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That's in Sweden, right?

Nope, we don´t have that good weather here, and we usually don´t use metal for our roofs its way to cold here. And don´t be fooled that easy by the media, its not as bad as they want you to believe.

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hahaha in the coming summer all huligans over here in Sweden wil convertsl to Islam, going to be funny to se

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Posted in: SDF jets scrambled 533 times in last 6 months to counter rising Russian incursions See in context

Its the same for us in Scandinavia too and other countries near the Russian boarder, wtf is Putler thinking? Take it easy, no need to break international laws just to provoke. its so meaningless, but ye Russia is Russia =/.

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Congratz to all three, LED is awesome! :)

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For the commentators above, have you ever been to Sweden? I guess not, what you both are saying is BS. Civil war? are you kidding me? Sweden is still and will be one of the safest places to live and stay in, we don´t have much violence except some places in our major cities (like almost every other country in the world). Look at the US for example, its way more violence crimes over there then in Sweden. In 2012 we had 298 murders and 1989 we had 274 (for the last 30 years Sweden had around 250 murders each year).

And by the way 99,99% of all Muslim immigrants in Sweden are not radical and will never be. And "GalapagosnoGairaishu" btw your "friend" is probably a narrow minded person or just lying to you. Last year there were 21 murders in Goteborg, and 9 so fare for a town with 550,000 people, that's really close to a civil ware (irony).

Immigrants are often not the problem the problem is the world, its changing for the worse, and its up too all of us to except our differences and help each other to create a better world.

Sweden recognize Palestine as a State has nothing to do with anything else then facts, Palestine is a state, Back in 2012 UN (United Nations) declared that Palestine is a state, so more countries are going to make the same declaration as Sweden now have done.

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I will support Japan this year cause my beloved Sweden did not make it through the qualification, がんばれ日本!!! :)

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear workers' life gets recorded as manga See in context

20,000 Yen to be working at a place like that is a joke, i make more then that a day and i am a office worker ffs....

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Posted in: Russia crashes out of men's ice hockey; Canada to face USA in semifinals See in context

btw for thoose who say that Sweden is not "stacked" with NHL-players you should look up the Swedish roster, 1 player is currently not playing in the NHL the rest is.

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“When I come into the house with my shoes still on, she asks, ‘Do you have any idea how many bacteria you pick up just walking on the road?’”

This is not a "western" thing, too me this is a generalization from the writer. All Countries of Scandinavia takes there shoes of and a big part of northern Europe also does it.

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Good day, -36,6 here in Vittangi, Sweden ;D

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Posted in: Don’t own a TV? NHK doesn’t care, but still wants your money See in context

Perhaps i am a bit weird, but I think this is not that uncalled for. We have had this for many years in Sweden, you need to pay the fee (~300USD a year) too SVT (Swedish Television) if you have a TV, Computer, a phone or a tablet with internet access (or the possibility to get internet access), a DVD/BD-player with a HDD.

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Posted in: Court ruling orders anyone with a TV-equipped device to pay NHK’s public broadcasting license fee See in context

This is kind of funny, we have had this discussion in Sweden for a couple of months. After the 1 of January this year anyone with a device that have the abilitiy to recive TV-signlas has to pay a TV fee to SVT (Swedish Television), before that it was only those with an actual TV that had to pay. The fee is around 350USD a year so its not that big but still who wants to pay for something they don´t use?

And over here if you buy any product that can recive a TV-signal the store have to report it by law. So if you buy, for expemle a computer or a mobile phone you will get a bill in your mailbox.

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Posted in: Swedes wins ice hockey world championships See in context

As a Swede i can only say one thing, amazing! :D

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I agree on what many say, amateur hour indeed. I am not from Japan, S.Korea or China and even i know about "Unit 731". Perhaps they should have a historian with them next time ;)

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Posted in: AKB48′s Yuki Kashiwagi sparks debate over 'vulgar' video See in context

wow this news article is way out of proportion. Come one its not even close to a porno ffs.

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Go Sweden! :DD

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Posted in: With no cash for Windows upgrades, local gov't to disconnect some PCs from Net and tape up ethernet ports See in context

I have been in this situation too. I work for a Swedish government and we recently upgraded around 30.000 computers from Windows XP to Windows 7. The hard part were not the cost it was to plan a effective uprade to Windows 7 and have the users understanding why it was made. Some here have talked about linux/unix dist´s but i think many companies and governments do not see Linux as an alternative cause it will probably mean a lot more costs in training there staff for a new OS that they probably don´t have on there home computer. And by now almost everyone have Windows 7 or att least Vista so the need for staff training aint that high.

This problem don´t only exist in Japan its a problem for a lot of companies/governments all over the world.

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Erik Johansson

You are totally wrong, recent studies done by SCB concludes that the support for the royal family is rising and the support for Crown Princess Victoria is higher then the King and Queen ever have had.

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Why are so many complaining about the high fines? You can do one simple thing to avoid gettning fined, follow the law.

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No it hasen´t gone to far. For example, smoking on balconys are forbidden in many other countrys, most Scandinavian countrys has even harder laws against smoking in public and where you can or can not smoke.

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Posted in: Americans gave $712.6 mil to disaster-hit Japan: report See in context

And the rest of the world?

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No nuclear power = No electricity

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Good for them, and hope both will have a wonderful life together. But why don´t gay marriages a legal standing in Japan?

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@davestrousers, you are a joke, did you even see the game? United played exceptionally for 55min then the red card ruined the evening for them. Real hade NOTHING for 55min. They even needed the ref to win. If that was ordinary EPL game it would have been perhaps at most a yellow card. And City and Chelase have better squads? bullshit all players in United are world class, there are few teams that can outmaneuver Readl Madrid for 55min.

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The US aint one of the top consumers of coffee per capita. US in 25th place. So 24 countrys have a bigger "coffee culture" then the US.

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Geir Lundestad is hhe Director of Norwegian Nobel Institute. There is nothing called "Nobel Institue". The Norwegian Nobel Institute does only decide who will get the peace prize. And as a Swede I am ashamed of how they choose candidates. its time to cancel the peace prize, or transfer it to the Nobel Foundation.

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@YongYang ye right that's probably true, or not.

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Posted in: Normal behavior in Japan, taboo abroad See in context

Its always funyn to read about stuff like this. And thanks too all the comments its made my day ;) We have some funny behavior like that over here in Sweden too :)

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