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Posted in: Amazon Japan announces locker delivery service at train stations and convenience stores See in context

Amazon could change some of it's rules to ease the burden on drivers.

For example, you can not choose a date/time if you are not a prime member, but if the first attempt of delivery fails, then you can choose a date and time for the redelivery.  Doing that from the beginning could have saved the driver from wasting time.

Another thing they could change is allowing the customer to choose a different location for subscriptions. I always ask Amazon to deliver to the nearest Yamato Transport center, so I can go when I come back from work and they don't waste time coming when I'm out.  When you are subscribed to any item, you can't choose a konbini or delivery center, so there's a chance the driver will come when I'm not at home.

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Posted in: This method is easy to understand and will not create a sense of unfairness among customers. See in context

And about the points scheme, in the same article:

"On a government program to reward points to shoppers when they pay for goods or services using cashless systems, another measure aimed at cushioning the impact of the tax hike, major convenience stores plan to show on receipts whether such points were given for customer convenience.

Instead of giving points for later use, all four major convenience store operators are mulling a system in which points gained from purchase of a product will be used to discount the item at the time of the purchase.

“This would be convenient for customers and help ensure fairness,” an official of FamilyMart Co., one of the four firms, said."

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Posted in: This method is easy to understand and will not create a sense of unfairness among customers. See in context

Several other chains will do the same


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Posted in: Tokyo’s amazing 2D Cafe looks like an illustration, but it’s an actual restaurant you can eat in See in context

I like the contrast between the furniture and the food/drink. Cool!

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Posted in: 15 rude things not to do on trains in Japan See in context

I think it depends on the line . I remember using the Joban Line where the smell of booze and dried squid was the norm.

It was on the Joban line too where an older guy sitting in front of me got off the train during one of those long stops and brought a cup of alcohol. I was surprised when he started drinking it and shocked when he spilled it all over me and the lady sitting next to me. From that day on, I move if someone next or in front of me starts drinking.

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Posted in: 46-year-old 'hikikomori' arrested for leaving mother’s dead body inside house for over a year See in context

doushitedaro12Today  04:19 pm JST

I can see the typical JT comments coming: "He did it to receive her pension".

Actually, even the writer says that.

Like most hikikomori, Hisataka was unemployed, living off his parent’s pension money. If that were to go away, he would’ve had no other way to continue his lifestyle, so in his twisted mind it wasn’t even a decision.

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Posted in: Woman sues after hospital where she works publicly reveals she transitioned gender See in context

She changed her gender status to female on her official family register in 2004.

She started working as a nursing assistant at the hospital in October 2013 and was urged by her superior to disclose her birth-assigned gender.

Is it necessary to tell your employer about a gender status change?

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Posted in: Meet Ibaraki Prefecture’s virtual YouTuber representative Hiyori Ibara See in context

voted as the least most attractive of the 47 prefectures in Japan.

I feel Saitama is less attractive than Ibaraki. Lake Kasumigaura is pretty nice on sunny days.

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Posted in: Abe reportedly considering visit to Iran in mid-June See in context


"Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is considering a visit to Iran as early as mid-June, NHK national television said on Friday"


"Iran said the visit was unlikely in the near future."

"Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi was quoted as saying by state media that President Hassan Rouhani had invited Abe to Tehran "a while ago, and he replied he will visit at an appropriate time.

"Some published reports are far from reality and have no credibility," Mousavi added.

Asked about the state of preparations for such a visit, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga also denied the NHK report."

Looks like he's not going. Not in the near future, at least.

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Posted in: 50 children saved after police bust pedophile website: Interpol See in context

There's a good old Australian name, NOT! It doesn't say if he was an Australian citizen though. My guess is he is one the recent beneficiaries of Australia's Open Immigration policy.

Some more info on him and his sentence:


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Posted in: 2 AI robots guide visitors during test trial at Tokyo Station See in context

A friend of mine works at a Softbank shop where they have a Pepper robot and they said it's turned off pretty much all the time with an "out of order" sign hung over it, because the voice is so incredibly annoying.

