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Posted in: The moon now has hundreds of artifacts. Should they be protected? See in context

"She suggests the creation of an international body to distribute priority rights, without granting sovereignty, as is done to manage satellites in geostationary orbit."

The US has shown that has no regard for international agreements. The US plan to annex the moon and space in general. More US military bases on the way.

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Posted in: UK calls seizure of ship a hostile act; Iran releases video of capture See in context

"The Iranians really are on borrowed time taking this kind of action,"

Here we go again! America, the biggest, the best, the mightiest. America will annihilate, destroy, flatten. But at what cost to America? How many  American lives will it take? With or without " boots on the ground" how many Americans will die? Does anybody think Iran will not retaliate if the US starts air strikes? It easy to be brave as an armchair worrier.

If hostilities between the US and Iran occur, how many American servicemen will be on "borrowed time"? It will not be all one way.

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Posted in: Trump says he is ready to help resolve S Korea-Japan dispute See in context

If Trump gets involved Japan and SK will be at war. The problem is Japan is under US occupation, so Washington will have to approve any agreement.

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Posted in: New Zealand leader says U.S. lacks interest in Asia-Pacific See in context

Washington's only interest is in controlling the globe, global domination. The less the US involvement in the Asia/Pacific region the more peaceful it will be.

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Posted in: Iran says it has confiscated British tanker in Strait of Hormuz See in context

"The Swedish owners of the Stena Impero said the vessel had come under "attack" in the Strait of Hormuz."

Under "attack"? Same has the British did to the Iranian vessel! When the British do it its "detention of an Iranian tanker" but if Iran does it its an "attack".

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Posted in: Abe faces challenge from U.S. plan for Middle East maritime coalition See in context

Abe will do as Washington orders.

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Posted in: New international moon race could define humanity's future See in context

This is a race to put arms on the moon and possibly other planets. Which nation is going to claim space, annex other planrts etc. Not long before there is talk of mining and exploiting extra-terrestrial bodies.  Don't forget Washington's SPACE FORCE, Another arms race in the making.

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Posted in: Japan may take S Korea wartime labor dispute to International Court of Justice: NHK See in context

juminRhee: " The ICJ needs the power of bench warrants and officers to bring before the court. Just like in Africa with genocidal maniacs, i doubt anyone would willingly turn themselves in to be judged."

The ICJ is toothless, even the US does not recognise its jurisdiction over US citizens, The ICJ is just another tool under the heel of the US, it uses the ICJ when it suits but wont recognise its jurisdiction. Same goes for Israel.

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Posted in: Trump slams congresswomen; crowd roars, 'Send her back!' See in context

'"he's personally "winning" he doesn't care if he leaves the entire country in a smouldering ash ruin.

God, I hope so.", said by bass4funk.

So this is the mentality of Trump supporters; as long as Trump wins let the country be smouldering and in ruins. These are the people that claim to want to make America Great. If these Trump supporters left left the US the IQ of the US would increase by 40 points.

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Posted in: N Korea says nuclear talks at risk if U.S.-S Korea exercises go ahead See in context

Maybe, just maybe, the US has the biggest, the most powerful weapons, but it will only take one, just one to get through to NY or Washington; are the American people prepared to take this risk to support a mentally ill president? Imagine one 100 time the power of the one dropped on civilians in Hiroshima landing on US mainland.

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Posted in: In rebuke to Trump, U.S. Congress blocks Saudi arms sales See in context

About time Congress stood up to this mentally ill dictator.

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Posted in: N Korea says nuclear talks at risk if U.S.-S Korea exercises go ahead See in context

More proof that the US cannot be trusted.

Kim. do NOT give up your nuclear program as it is the only thing stopping the Pentagon from removing you from power. Never forget Iraq and Iran.

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Posted in: In Iran, some take off their hijabs as hard-liners push back See in context

Has anybody noticed what the Catholic nuns wear in the Vatican? What do the Mormons wear, what does the Pope wear? What do the Jews wear?  About time they all modernised!

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Posted in: 4 Chinese ships enter Japanese waters around Senkaku Islands See in context

englisc aspyrgend: " building its offensive military capabilities so as to bully its neighbours. "

Why is it if China does it, it is considered aggressive, colonisation but when the US does it all is OK? Again, Japan is still under US occupation, its foreign policy is totally controlled by Washington. Again, and rightly, we get condemnation of Chinese treatment of Tibet, the Uighur and HK but no condemnation of the treatment of Palestinians by Israel, or the Rohingya by Myanmar. No condemnation of all the Islands the US has annexed to form military bases, over a dozen.

