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Posted in: Google, Johnson & Johnson team up to build robot surgeons See in context

If something wrong operation conducted by robot, I am wondering who is the responsibility of the action. Everyone let the fault for using robot...I thought.

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Posted in: Light jogging best for a long life See in context

I heard that brisk walk also good for our health. I am wondering which is better light jogging or brisk walk. If someone knows, let us know the consequences.

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Posted in: Japanese women talk about being betrayed by their female friends See in context

I am wondering why it is restricted "Japanese" women? Another country's women don't do that? Some Japanese only do such betray's behavior, most of Japanese women are not act like that. I offend this way of thinking...

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Posted in: Green tea drinkers show lower cancer risks: study See in context

Is it really matter? My mom was very fond of green tea. After each meal, she drank dark green tea. However, she suffered cancer and died 2 years ago. I can't understand why she suffer cancer because she was very health concious person and took a lot of vegetables with right life-stlye. She didn't drink and smoke at all. I am wondering even now why she took such this disease. One of the main reason I came up to mind is gene. Because my grandfather (mom's father) also suffered cancer. So, I am afraid to take me as a patient of cancer, someday. I would like to hope to have innovative measures in the near future.

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Posted in: Portable digital TV player See in context

Looks attractive, but now a days, mobile cell phone also same application. Many mobile phone can watch TV easily. I wonder people buy only this portable digital TV player.

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Posted in: Mai Satoda to marry Rakuten pitcher Tanaka in March See in context


It is very happy news in this unsteady social situation. I hope such hopeful younger will increase and make our society happy! Such bright news will come a lot!

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Posted in: Peach John Disney undies for Valentine’s Day See in context

Secret is the best policy. Only know between two makes their relation deeper.

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Posted in: Fire destroys building at Tsukiji fish market See in context

I am wondering why this year's bidding is so high. No one is hurt, but finally it may lead to our spending when we eat sushi. It may boost each piece of sushi, and we may have to pay a lot...

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Posted in: Nozomi Tsuji reportedly living apart from husband See in context

I think she is more famous than his husband. She earns money more than his husband, maybe. It maybe very difficult because of their relationship, I think. She wants to work to get daily bread, however, she has to do her own household affairs....And so on...

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Posted in: Omotesando nights See in context

Omotesando's illumination is one of seasonal event. I am wondering to perform this year because of this electric shortage. I releaf and a little worry about the situation. Is it OK to do this kind of waste thing in this crisis time?

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Posted in: Second AKB48 documentary to hit cinemas on Jan 27 See in context

They are in a good move. The trend is too strong in Japanese young culture, isn't it. Some of them pay millions of money to buy AKB's goods and CDs. Do you feel something strange atmosphere?

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Posted in: Kumi Koda wears sexy oiran costume for new album See in context

I heard she would get married with bandman. I don't understand what she is thinking. Something strange and something desperate feeling. Don't you think so?

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Posted in: Auditions held for AKB48's anime debut See in context

I am not so like AKB48, but it is very attractive to catch younger generation's mind and soul. I don't know such a device without AKB48. It is very unique and brand-new.

It may break something groom situation in Japan. Have some active and bright things!

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura gets married in Hawaii See in context

The topic of the article appeared second times. Maybe, this article's reporter is her fan. Anyway, I hope she will have a happy marriage life with him.

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Posted in: AKB48 takes part in music festival of friendship in Vietnam See in context

In the morning news show, the topic is on air. In the program, the Vietnam's boys and girls are pleased with the stars' appearance.

I don't know the counterpart of the Vietnam's way of life. I think not only to bring the Japanese culture to the place, but also know how to live in the place of Vietnam.

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Posted in: Maomi Yuki dubs voice for Hollywood film for first time See in context

Maomi is very talented Japanese talent. Not only her educational background, but also she can act variety field. I think she can do well with this role.

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Posted in: Seiko Matsuda, Mariya Takeuchi to collaborate on new song See in context

Veteran singer has their steady fan. They listen music with their memory, good-old-days. It may not so big hit song, like AKB, but it may sell ordinal sales performance. If the song link into some drama, it may be a good sales. Their songs are good to listen and sing. I hope to keep going such senior generation.

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Posted in: Anne to host radio music program See in context

She is the daughter of the Ken Watanabe. She is fond of historical novel and goods, I heard. She said she was "Rekizyo", girls who like historical novel, goods, places.

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Posted in: Would you go bananas for Y877,000 an hour? See in context

It is one of the strategy to attract people's attention.

But the winner may envy from ordinary people. I hope the winner will choose from the devastated area, Tohoku.

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Posted in: AKB48 open new store in Akihabara See in context

In Japan, boys and girls are fascinated and attracted AKB48. I can understand the passion of these younger generation, however, group idol is boom. Looking each lady's character is not so clear, I think. I was wondering why center stage's woman have to decide to the result of the election? It is only sales strategy to reach million seller.

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura's wedding ceremony to be held Oct 10 in Hawaii See in context

Congratulations on their wedding! She is young and cute but very wise woman, I think. She is not just idle but she owns some yakitori-chain. She designs lady's cosmetic material and dress. I hope to have a happy life with him.

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Posted in: Typhoon moves away from Japan, leaving 16 dead or missing See in context

I have never experienced such a huge typhoon. Many people working Tokyo suffered from this devastating storm. From North to South of Japan, earthquakes, landslides, and water damage, all of the area suffers terrible damages.

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Posted in: Typhoon strands several thousand commuters in Tokyo See in context

Outside of the house, it looks like storm. What a surprising level of the water. I hope not to harm here in Japan, especially, Fukushima, and other devastated area.

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Posted in: Lucky girl See in context

Whoever win this game, sponsor of AKB can make money... It produces dramatic story without cost. This is wise idea. Every member of the AKB share the same opportunity, so no one can complain about it. However, in this show, the owner, Mr.Akimoto and other staff is the real winner, I think.

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura loses legal fight to block publication of photobook See in context

I think she is very cute. However, she owns several shop. There are variety of the world. One of them is grilled beaf shop, "Yakiniku". Other one, she design several clothes, diamond, and other goods. In addition to that, she practice cooking to serve guest. I like her so I often see her blog. In her blog, her cooking skill is beyond her age. It looks like professional! Not only the main dish, but also, she cooks bread and other material. She sometimes appear to sell stocks. She is very new type of woman, I think. Cute and beautiful with many talented skills. I can't say what to do. Wonderful!

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Posted in: Actress Yuko Takeuchi releases cookbook See in context

I doubt this actress wrote 102 recipes from her own personal experience. Because she is so slim and beautiful. Most of the person experienced cooking world have to confront their appetite and style. However, she is so slim and beauty. I think it is for her fan to share her cute picture and way of thinking. I think this is like photo album with recipes.

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Posted in: Ai Kago in apparent suicide attempt See in context

She is young but she has many troublesome matters, I think.

I was wondering why she choose something thrilling man.

Otherwise, Tsuzi Nozomi, she seems to walk in a happy road. Good way to live.

I hope to have something wise to live with man!

She is very cute and young! Fight!!

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