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Posted in: Saitama police launch new unit to prevent groping on trains See in context

How come there are no complaints about women groping men. Oh ya, men would enjoy the attention.

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Posted in: Bluefin tuna See in context

kind of like canned sardines myself. Or smoked kippers. Must be Canadian eh?

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Posted in: Tokyo Girls Collection See in context

and I like the other one wearing cloths

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Posted in: It's time to reform training systems for language teachers and consider comprehensive language education that covers both academic and practical requirements. See in context

Language education? Whenever I am in Japan, being Canadian, the little English being spoken there sounds very much like 18th century Old English from England. There is little relation to the English we actually speak in North America. Japanese English as taught in schools can be very difficult to understand. My wife is Japanese and the change from Japanese taught English to English English is on going and can be very trying for her. When she says somethings in Japanese English I have no idea what she is talking about and after we figure out what she is trying to say and I repeat her comments in our English, then she changes her words to something more in line with her thoughts and then I can understand her.

There is no practicality to the English currently being studies to death by the poor kids over there.

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Posted in: Based on how well they are keeping their Africa promises, some nations have been really dragging down the G-8 as a whole, questioning the relevance of this group. The irony of their collective increas See in context

AHH Bono, can't sing to well, however some nuts kind of like him...now he thinks he has god's answer to all of man kind's problems...some fools even listen to him. Maybe we just need to put our priorities in order and look after earth and the people first, get rid of dictators and those who share the financial greed ideals. Pick up the pieces and move on.

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Posted in: Obama courts conservatives with new faith program See in context

Obama courts the votes. Never trusted him from day one. What is deep inside the man is still unknown and that scares me..

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Posted in: Badminton uniforms See in context

wish I could see more leg.....

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Posted in: Power lines See in context

only if the 6 left hands don't know what the 6 right hands are doing..

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Posted in: Japanese swimmers get green light to use Speedo LZR Racer See in context

nude would be good...and I agree, maybe the female shot put could be done at night...in the dark..

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Posted in: Akina Minami See in context

I don't see the baseball????

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Posted in: What advantages does married life offer in an era of increasing divorce rates? See in context

back whenever...my dad worked. on fridays he gave my mom her weekly salary. moms job was to keep everything at home in great shape so my dad could work. Dad always thought moms work at home was just as valuable as his work outside the home. mom always thought her work at home was just as important as her husbands. they were married for 56 years and were frequently noisy in bed late at night well into their 70's. ( not arguing either). today if a partner looks at you the wrong way, one or the other runs away and looks for something new to eventually run away from. this makes for a very lonesome old age when there is no one left to run away from and no one your able to run to..

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