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But keep in mind that  US citizens voted to make this "expert" their president. What does this say about US voters? The blind leading the blind.

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We need someone to expose the lies of our government, we need someone to expose the murderous tactics of Washington.

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Kim, keep going as its the only way to retain your sovereignty. All nations need nuclear if they don't want to be subservient to Washington.

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"to discuss trade and efforts to contain North Korea's nuclear program". What about discussing the containment of the US nuclear program, the Israeli nuclear program, US aggression and global domination.

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Iraq 2.0. Lets get this over and done with. It will only take one nuclear missile to reach NY or Washington, before the citizens of the US realise what a warmongering government they have. Until the US voters take control of their government, the government they pay, they will have no peace. Eternal fear, constant anxiety is what, not just the US, but the globe must suffer until the tail stops wagging the dog. Now is the time for the nations of the world to act. There is no appeasing of the bully.

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" until the secretary of defense certifies that Russia "has ceased its occupation of Ukrainian territory" and "aggressive activities." What about the US ceasing occupation of Japan, Samoa, Guam, Iraq......

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. struggle to find crashed stealth fighter jet and its 'secrets' See in context

Ganbare Japan: "Find it before China or Russia do. They would love to use this technology of F35-A against USA and Japan or copy it."  Yes China and Russia always want failed US technology.

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The only solution is to expel US bases from Japan but, as I've said before, Japan is still under US occupation and  will be until the Japanese people vote for an independent government, one that does not report to Washington. The US bases in Japan only serve to further US expansion and global domination and the Japanese people are paying for this.

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Washington: Do as we say or we will put sanctions on you, topple the government or invade you. Oh, we cant invade you we still occupy you.

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zichi: A Godfather agreement: The US made an offer Japan couldn't refuse! The same agreement the Us made with many other nations. Can I suggest you read some American history? Maybe also the history of Central American nations, South American nations, African nations. Reading US propaganda is no substitute for history books and some analyses.

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Japan, regain your sovereignty and tell the US to take their base home,

After 70 years the US occupation of Japan must end.

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zones2surf: ''China wants to dominate Asia and wants all other countries to submit to China's ruthless plans". The US is the greatest dictator on the globe. Washington's policy is do as we say or we will place sanctions on you, topple your government, or invade you. Look at the US actions in the Middle East, Central America, South America, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Cuba Vietnam....

Really time to read some history and not regurgitate American propaganda.

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Japan, find other trading partners and get out from under the heel of Washington. There are many other nations Japan can trade with and these nations will not expect to subjugate Japan.

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More nations should follow suit and sideline the US. The US has only the economic, military and political power that the nations of the globe allow it to have. The world does not need a warmonger with which to trade; there are many fish in the sea. The world would be a much safer place if the nations of the world worked together and ignored the US.

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More countries should follow Canada's lead - isolate the US, refuse to trade with it and demand removal of US bases, this will lead to a more stable and peaceful world. Over the past 70 years the US has proven itself to be a corrupt cop, a warmonger and has caused nothing but  misery and death throughout the world.

Name one nation that has instigated more wars than the US in the last 70 years, name one nation that is currently involved in more military disputes than the US, name one country that has toppled more sovereign governments than the US in the past 70 years.

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Posted in: Iran's Khamenei calls U.S. blacklisting of Guards a 'vicious move' See in context

Miyam_Musashi " First, understand that no one want to conquer Iran. In fact, we want the Iranian people to take back Iran!".  If this is the case, then Iran is the only nation on earth that the US doesn't want to conquer. The US has done nothing but sponsor terrorism for the last 70 years - it trained and financed the Taliban and many others.

Musashi, do some reading of  American history and world affairs and before commenting.

The US will not be happy until they start another war. Half a dozen US wars in the Middle East is not enough for the US, but. of course, they will ask their allies (puppets) for help.

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"Can somebody name all the countries in which the US has military involvement at present? On how many nations does the US has sanctions on at present?" I am still waiting for someone to list them, not just down arrows.

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The US will determine who to have has their puppet and it appears that Netanyahu has been chosen. More Middle Eastern wars to come under US direction.

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Read my previous comments regarding US sanctions! More threats by Washington to put sanctions against so-called European allies and NATO members. When will NATO and the rest of Europe realise that the US has no friends, only US subjects. ANY nations that does not kowtow to the US is its enemy. When will NATO and other nations tell the US to go it alone? Alone, the US is a drop in the bucket, powerless. When will the nations of the globe get a backbone and stand up to US aggression and domination? Stop kowtowing to the bully.

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Under orders from Washington.

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Posted in: 3 American soldiers, 1 U.S. contractor killed in Afghanistan See in context

Can somebody name all the countries in which the US has military involvement at present? On how many nations does the US has sanctions on at present?

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Posted in: 3 American soldiers, 1 U.S. contractor killed in Afghanistan See in context

Simple solution: get out of Afghanistan. In how many wars is the US currently involved? Why does the US citizens tolerate a warmongering government? Oh yes, US democracy!

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That's the way, more sanctions. Washington has a weekly quota on how many sanctions to place on nations. Either suffer under Washington's  heel or we will put sanctions on you or topple your government or invade you.

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When will Japan demand its sovereignty be re-established? Do Japanese politicians need to consult/ask Washington about everything? Surely, the Japanese government is capable of addressing its own problems.

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Posted in: Abe to visit U.S., Canada, France, Italy, Belgium and Slovakia on pre-G20 tour See in context

Abe's first stop Washington to receive his orders.

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A rogue state like the US is incapable of mediating anything. Why would any nation accept mediation by a corrupt, warmongering administration.

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Another US designated terrorist organisation. Surely, the US can place more sanctions on some nations today.

The so-called Western Powers ( US puppets) and NATO will follow US orders and go to another war so that the US can maintain its global economic, military and political dictatorship. When will the world stand up and put an end to US imperialism?

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The US want total control of the G7. The other nations of the G7 need to sent the US a clear message that it is not there just to serve the interests of the US, it is there for the common good and if the US doesn't like it there should leave. Similarly for NATO.

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The problem is that the US has ruled the roost for too long. After WWII, the world gave too much power to the US and it become punch drunk, it became a dictator  and it wants to continue its economic, military and political domination of the globe. The US needs to learn that it is part of the universe, not its ruler. China is only just starting to do what the US has been doing for years. Look up how many military disputes, government overthrows and invasions the US has been involved in over the past 70 years and compare that with those involving China. The US even tried to control China.

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Posted in: Trump steps back from Mexico border threat as companies warn of economic fallout See in context

As I have said on many occasions, the US is only as powerful as its allies allow it to be. On its own, the US is just another nation and o more. Its time the US was told that its days of dictatorship are over.

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