They have one at my local Hamazushi (like the one on the video). Personally, I prefer the previous touch screen. It did the same things, but in a discreet way.


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Posted in: Fast-food chain Yoshinoya to sell beef bowl without rice See in context

Maybe Sukiya will follow suit and add something like this to their menu if Yoshinoya shows it's successful?

Sukiya has has something like that for quite some time. I think it's salad and tofu instead of rice


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Posted in: Gov't considers amnesty in honor of emperor's enthronement See in context

Some more information on the 1989 amnesty


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Posted in: Sadako from 'The Ring' makes it onto list of 100 Japanese People the World Respects See in context

Who do they ask to make the picks?

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Posted in: 1st exam held in Japan for foreigners seeking new work visa See in context

Canada and Australia are among the popular destinations for Filipino nurses as they can earn salaries several times higher than here.

But Japan is a country that highly qualified nurses would have little interest in primarily due to the low pay, according to Tetsuya Ishikawa, a Japanese who works for a job placement agency in Manila.


Looks like they will have to improve wages and not only visa requirements if they really want to address the workers shortage.

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Posted in: Gov't asks public to check hospital schedules before 10-day holiday See in context

Some, however, have chosen to halt all services except emergency care to allow doctors some time off.

If doctors (and all of the personnel) take holidays through the year by turns then hospitals probably wouldn't need to close...

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Posted in: Major showbiz agencies urged to address long working hours See in context

a labor standards inspection office in Tokyo recognized in January 2014 that the company had its employees, including managers of EXILE, work up to 500 hours per month.

So, they have been urged when, now? back then? Urging those companies 5 years after the problem is found is, well, "a little" late.

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Posted in: Chinese group to get control of Japan Display after $2.1 billion bailout See in context

Alex80Apr. 13  10:09 pm JST

@rkom76: It looks to me they needed to expand their clients, relying mainly on Apple was a mistake. It has nothing to do with technology.

Of course I agree. In my first post I wrote

OLED has been practical since 1987, and in the market since 2009. The new Japan Display's factory was built around 2016. They do need to start looking ahead, otherwise competitors will just leave them behind.

which has to do with this:

Previous rumors have suggested Apple was willing to pay as much as $1.7 billion for the new plant. Foxconn has also invested heavily in Apple displays by recently spending $2.6 billion on an OLED factory for Apple Watch and iPhone displays. Apple has not been officially announced as Japan Display’s partner, but sources say Apple will invest an unspecified amount in the plant to help the Japanese screen maker become it’s number one supplier.


And that's from 2015. The interesting part is that, while JD was investing in a LCD plant, Foxconn was investing in an OLED plant. Having your competitor building a new plant that will supply screens for all models of iphones, while you are building a plant that will make screens for only one model means he is looking ahead and you will be left behind.

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Posted in: Chinese group to get control of Japan Display after $2.1 billion bailout See in context

Alex80Today  09:03 pm JST

@rkome76: China wouldn't buy a Company that is "left behind", actually they bought a Company that can give them a competitive advantage thanks to a good know how.

It seems their good know how didn't prevent this

Japan Display expects to post its fifth straight year of net losses in the year ending this month

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Posted in: Chinese group to get control of Japan Display after $2.1 billion bailout See in context

The bailout comes as sales of new iPhone models - many of which use newer organic light-emitting displays (OLED) - have left Japan Display’s new factory that makes liquid crystal display (LCD) panels running at half capacity.

I remember reading somewhere, citing a Japanese guy involved in technology R&D, that Japan can not rely anymore on that approach of copy and improve, that it will be necessary to offer something new instead of improving existing technology. For this company, it went that way.

In 2009, Philips became the first company to manufacture an OLED lighting panel called Lumiblade. Philips describes the potential of their Lumiblade as "...thin (less than 2 mm thick) and flat, and with little heat dissipation, Lumiblade can be embedded into most materials with ease... gives designers almost limitless scope to mold and meld Lumiblade into everyday objects, scenes and surfaces, from chairs and clothing to walls, windows and tabletops."

