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I don't think it got to do with discrimations. I guess they do a check on your work situation, income, account balance, visa status. I'm no expert but Sumitomo gave me one instantly so did UFJ and Nicos. I just apply for them just to get the perks and points... I worked for 1yr as a contractor, applied for one with Sumitomo and 3 weeks later, i was shopping with plastic.

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Posted in: Softbank's Y13 mil diamond cell phones sell out in three days See in context

Now now....why so bitter. There are people who can afford these new toys.

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Posted in: Agricultural Ministry employee arrested for having sexual relations with high school girl in Kanagawa See in context

What is the problem with liking them young. She is of legal age...what is the issue? Is it shocking news that men like younger women? Women also like younger men. Moot point.

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