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Posted in: Police, in a first, charge teen for using cell phone while cycling See in context

I witnessed a guy cycling towards Shinagawa Station, while chatting on his mobile, with a Police Officer following in tow, calling for backup, while insisting that the offender terminate his connection! The offender ignored the officer in per-cute, while leading a merry chase, continuing to chat as he weaved through the traffic. I paused briefly to observe this comical farce, before mounting my bicycle and pedaling towards home. I didn't get three blocks before a convoy of screaming black and white sirens, whizzed past me in the opposite direction. To apprehend this menace to society.

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Posted in: 5.6 quake rattles Japan near Fukushima site See in context

I seemed to be the only one at work today who was actually awoken by this quake. I was starting to think That I'd dreamt it! Reading that it was a 5+ and I didn't even check the TV, makes me feel that we are all becoming too accustomed to these frequent aftershocks and that the next big one will catch us all off guard.

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