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Rintaro comments

Posted in: Sex? Sexual intercourse? Neither? Teens weigh in on evolving definitions — and habits See in context

As the old saying goes, the rich get richer, whilst the poor get...... kids

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Posted in: Kishida says ban on same-sex marriage not discrimination See in context

As Jim Jefferies said, "do you know what you do if you don't believe in same sex marriage? Don't marry someone of the same sex. That will show them!" It's quite simple......

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Posted in: Sexual abuse victims condemn Australian PM's response to claims See in context

Headline should read, "sexual abuse victims that display strong misandristic tendencies, attempt to silence male MPs with intimidation, bullying, gaslighting & cancel culture"

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Posted in: Support groups fear domestic violence spike amid calls for people to stay home See in context

It has been advised that if people feel in danger to try drinking a glass of water. The water won't do much, however keeping your mouth closed may provide assistance.

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Posted in: Tokyo's infection spike after Olympic postponement sparks questions See in context

Japan falsifying data to suit their agenda..... Oh no, say it ain't so?! This has NEVER happened before, right????

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Posted in: Chiefs beat Texans, while Packers edge Seattle See in context

Bang bang Niner Gang!!! 'nuff said

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Posted in: Symbolic night with 'goddess' to wrap up emperor's accession rites See in context

The Emperor has given up his entire life for this role. Let him have a little piece of ritualistic nookie nookie. Let him smash!

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Posted in: McDonald's CEO ousted after consensual relationship with employee See in context

One should never fish off the company pier, or better said, never get your honey, where you get your money!!!

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Posted in: Japan beats Scotland 28-21 to advance to Rugby World Cup quarterfinals for first time See in context

Scotland No 1 was woeful and struggled to stay upright for 1 scrum. Useless ref called 1 penalty in first half. Not the rugby rules I was taught

Refereeing in this game is like what we are normally use to. No calls. Hard to understand after their interpretation for whole cup. Indication of what we'll see in the playoffs. Spineless, weak, no nuts refs, scared to make a call. Stark contrast to pool games, but at least they'll let the lads play footy

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Posted in: Teen bullying victim who died in apparent suicide blames school in journal See in context

Rest in power young blood. I hope you're in a better place!!! What a tragic loss.........

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Posted in: Fish illegally caught by yakuza sold at Nagasaki sashimi eatery See in context

Wait a minute, "annual sales reached 300 million yen" @ "500 yen seafood domburi (rice bowl)" that works out to 600,000 bowls annually or 69 bowls per hour for the entire year. Does this seem a little fishy (pardon the pun) to anyone else? I think perhaps something else was being sold at this establishment and that could be the reason the police were looking at them......

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

It means the figure in the middle has small chin chin and they are all looking at it!

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Posted in: Will Smith's 'Live It Up' anthem divides World Cup fans See in context

Some people just have stale minds with stale old ideals. This song is fresh, energetic and on point. It is an anthem and will have people moving & partying which is exactly the idea

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Posted in: 864,000 ticket applications received for team and stadium packs for Rugby World Cup 2019 See in context

I was one of the many to miss out on tickets. Will now have to wait until September to try and secure general admission tickets.

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Posted in: Nike Air Mo’ Money sneakers with Japanese text and yen symbols are coolest kicks around See in context

These shoes are on fire! Haters are going to hate but sneakerheads will love these. I will definitely be buying a pair and can't wait to rock them.

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Posted in: Osaka University professor: The prince from 'Snow White' is a sex offender See in context

There is no hard evidence that this happened. Complete hearsay stories. They would both be "he said, she said" cases. Both princes could shake it off as locker room talk and continue on with their prince-hood duties. Sound familiar???

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Posted in: Training day: Gov't officials embrace sneakers to promote fitness See in context

Japan is already the land of the long walk. Especially in Tokyo where the majority don't own a car. Catching trains everywhere you end up walking a great distance anyway which is more than enough exercise. However I do like this concept!

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village to be hydrogen-powered See in context

I think this is such a wonderful initiative and would dearly love an opportunity to be involved in such a magnificent project.

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