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Posted in: It's Brexit, stupid: The appeal of Boris Johnson See in context

Before voting for Johnson the voters should remember Trump.

Between Johnson and Trump, the UK will be squarely under the heel of Washington. Be very careful.

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Posted in: 4 Chinese ships enter Japanese waters around Senkaku Islands See in context

As Japan is still under US occupation, the US should become involved.

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Posted in: Trump defiant as lawmakers blast his 'racist' attacks on 4 congresswomen See in context

Can somebody say where Trump's  wife was born?. My understanding is that Trumps roots are German. Trumps son-in laws roots are also foreign. So when he tells people to go back to where they came from does that include his immediate family, including Trump himself? 

Americans voted for a clown and that what they got. Make America Great - a great laughing stock.

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Posted in: Leave the U.S., Trump tells congresswomen of color See in context

"let's look at Omar's comments about Israel our closest ally over the last 6 months''

What the hell has this got to do with "Omar"?

The US voted to make a mentally ill reality celebrity their President and  now they have to live with him. We will get a measure of the extent to which Trump and his supporters are mentally ill  at the next election. Will the US be able to rid itself of this warmongering, racist goon? As was once said; inept and totally dysfunctional.

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Posted in: Russia rejects territorial talks with Japan See in context

Ganbare Japan: "Those islands are Japanese. Give them back Putin, or there will be further trade sanctions on Russia. Take them to International Court for Justice."

Putin knows that any Islands returned to Japan will end up in US hands and will be used as US military bases. Until Japan regains its sovereignty, removes US military bases, it will be considered an American proxy. Japan needs to form partnerships with its Asian/Pacific  neighbours and start to see the US for what it is; an occupying force.

Why would Russia give the US more island on which to establish bases to continue surrounding Russia?

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Posted in: The dark new world of leaks, rumors and deadly hybrid war See in context

Once the UK leaves the EU, it will be totally under economic and political control of the US. With Boris Johnson the signs are on the wall. What was once a great and proud nation is now under US domination.

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Posted in: France's Macron announces creation of a new space force command See in context

Another arms race originally started by the US.

Now Russia and China will have to start a Space Force.

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Posted in: China to impose sanctions on U.S. firms that sell arms to Taiwan See in context

"And we will do the same to them, so China can expect more coming their way as well."

So can the US farmers. Make America Great and the farmers poor.

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Posted in: U.S. deciding how to punish ally Turkey over Russian arms deal See in context

zichi: "NATO and the EU have kept peace in Europe for 70 years."

Really, have you forgotten: Balkans, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia? and what about the Middle East, Africa, Asia?

The US has used NATO for its own military advancement, to advance its imperialism.

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Posted in: China to impose sanctions on U.S. firms that sell arms to Taiwan See in context

Do the same as the US did against Cuba: sanctions and use the military to stop delivery. China should take a page out of the US foreign policy.

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Posted in: U.S. deciding how to punish ally Turkey over Russian arms deal See in context

zichi: NATO is only there to protect the US and to benefit the US arms industry.

The US wants to pull out of NATO but still wants NATO alliance to purchase US weapons to prop up the US economy. India is also considering purchasing from Russia rather than the US and, again, the US is threatening sanction.

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Posted in: U.S. deciding how to punish ally Turkey over Russian arms deal See in context

Use the standard US foreign policy: sanctions and then invade and topple government.

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Posted in: China imports from U.S. plunge 31% in June amid tariff war See in context

Trump making America Great and the farmers poor. Vote for a clown and that what you get.

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Posted in: Trump pattern is create a crisis, retreat, move on See in context

What does this ay about the 40%+ of Americans that voted to make a reality TV hack their President?

This man is making America Great; a great circus and the laughingstock of the globe. This man will lead the world into another war and US citizens don't know how to control him.

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Posted in: China fails to buy agricultural goods as promised: Trump See in context

This is Trump making America Great!

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Posted in: N Korea vows to develop 'special' weapons as South buys U.S. F-35A See in context

NK has the right and, in fact, an obligation to have a defence system, especially since the US seems hell bent on regime change. Another arms race instigation by the US.

Kim, stay strong and do not let the US bully and dominate NK as they have so many other nations, including so-called US allies.

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