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Posted in: Japan to administer COVID vaccine soon to children aged under 12 See in context

This is an awful decision that will come back to haunt Big Pharma and the politicians. But hey, got get those profits while you can, right?

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Posted in: Kishida calls for aggressive wage hikes in push for wealth redistribution See in context

This guy is no conservative. More like a Marxist following the WEF and Klaus Schwab's agenda. Any government using the words "wealth redistribution" is a puppet of communism.

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Posted in: Djokovic adopts wait-and-see attitude to Australian Open See in context

Good for him.

12 years is the average time it takes to bring a vaccine to market, so he's obviously a critical thinker. And while we are at it, Moderna created their vaccine in only 2 days.

Yep, he made the right decision.


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Posted in: Japan is losing its credibility among international students as a study destination, which could impact the country’s ability to attract talented individuals. See in context

Globalization is ending, so no need to live and work overseas. There will be some rough times ahead for all the G8 countries, since they are all bankrupt.

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Posted in: Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine works in kids ages 5 to 11 See in context

Really? For comparison's sake, what are the numbers behind that?

Ever heard of something called the internet? It's EVERYWHERE.

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Posted in: Man dies in Japan after receiving dose of recalled Moderna vaccine See in context

90% of Israelis are double vaccinated and are catching covid at alarming rates, much higher than the unvaccinated. Now they require people to get a 3rd and 4th shot. This will never end because it is not supposed to. Just because people were inoculated and didn't die on the spot doesn't mean that these vaccines are safe long term. No one knows and that is the issue.

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Posted in: What happens when the COVID-19 vaccines enter the body? See in context

Yes. That is the vaccine doing its job. Correct. What is your point?

Are you for real?? Ever taken vitamin D?? Or an aspirin?? Did you experience those kind of side effects?? These inoculations are extremely dangerous. They usually take up to 12 years to get approved, but because of corona these have all been given the green light under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Moderna's vaccine was done in 2 days? https://www.businessinsider.com/moderna-designed-coronavirus-vaccine-in-2-days-2020-11

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Posted in: What happens when the COVID-19 vaccines enter the body? See in context

They become spike protein and prion growing factories.

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Posted in: Shots give COVID-19 survivors big immune boost, studies show See in context

The fact the 50% of the people with COVID have already been vaccinated, should be a wake up call for people that the vaccines have completely failed. Gates dream (since he owns stock in all these "vaccine" companies) that the whole world should get vaccinated to stop the spread of this virus AND that it will eliminate COVID forever once everyone is vaccinated, is now a complete joke. That simply is not possible with respiratory viruses. They are different from just about every other type of disease, which is why no vaccine has ever been able to eradicate respiratory viruses compared to the smallpox virus which had no animal origin.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,884 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 12,073 See in context

It's interesting to note, there is actually no test for the "Delta" variant, so I am not sure how they can actually test it since they still haven't even isolated the coronavirus. Start thinking people.

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Posted in: Sydney lockdown extended by 4 weeks as virus outbreak grows See in context

The NSW police are violating every possible principle of a free government and this is the very excuse the West used to invade Iraq and Syria because their respective governments were abusing the accord on international human rights.

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Posted in: Japan to begin accepting requests for vaccine passports from July 26 See in context

Segregating the population because of a experimental vaccine is a terrible idea.

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Posted in: Johnson says UK must live with virus as he eases restrictions See in context

I'm all for personal responsibility where one's own health is concerned, but we're talking about a highly contagious, deadly disease. Since when do we leave it up to the individual whether or not they act to protect other people?*

More like the seasonal flu.

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Posted in: Uber Japan referred to prosecutors over hiring of overstayers See in context

Why would a company like UBER EATS, ever hire a gaijin to deliver food?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 337 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,418 See in context

If you have ever had the common cold, you could test positive for the coronavirus. The PCR is not designed to test this virus, yet government officials still use it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 337 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,418 See in context

It's time to open the economy. No more lock-downs. Masks, social distancing, and vaccines aren't the answer. We have lived with viruses forever and this time is no different. Keep the sick at home, but allow the healthy to get on with their lives.

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Posted in: Australia's second-largest city to exit two-week virus lockdown See in context

So every time there is a virus now, you have to lockdown a city or a country? Absolute insanity.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 235 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,278 See in context

What is the PCR cycle set at? Any above 35 and you will find anything you want to.

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Posted in: Doctor warns holding Games could lead to 'Olympic virus' strain See in context

Speculation. Let's have another doctor with an opposing view state what he thinks.

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria state to enter one-week COVID-19 lockdown after fresh outbreak See in context

You'd think human beings (i.e. politicians and medical experts) would understand that you can never get rid of a virus by locking people in their homes. And to shut down the world economy, which hasn't been done before in 6000 years of recorded history, would make intelligent people question said lockdowns for ulterior motives (i.e. Marxism and the Green New Deal).

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Posted in: Gov't considers new cash handout for needy households See in context

The introduction of Universal Basic Income = Marxism

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Posted in: South Koreans no longer need masks outdoors if vaccinated against COVID-19 See in context

You don't need a mask on outside. Vitamin D and a strong immune system are all you need to prevent covid.

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