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Posted in: Burger King Japan rewards you with Diablo IV loot for eating five spice double cheeseburgers See in context

MoonrakerToday  08:03 am JST

Queen of the Succubi?

Do they know what a succubus is? Is this otaku fantasy?

I think it's the guys at Blizzard who came up with the name.

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Posted in: Company uses whale meat vending machines to promote sales in Japan See in context

rainydayToday  09:40 am JST

Maybe for the 60-year-old who buys some for the 90-year-old parent 

The way Japan's demographics are going, within a few years this type of transaction will constitute like 95% of all consumer sales in Japan....

Probably not. Elderly now eat whale because they had it when they were very young, but as most younger people don't usually eat whale now they won't have those cravings when they reach the 70s or something. As things are going now, it probably is a matter of time before the industry dies.

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Posted in: Intruders break into 2 homes in Ibaraki Pref, rob elderly residents See in context

Isn't it Ryūgasaki city?

Moderator: Yes, you are correct. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Posted in: Diabetic man dies in police custody after not eating for 3 days or being given medication See in context

Not only that:

"Camera catches police kicking diabetic who died in custody"


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Posted in: Japan WWII poison gas agents still scarring people today See in context

hooktrunk2Today  06:37 pm JST

I'm confused. The article says, "...there was no evidence of it having been manufactured after World War II" and then, "A can found at the site, marked as produced in 1993, indicates that the burial did not take place before then."

Is it talking about the same substance that made Ryuji sick?

It is. As the article explains later

Why the chemical agent was buried in Kamisu has not yet been clarified by government investigations. Some believe that during the chaotic years following the war, the substance was sold and eventually transported to the city.

If true, why would anyone buy that stuff?

A friend built his house and a well a few years ago (about 50 km from Kamisu) and was told by the builder not to drink the water, even after boiling. I guess they found some nasty stuff around here too.

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Posted in: Japan to push controversial mine for UNESCO World Heritage See in context

RodneyToday  10:08 am JST

This is kind of like the USA recommending the plantations in the south for UNESCO world heritage.

How were the pyramids in Egypt built?

It's going off topic, but



No slaves, it seems.

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Posted in: At up to $8,000/week, America's travel nurses keep COVID-slammed hospitals afloat See in context

Not only doing the dirty job but having to endure patients abuse too


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Posted in: Tokyo TV station skips ugly controversy over Mako’s marriage; shows 'Blade' instead See in context

I think commenters are mistaken. The article says TV Tokyo showed Blade and the picture shows TBS broadcasting the press conference, but commenters are praising TBS instead of TV Tokyo. Or did I misread something?

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Posted in: Report touts benefits of second jobs for workers, firms See in context

Importantly, the report makes clear it is focusing on workers who do not need to work a second job just for financial reasons; rather it looks at people who are dissatisfied and want a change.

It would be good to know the percentages. How many people do it for financial reasons? how many do it because they are dissatisfied and want a change?

As they talk about the second group they should do the same for the first group, but I guess they won't because it probably implies raising wages.

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Posted in: 'I can die': Medvedev survives extreme heat at Tokyo Games See in context

Will NBC/IOC take responsibility if someone dies from heat stroke? This is very serious.



"I agree that I participate in the Games at my own risk and own responsibility, including any impact on my participation to and/or performance in the Games, serious bodily injury or even death raised by the potential exposure to health hazards such the transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious disease or extreme heat conditions while attending the Games."

Players complaining about the heat (or Covid) is just wasting their time. They read the waiver and signed (or did they sign without reding?).  I mean, with that they were literally saying "Ok, if anything happens it's all on me". They all should have refused to sign something outrageous like that, but they didn't, so sadly it's on them.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,979 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,383 See in context

drluciferToday  07:07 pm JST

Up nearly 50 % compared to last Thursday. It's impressive how Tokyo manages cap testing at around 10,000 regardless of the tendency.