In 2013, Philips and BASF are combining efforts to invent a lighted transparent car roof. The car roof will be solar powered and will turn transparent when switched off. That's just one of the many developments occurring with this cutting-edge technology.


OLED has been practical since 1987, and in the market since 2009. The new Japan Display's factory was built around 2016. They do need to start looking ahead, otherwise competitors will just leave them behind.

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Posted in: Amazon Japan raises Prime membership fee for first time in 11 years See in context

Just curious, do people still find the reviews reliable anymore? Also, some items you can find cheaper at your local DIY shop. Amazon Japan is convenient, but not always cheaper

I find it reliable but I read first the unfavorable comments. A few times I had the same bad experience as those users.

And yes, sometimes it's not cheaper (even without Prime and with free shipping)

I usually pick up at the nearest Kuroneko office to spare them the cost of comming in vain (since I usually I'm out for work). What I don't understand is why there's a limit in size and weight for that option. Supposedly, the heavier and bulkier, the better for them if I go to pick my items up personally.

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Posted in: Japan slams WTO ruling on South Korean Fukushima food ban See in context

CH3CHOToday  07:10 pm JST

Samit BasuToday  07:48 am JST

Abe san should be ashamed in trying to export Fukushima seafood and produce

The issue is seafood from other parts of Japan than Fukushima.

The article says it's

a ban by South Korea on some seafood from Fukushima imposed after the 2011 nuclear disaster.

and then it continues with

According to Fukushima authorities, four countries and regions -- China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau -- have maintained a ban on importing a broad range of locally-produced foods.

so the problem seems to be only the Fukushima produce/seafood.

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Posted in: Suzuki reappointed Olympics minister after Sakurada resigns See in context

Why was Suzuki replaced as Olympics minister in the first place? If it was performance or more "gaffes" then he wouldn't be repeating the post...

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Posted in: Prosecutors to reopen probe over murky state land sale See in context

The Osaka No. 1 Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution said in its decision dated March 15 that it was "unjust" that prosecutors decided not to indict Nobuhisa Sagawa 

I usually hear that prosecutors only go after cases they think they can win. Maybe they think this case is just unwinnable for reasons they know...

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Posted in: Swastikas and statues: Southeast Asia's fixation with Nazi iconography See in context

Who is the women in the photo with that round thing on her head? And how does that relate to this article?

"Thai teen idol Pitchayapa "Namsai" Natha caused outrage when she was filmed rehearsing wearing a t-shirt with a Nazi swastika" is the photo caption.

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Posted in: Ex-execs convicted of bribery in Japan's 1st case involving plea deal See in context

The Tokyo District Court ordered a sentence of 18 months in prison for Fuyuhiko Nishikida, 63, and 16 months for Yoshiki Tsuji, 57.

I was surprised reading that part. "Finally", I thought. But then

Both of their sentences were suspended for three years.

I guess I got surprised too soon.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven store owners submit request for shorter business hours See in context

Speaking of 7-Eleven and the problems between the franchise and the franchisees:


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Posted in: As medical costs mount, Japan to weigh cost-effectiveness in setting drug prices See in context

Scratch the surface and you will see why. Japanese doctors are loath to proscribe medications that can "cure" a patient in one visit! Get an ear infection here and see how many times it takes to go to the doctor to get cured! You'd be shocked!

Before I was enrolled to the shakai hoken, my dental visits used to be 1 or 2 times for a treatment. After enrolling, those visits increased 3x. The dentist told me that's the way the insurance works. Looks like it's the same with every other treatment here in Japan.

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Posted in: Under-fire mayor resigns after ordering arson See in context

You go and start a fire today and get arrested! Burn it! No joke! Go and destroy the building now!

More than vigorous and gutsy sounds like a mafia boss. I don't think those are the leaders Japan needs.

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Posted in: Mayor apologizes for verbally abusing senior city official See in context

Please read that again, then take a look at your calendar too. Mine says today's date is January 30th 2019.

Maybe you need to buy a new one?

My bad. For some reason I read 2018...

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