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Posted in: Department store reviews plan for staff to wear menstruation badges after outcry See in context

jpn_guy, hats off to you. You could have made the explanation shorter by pointing out the fact that Strangerland simply got 提案 and 提供 confused which led to the cringe-worthy argument above.

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Posted in: Sagawa says he got no instructions from Abe or Aso to alter land sale documents See in context

Well there we go then. Case closed.

"But what abou-"


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Posted in: High court finds cell phone TV owners obliged to pay NHK fees See in context

There are a lot of NHK bill collector videos in Japanese on youtube.

Haha yeah I love those videos. There are some good joke/parody ones too.

Also speaking of youtube, Tachibana-san (立花孝志) has some good videos. He does some great bear knuckle phone arguments with NHK people.

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stories about collectors gone mad, trying to push in the door etc

Really? You mean like trying to force entry into someone's home? I heard that collectors are absolutely not allowed to enter houses for fear of being accused of doing something where there are no witnesses. For that reason even if you say, "I don't have a TV, come in and you can see for yourself" they can only refuse.

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Posted in: What do you think of Japanese media coverage of the Winter Olympics? See in context

I love the way how the Japanese media makes it look like Japan drinks everybody's milkshake at the Olympics. If Japan wins it's all you see on the news, and if they lose... here's footage of yesterdays gold medal!

The last time I went abroad I remember turning the sports news on and seeing Japanese athletes that neither my Japanese wife nor I had ever seen before on Japanese TV - it was then that I realized how awful Japanese media coverage of sport is.

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Posted in: Japan considers refitting helicopter carrier for stealth fighters: gov't sources See in context

Didn't see that one coming. Seriously though, Japan has built and owns one of the world's deadliest submarines, they may as well square out their fleet with a "not-built-as-an-aircraft-carrier-just-converted-to-one-later" ships.

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Posted in: The Force is with us See in context

Love Star Wars but totally not excited about episode 8... there I said it.

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Posted in: Japan on alert as boats thought to be from N Korea found See in context

I think BeerDeliveryGuy beat me to it. These boats have been drifting ashore for years now. It's funny the media has only just decided to start making them into news now.

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Posted in: Gov't to encourage medical schools to train doctors with donated bodies See in context

My Japanese wife told me she regularly worked with human bodies when she was at university studying medicine over 10 years ago. I guess she must have been in the minority.

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Posted in: 10 times Japanese train passengers aren’t so polite See in context

All legitimate examples and loving everyone's comments. But out of interest, have people experienced things like these in other parts of Japan (not Tokyo)? I never saw this side of Japanese people until I moved to Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japan’s tourism ‘fails’ make it perfect travel destination See in context

Very true Stangerland. I guess it's just me being a bit of a pedant. The depth and method of inking 入れ墨/刺青 is different from tattoos - but you're right - to the average peson the end result looks the same.

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Posted in: Japan’s tourism ‘fails’ make it perfect travel destination See in context

"traditional Japanese irezumi (tattoo)"

Maybe it's beside the point of the article but does the author of this realize that irezumi is NOT the Japanese word for tattoo. They're two different things, that's why there's a katakana word for tattoo.

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Posted in: Japanese high school student repeatedly kicks his teacher while class is in session See in context

Makes you wonder how many of those "Teacher A hit student B" news stories actually happened like this. If this teacher had lost it and cracked the kid, would we even be seeing the video? Or would it be another "teacher A hit student B" story where everyone pipes up in the comment section saying things like "grrr, if I was there I'd have kicked that bully teacher".

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Posted in: Japanese firms step up measures to keep employees healthy See in context

This sounds like another Premium Friday-esque way of improving the Japanese work culture: exactly 3 companies do it about twice and then we never hear about it again.

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Posted in: Japan's summer holiday exodus gets into full swing See in context

Plan to kick back at home...drink a few beers

Livin' the dream bruh. Livin' the dream. I'll be doing that in my head while riding a jam-packed shinkansen to my wife's jikka tomorrow.

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Posted in: M5.0 quake hits southwestern Japan; no tsunami danger See in context

Eesh tough crowd. Bad examples on my part lol. But you get what I mean.

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Posted in: M5.0 quake hits southwestern Japan; no tsunami danger See in context

cucashopboy - haha I see. Construction companies use a formula based on the chance of earthquakes occurring in an area when they construct buildings to decide how "earthquake-proof" to make the building. You could make a building earthquake/typhoon/mudslide/whatever-proof anywhere if you wanted to, but that would put the final price up so companies build houses that are resilient to whatever natural disasters are likely to occur in the area. It wouldn't make sense to have an earthquake-proof house in Okinawa anymore than it would to have a typhoon proof house in Hokkaido after all.

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Posted in: M5.0 quake hits southwestern Japan; no tsunami danger See in context

Was it really necessary for people to vote Ron's comment down?

Buildings in Kyushu aren't as tough against earthquakes as other areas in Japan where earthquakes are more common. Let's hope that everyone is safe.

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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty to arson in Tokyo's Golden-gai district last year See in context

"Case closed. Good job boys." "But what abou-" "CASE, CLOSED."

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Haha I almost spewed coffee all over my keyboard when I read that. Thanks.


She's one of the girls from AKB48. Someone else will have to give you her name though.

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Who noticed that the guy is wearing mask? Hands up. MAN CARD REVOKED.

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Hey this picture must've been taken from near my office...

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Posted in: UK scientists give cancer risk warning on overdone chips, toast See in context

You can't have any fun anymore can you.

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Posted in: Health diets from overseas flooding Japan, but are they right for Japanese bodies? See in context

I wonder if she blames Japan’s high incidence of gastric cancer on foreign foods too?

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Posted in: Japan is the leading country in creating mascots and characters, and has lots of talented professionals. We have to consider how we get them on board as well as the general public, and make the mascot See in context

When a Japanese friend asks if you have as many mascots in your country and you’re just like, “Ugh. No. No we don’t. Next question.”

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Posted in: Japan’s respected National Theatre surprises everyone with traditional rendition of PPAP See in context

Another hilarious version (groan).

Oh but, "Justin Bieber said on his Twitter that he liked PPAP, so that means it's a massive worldwide hit" - said every Japanese TV channel.

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Posted in: This is an easy subject to follow. It doesn’t require much effort to ride or take photos, and anyone can get into it easily — even schoolchildren — because Japanese trains arrive on time. See in context

Suicides? Not at all, those are merely 人身事故, an "accident resulting in injury or death." Also, I don't think my morning train has ever been on time.

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Posted in: Personal computer sales fall for fifth year in a row See in context

Personally I use my computer for gaming, but most PC gamers build their own rigs from individual parts so I suppose we don't contribute to sales of computer units.

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