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Posted in: What it’s like to apply for and receive a vaccine passport in Japan for travel abroad See in context

I got mine very fast. I applied at the Shiyakusho where I had the vaccine at the same time. I got the certificate in the post 2 days later.

Unfortunately I have to go back because they have made a mistake - Nationality says JAPAN in the top section where it has personal info; name, DoB, passport number.

Something to look out for & make them aware of.

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Posted in: Kanagawa's new anti-smoking ordinance a bane on businesses See in context

As a smoker, I am quite happy for there to be rules on where you can can't smoke, but I don't like being victimised for no good reason either.

There is a huge amount of mis-information about the effects of passive smoking.

By now everyone accepts it gives you cancer, but the scientific studies show its just not the case. What happens is someone does a study & then when its PROVED that there is no significant effect, the study is swept under the table, for example the Californian smoking survey which spanned 40 years & 35,000 people - it proved no statistical increase in cancer due to passive smoking. Even the WHO study was statistically inconclusive, but somehow presented as proof in the media when there was none.

& here I read someones comment about a study on rats...

Two months of exposure to secondhand smoke was enough to cause significant changes in the rats' lungs, and those changes were even more notable after four months.

Just what are you trying to say? Giving chocolate to dogs will make them sick, so are you going to ban chocolate for humans too?

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