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Posted in: Japanese views on China remain negative despite thaw in ties See in context

I think anyone would have a negative view of China after hearing that millions of people are being held in prisons because of their ethnicity and those and others are being harvested alive for their organs. And that's just what we know has been going on for the past 10 years...


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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands gather in Hong Kong for rally against China extradition bill See in context

NYT reporting 1.03 million people, not just "several hundred thousand". Get your facts straight JT

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Posted in: Pet black bear kills caretaker See in context

Pitbull mauls man

Just a note... Pit Bulls are actually one of the most gentle breeds. Any dog can be mean if you antagonize it enough. Just like if you shove a bear in a cage its entire life it's not going to be very happy with you, when in the wild it probably wouldn't even bother.


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Posted in: Petition against lawmaker's LGBT stance gets over 25,000 signatures See in context

I hope there will be a petition in support of M.Sugita's stance. I'd like to sign it (and a lot of other people too).

No, most people won't agree. What she said was sick and distasteful. Should women who choose not to have children in a straight marriage receive less too because they aren't "productive"? Give me a break.

A gay couple adopting children would be "productive" but it's not mentioned by this lawmaker. She doesn't want her stance to look flawed.

LGBT couple deserve the same benefits as everyone else. Who cares who someone goes to bed with or if they produce children? Immigration. Adoption. Careers. Just because a couple doesn't produce offspring doesn't discount their worth.

Nobody has picked on gay or weird people since the '80s. In the 90's, being black, gay or weird became mainstream.

How does having a black skin color become "mainstream"? All of the groups you mentioned? Still face persecution globally. Please see your way to a search engine and type in those words instead of trying to reinforce uninformed opinions.

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Posted in: Trump, Kim launch charm offensive at summit; no word yet on discussions See in context

I hate Trump, but this is important for America and the world as a whole.

Please keep it together and have successful talks of peace.

Thats all that matters.

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Posted in: China has reportedly detained 21 Japanese this month See in context

You guys realize that they're detaining anyone with religious beliefs at all, right? Even if they had them before taking over their country? Please look up the internment camps that they've started. There are millions in internment camps at this point. It's really scary stuff. They've taken their passports and locked them up.







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