places into total ruins). Let me repeat: I seriously doubt China has nothing in place against all types of scenarios. Plus, the Japanese have no stomach to fight a real war, especially with the people back home saying it's all illegal , plus the weight of Japan's past... and even Americans seem to be not so fired-up at the prospect with another war, and one with China that will have repercussions elsewhere. These and others are important factors. The thing about Americans or American military is that they tend to talk and oversimplify everything too much, but then reality strikes. You seem to have it all figured out, so godspeed. If you are so confident, would you be willing to go out there with the marines to kill the Chinese (with the Japanese boys to cover your back, as I doubt they have the stomach to be point-man)?, or you mean you will rather stay on the aircraft carrier's war room and watch missiles and jet fighters take down and kill the Chinese?

Besides, I was focused on the main issue of the unconstitutionality of Abe's bogus security bills (per the article), which pro-Abe posters seem to avoid. The fact these bills are unlawful and not constitutional renders your ideas quite pointless. And regarding the Diayou/Senkaku islands, see above - Japan already agreed last November that China is entitled to her views/claims also. Anyway, good luck.

To ThePbot: you and those with similar comments make the most sense and have some rationality, instead of basing comments on blind hatred and frustration-riddled pleas to unconvincingly defend these security bills.

Again: R.I.P Japan, the land of peace and law and democracy now killed by Abe's security bills aimed at the exaggerated "threat" of China.

What's next?... a war bill against the "threat" of Klingons or aliens from the Vega system?

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Nigelboy: I really doubt the Chinese are not aware of all scenarios. Fact is, they are more prepared than anyone else and have thought through their preparations well. And this is what scares the Pentagon. That's more I can say for even the U.S. military at this point. Just two years ago, U.S. Navy was surprised at how the Chinese were able to do things against them when it was thought otherwise. Last year the there was a DOD report detailing Chinese capabilities in "resisting and pushing" their line of defense and offense, and other many strategies being perfected by China. And, as mentioned, when fighting the Japanese, everybody predicts China will fight with a different kind of determination and strategy. But if you insist, per these Abe's security bills, that Japan/USA/PHI/AUS can defeat China that easily, then you got no problem - they should stop talking and just do it.

And why are the Abe supporters speculate so much in exaggerating the China "threat", but won't talk about the unconstitutionality of these bogus security bills ( especially since the west is so big on "rule of law" and "democracy" that it preaches to the world)? As I said, is it because of blind hatred for China and blind worship of Abe and what he stands for..if so, then good luck with that.

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KiyoshiMukai: Already pushed through... unlawfully and unconstitutionally... which proves Japan has broken its own rule of law, not to mention democracy. If you are so gung-ho about these bogus security bills, does that mean you have the stomach to fight with Abe's army and kill or be killed, or just watch Japanese soldiers return in body bags if things go badly (which will likely happen)?

These security bills spell one thing for Japan: the rising sun is no more.

R.I.P. Japan, land of peace and law and democracy.

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That's what Japan/Tojo said 75 years ago, for defense etc... and look what what happened... The fact these security bills are passed in a tyrannical manner makes Japanese people and others suspect that the repeat of the past may actually transpire, again, especially with Abe's worship of the Japanese brutal imperial army and his lack of understanding/remorse for the terrible consequences of its actions.

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Too much wishful thinking here. Japan won't take anything out of China's nor anyone else's army. Japan's army has no stomach for real war. Just look at the people of Japan. War strikes total fear in them, hence they can't accept Abe's bogus security bills. Japan's army or Japan as a nation only has proven one thing - its brutal past. And now it has become USA's troll , or cloned, army via these bogus security bills unwanted by Japan's own citizens. Why does USA force a peaceful nation like Japan to go to bogus wars? Before it drafted Japan's supreme law telling it not to wage war and aggression again... now it forces it to be its partner in killing or getting killed. How can Japanese people accept or respect what is being done to their peace-based country?? This is why now Japanese people will hate USA more than ever , more than China.

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