Not only Tokyo, It is a national trend.

I have wondered why there is such a strong aversion to testing throughout this pandemic and can't think of any good reason. It is a mystery that needs to be debunked.

I think the answer is here:


At first I used to think it was only the government trying to put its head in the sand (so the virus would go away), but it looks like private citizens and organizations think the same way.

"The ministry said many facilities reported that they would not conduct the testing due to concerns it would leave them short of workers."

In other words, "if there are no positive tests, then there is no virus" seems to be the logic.

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Posted in: Toyota decides not to air Olympics-related TV ads in Japan See in context

garypenToday  04:13 pm JST

It would be nice if the government was as responsive to the concerns of the people as a car company is.

It's probably because Toyota needs to protect an image that reflects in sales and the LDP may afford to have one more stain and still win the next elections. We will confirm this in a few months.

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Posted in: Data possibly doctored on over 80,000 Mitsubishi Electric systems See in context

Sindhoor GKToday  12:23 pm JST

If Japan conforms to the international standards of accounting and quality-testing, then 90% of Japanese firms will cease to exist.

Look at this CCP bot lol. Japan is a country where Quality standards are so high that these kind of lapses are a HUGE news.

This article is incomplete, so you could argue this was a mistake (or lapse). But the truth is that this was intentional, so it's actually a deception or fraud.



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Posted in: Toshiba's No. 2 shareholder calls for immediate resignation of chairman, 3 directors See in context

With a 7.2% stake they have as much chances of calling an EGM, or a GM and then pass a Resolution calling for the Directors to resign, as Peppa pig flying.

I say to Toshiba:

a) Ignore them;

b) Send them packing

Keep Japan Japanese.

Peeping_TomToday 07:04 pm JST is right, they should've kept it Japanese and let it go bankupt instead of saving it by letting in foreigner investors and their money... It happened with Nissan, it's happening with Toshiba and will probably happen with another J.Corp. Foreigner investors should've learnt by now how it's done here.

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Posted in: Major Japanese newspaper Asahi calls for Olympic cancelation See in context

japan must continue with olympic! it is symbol of hope for to BEATING coronavirus!

I think too the Olympics must go on, not to show a symbol of whatever they pretend it to be, but to show to the Japanese people and the whole world, once and for all, what kind of people is running Japan (and what the Olympics have turned into). Maybe it will, finally, open the eyes of many Japanese as for what are the LDP's priorities.

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Posted in: Chinese rocket segment disintegrates over Indian Ocean See in context

Fake news!

Last year, the Department of Defense confirmed the reentry of the rocket at 1534 UTC, which is in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa.

Doesn't UTC mean "Coordinated Universal Time"? How can you locate a place with a given time? Don't you need coordinates instead?

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Posted in: Forklift driver arrested after hitting, killing pedestrian See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday  05:50 pm JST

How can a 47yr old not notice a forklift laden with steel coils in broad daylight?

The clue is here:

Ikeguchi was transporting steel coils from his company’s storage yard to a plant across the street when he hit Ito who was on the sidewalk.

The most likely scenario is the woman was walking along the sidewalk, and, as is usually happens, for a vehicle to leave a building or parking lot it must go over the sidewalk. So the woman was walking there and the driver was not careful enough to stop and look before going over the sidewalk. At my workplace drivers stop briefly and hit the horn to warn people who may be about to cross.

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Posted in: Suga thanks public for coping with virus restrictions; asks for continuing cooperation See in context

FiddlersToday  07:48 am JST

Really, don't think anyone believes this.

At least my Japanese coworker in his early 20s does. "Coronavirus is almost over" he says, referring to the few number of infections we see everyday on the news, so he usually goes out with his friends on weekends. Before the pandemic we would go out and eat ramen, so he is asking me to go again. "No until we get vaccinated" I tell him.

And I don't blame him, he (as probably many more Japanese) has a blind faith in what the government says, so he thinks it's completelly under control. As for me, I stopped believing in the government after the nuclear disaster.

