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Posted in: Japan, UK, Italy to develop next-generation fighter jet See in context

The future is in both Drones and Fighter planes.

"It could also be flown without a pilot's input if required and could be able to fire hypersonic missiles."


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Posted in: U.S. and Japan launch economic dialogue to push back against China, Russia See in context


Don't put much weight on anything said by a pot smoking womanizing one term failure of an impeached president who bent over backwards to get China accepted by the WTO. Seriously.

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Posted in: Zelenskyy to virtually address Diet on Wednesday See in context

HiroToday  07:48 am JST

I doubt our own jsdf can do anything for them.

The jsdf themselves are severely underfunded if you ask me. Terrible pay, no support for family or any benefits at all. Most still use weapons from decades ago. If you properly check, we have been trying to cut cost so much that even the new type 16 maneuver vehicle doesn’t even have AC. Imagine driving in those things in the hot summer. We had the same sniper riffle and minebea like forever.

Not sure whatr planet you are on. The JSDF can not "do anything" only because of Article 9 of the constitution. Most of their weaponry is top level and not "outdated".

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Posted in: Japan, Singapore to keep TPP free trade pact's high standards See in context

Peter14Today  09:42 am JST

You're using one internet poster as a basis? How about South Korea's repeated breaking of Agreements and non-cooperation towards reconciliations resulting in a loss of credibilty?

More than one poster here has shown a dislike of South Korea. As a Neutral party

If you haven't noticed the countless posters here who post just to bash Japan no matter what, I hardly think you can call yourself neutral. In the case of SK, Japan has negotiated and acted in good faith. SK has not, so any neutral person shouldn't be surprised.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders Japan to compensate 12 former sex slaves See in context

P. SmithToday  03:28 pm JST


Gove le ten minutes to create a Wikipedia page to refute your assertion. Wikipedia as a cite! Way, way too sophomoric.

You obviously have zero experience creating wikipedia pages. The required standards are far higher than you can imagine.

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Posted in: U.S. says it will help Japan monitor Chinese incursion around disputed islands See in context

Ichiro_WeatherForecasterToday  08:57 am JST

How will Biden think about recent US action?

When Biden was Vice-President, 2 Secretaries of State, 2 Secretaries of Defense, and President Obama himself declared that any attempt to take the Senkakus by force would invoke article 5 of the US-JPN Mutual Defense Treaty. And with the bipartisan move towards resisting China's aggressive behavior, I would say the answer is obvious.

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Posted in: New York, New Orleans hospitals reel as U.S. leads world in coronavirus cases See in context

zichiToday  11:16 am JST


N.Y.C. should be sending masks, and ventilators, to the areas where its residents have fled.

I am still unable to find any articles or links showing your constant claim?


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Posted in: Aso apologizes for remarks about Japan's historical unity See in context

The Jomon were in Japan as early as 10,000 BC and were already living in villages, raising livestock (boar), fishing offshore and doing things far more advanced than one may think. The Yaoi starting in 200BC brought rice cultivation and flat faces along with iron. The ethnic background of Japan is far more complex than the outdated view voiced by Aso Taro, a big mouthed idiot whose only qualification for even being in politics is family and money. Japan's official history clings to the Yamamoto and the lineage of the Imperial throne. It is utterly one sided and ignores all the people and cultures that they conquored, collectively known as the Emishi (sometimes Ebisu). This extends to the present day Ainu population. The only thing this article proves is that Aso continues to be an idiot.

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Posted in: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 bil to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy See in context

zichiToday  08:48 pm JST


We'll see, if and when Taiwan declares independence. I doubt very much that the people of Tibet or the Uighurs would consider being wary of China to be "fear mongering",

Taiwan remains separate. Uighurs a very serious situation but not a separate country. Tibet is also a problem but I don't think China would attack and invade Japan.

Well you thinking China won't is about as valuable as my thinking they will. Neither opinion is of much significance. But I would think less of China as a threat if they were a democratic nation, rather than a dictatorship. Their behavior since we welcomed them into the international community and the WTO which allowed them to become the 2nd biggest economy in the world does not instill confidence. All nations are wary.

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Posted in: Japan wants 'sensible response' from S Korea over intelligence pact See in context

South Korea hasn't said or done anything "sensible" since 1965 when they signed a Treaty with Japan. No reason to expect them to do so now. South Korea under the Moon administration has chosen it's path, away from the last 74 years as a US ally. Good luck to the young brainwashed South Koreans who will live under North Korean or Chinese domination.

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Posted in: Abe urges Putin to fulfill 'historical duty' to sign peace treaty See in context

Japan is not reneging on the 1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty. If they were, why would the US and UK support

Japan's position. Duh,

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Posted in: Japan's hunt for minke whales resume in coastal areas off Hokkaido See in context

serendipitous1Today  05:34 pm JST

As whaling has a long tradition in Japan, surely it is only fair that the whales are also caught by traditional methods, namely, people in a row/sail boat without an engine using hand held harpoons to catch them. That would even things up a bit.

It is the whaling that is a long tradition. Even the Inuit who are are exempt from the IWC commercial whaling moratorium for "subsistence whaling" use motorboats with engines and high powered rifles. Then they carry the whale meat to to the village supermarket for sale. So even they aren't using seal skin kayaks and bone tipped harpoons.

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Posted in: U.S. still hopeful for talks after North Korea fires ballistic missiles See in context

They have always been in doubt. Especially after the pointless first Trump/Kim photo op meeting.

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