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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

Whole of the World is open for Tourism except Japan, The Japanese Govt is quite slow in taking decisions That's why the Japan economy is suffering. I had to cancel my tickets to travel to Japan 3 times. Japan allowed the people from Countries which got free of cost Corona Vaccines from India & are so poor that its citizen hardly go for tourism but Indian Citizens were not allowed. It feels so disgusting.

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Posted in: North Korea passes law allowing for nuclear first strike See in context

There is No Law in this rouge Country. The North Korean Regime is a blot on Humanity. Don't understand why the North Korean Army doesn't overthrow this Murderer Dictator.

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Posted in: N Korean leader's sister tells S Korean president to 'shut his mouth' after offer of aid See in context

North Korean President & his sister are very arrogant & bad mouthed. North Korea should not be given any aid until democracy is established in that country, they don't deserve any sympathy.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia and North Korea will expand bilateral relations: KCNA See in context

Unfortunately Putin is aligning with Evil Forces

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Posted in: At 75, India’s democracy is under pressure like never before See in context

The writer of this article in influenced by anti Modi sentiments because Modi Government doesn’t believe in appeasing only one Community which traditionally was pampered by successive Congress Governments. Congress is staging protests to save its corrupt Leaders. India is very much in safe hands.

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Posted in: At 75, India’s democracy is under pressure like never before See in context

India’s Democracy is very much Safe in the hands of PM Modi, The Country is becoming stronger & Self Reliant. Modi is the most popular Leader in India. Congress which is synonymous with corruption is not at ease that’s why it’s staging protests to save its corrupt leaders who face jail. Moreover the writer of this article is from the community which hates Modi & is largely considered un Patriotic. Congress & other Political Parties have traditionally appeased the Muslim community & rely on their votes whereas Modi Government has welfare schemes for everyone.

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