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Posted in: U.S. to provide Japan quake support See in context

So what other countries is willing to provide?

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Posted in: Woman dies after being beaten by 2 men outside Chiba home See in context

Where is the CCTV

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Posted in: About 93% of Japanese firms raised employee wages in 2022: survey See in context

This is a fact the Japan Government takes their people as fools

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Posted in: Japan to give Ukraine $5.5 bil, host online G7 summit plus Zelenskyy See in context

It’s nice to help people in need but your people in your country need it more

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Posted in: 1.82 million foreigners legally working in Japan, gov’t says See in context

Sooner or later Japan will be overpopulated by what they call us gaijins and there is nothing they can do about it

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Posted in: Yen strengthens on reports Ueda picked as Bank of Japan chief See in context

Japan’s Government really makes their people really look stupid with all their lies

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Posted in: Panel wants Japanese public to pay more for defense buildup See in context

Abe’s funeral

Unification Church


Giving money to other countries before His

and yet the idiot leaders of Japan want the people who are suffering already from all the crisis going on in Japan to fork up the money for the

SDF who are only security guards where they are afraid to go front line in any war that has happened only a few years ago..waste of money who would they be fighting for when their own people will all be dying soon

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Posted in: Kishida fails to shine enough at G20 summit to boost his image at home See in context

Koshida is a a CLOWN other countries can care less what he thinks and what he wants

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Posted in: Power-saving reward points worth ¥2,000 to be given to households See in context

here we go again the Government playing their people like fools

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

Japan always been a 2 face …when they need something from any country they are angels but after they get what they want the bad side comes and yes they are racist

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Posted in: Peace march held in Okinawa ahead of 50th anniversary of return to Japan See in context

The U.S should just give what the people of Okinawa really want and get out off there ..after let’s see what happens in the very very near future if the Okinawa people would regret and cry back for that protection …I have one question Do You Really Think Russia,China and North Korea care what Japan wants?

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Posted in: Ukraine evacuees to get up to ¥2,400 a day as living allowance in Japan See in context

The Government should also be that kind and help their own people having a hard time living day by day here in Japan

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Posted in: Hayashi returns from Poland with 20 Ukrainians See in context

Japan’s government wanted to show the whole world how they are helping by taking in the refugee’s from Poland and bringing them into Japan .There are THOUSANDS and Thousands of them at Poland and they take only what 20 and when you see the photo there are no MOTHERS with their kids that’s what they should start with FAMILY which Japan Doesn’t understand it’s slavery they want

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 15,895 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 78,128 See in context

Not enough test so the court will stay low…nice job from the government

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Posted in: SDF fighter jet loses 90-kg cockpit canopy in mid-flight See in context




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Posted in: Japanese abductees' families urge Kishida to resolve issue with N Korea See in context

North Korea can careless what Japan’s Government has to say Never gonna happen ever since the Abe Administration .Not now and not ever…

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Posted in: Suga says N Korean missile launches threaten Japan's security See in context

What North Korea is saying is what are you and your JSDF gonna do about it….

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan; more expected to come See in context

They were in a hurry to get out of harms way that’s how the JSD works

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,629 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 10,6033 See in context

It’s gonna bite them on their behind one of these days for not telling the truth to the people but then again it could be that people are not having them checked…

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,909 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 17,713 See in context

Suga and the Government are playing their people like puppets the way Bach played him and his Government ..

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 3,177 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 9,576 See in context


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Posted in: Suga calls on public to watch Olympics on TV as Japan eases state of emergency See in context

What he means is watch the Olympics on T.V. So the IOC can get their money that they are expecting for the reason to not cancel the Olympics no matter what the people of Japan say…

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 472 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,595 See in context

The headline of this article says

Tokyo reports 472 new coronavirus cases..

The Tokyo metropolitan government on Friday reported 508 new coronavirus cases, down 36 from Thursday.....

please explain to me this.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 448 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,877 See in context

Japan Government trying to make their people look really stupid to believe this...

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Posted in: Japan to donate $4 mil in food aid to Myanmar See in context

Money well spent again Japan (NOT)

take care of your country first so many are struggling here,what are you doing?

Everyone in the world needs help but prioritize your country first then after you can help the others in need.

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Posted in: 60% feel it is hard to raise children in Japan: gov't survey See in context

(1) Japan is all about ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥ without that here you will never survive..

(2) Japan is getting worried now that the population of Japanese are low so that would mean someday Japan will be over populated by what they call us (gaijins)

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Posted in: Suga repeats determination to hold Olympics as he expands state of emergency See in context


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Posted in: IOC says negative public opinion no threat to Tokyo Olympics See in context

The OIC just wants the money that’s all they are thinking,But if everyone in the world does not watch the Olympics which is the income for the OIC then what would they do and say...

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Posted in: Two different Olympic scenes: Inside and outside the National Stadium See in context

the International Olympic Committee relies on billions in television broadcast income

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Posted in: Kyoto families angered by new policy forcing high school students to buy tablets at own expense See in context

Japan is just getting more Corrupted by the Government.They should ask all the Big Business from their prefectures to Donate all the tablets to students who are required by their schools...

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