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Posted in: Ex-justice minister, wife arrested over alleged vote buying See in context

Prosecutors seem to be concentrating the facts surrounding buying votes, I think they should investigate the source where they obtained the ¥25.5million they paid out to buy the votes!

From the ldp headquarters, it seems

The LDP headquarters offered an unusually large amount of 150 million yen to Kawai's camp during the campaign and prosecutors are examining whether cash was drawn from the fund and given to supporters during the campaign.


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Posted in: Japanese tourist imprisoned in Australia over child porn possession See in context

Is it common practice for Customs to check on travellers smartphones?

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Posted in: Koike asks Tokyo restaurants, pubs to shut by 8 p.m. See in context

I thought it was up to each prefecture the way they handled the SoE, but it looks like the government has the last word.

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Posted in: Japan deploys new Aegis destroyer See in context

Not sure if she is equipped with sea to surface missiles so probably would have a difficult time “putting the hammer down” on the DPRK or anyone.

It has Anti-ship, Anti-submarine and Anti-aircraft capabilities, besides being able to carry rail guns and laser point-defense systems under development.



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Posted in: Outbreak, economic ills dim luster of Japan's Olympic year See in context

The coronavirus crisis hit home just as Abe's supporters were gearing up to try to change the rules to allow him a fourth three-year term after his current term ends next year.

Last year Abe said “Seeking a fourth term is prohibited by a party regulation. It is a matter of course to abide by the rule” after Nikai said a fourth term for Abe as head of the party was “fully possible.” Can´t help but to think about how Xi became president for life in China.

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Posted in: In U.S., diabetics turn to black market or Canada for life-saving insulin See in context

There's an interesting video about this.


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Posted in: Japanese TV networks to begin online streaming to entice younger viewers See in context

> Do the hustleToday  06:51 am JST

Public broadcaster NHK has said it will begin streaming its programs online from April.

Good old NHK jumping in first. This will mean that anybody with access to the internet will be made to pay their extortion fees. How wonderful!

There's a chance that won't happen:

"NHK has indicated it doesn't intend to collect viewer fees from people who have an internet connection but no television once the new simultaneous service is launched."


But who knows, they may change their minds later when they feel they want more money from us.

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmakers to float idea of issuing digital currency See in context

How did Amari's bribery case end up? I thought I his career would be over after that.

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Posted in: Illicit trade of otters via social networking on the rise See in context

There are several otter channels in Youtube, and there's an interesting documentary about this topic.


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Posted in: Post-meal waste at Japanese sushi restaurant sparks controversy online See in context

Agung NurcahyoToday  12:39 pm JST

it’s sushi restaurant the main part of sushi is the rice, you can change the topping or even the wasabi, but what make it call sushi is the rice. If you take the rice, that’s not sushi and that restaurant not sushi restaurant.

Sushi restaurants like Hamazushi, Uobei, Sushiro, Kurasushi, (naming the ones around my place) offer different kinds of soups (misoshiru, tonjiru, ramen), fried chicken, french fries, tempura, salad, takoyaki and even burgers. So if they can offer all of that and still be a sushi restaurant, surely they can offer sushi without rice (or sashimi).

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Posted in: Still no trace of 7-year-old girl missing after one week; volunteer searcher also missing See in context

There is an app called what3words that would help emergency services find the lost rescuer. If the lost rescuer has his smartphone (with signal and gps) he can install the app and give someone the 3 words combination. Each combination of words is related to a specific point of 3 by 3 meters in the world.

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Posted in: Welcome to Shikoku, awarded 2nd place in Lonely Planet’s 'Best in Asia Pacific' See in context

The dog fighting's scene is not cool either.

I thought you were joking (at best) with dog fights in Japan. Then I found this:


With laws protecting pets, I would have never imagined dog fighting was legal here (well, legal in 42 of the 47 prefectures).

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