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Wuw and i have always believed that Japan is a well developed country, guess what even i can be wrong :/

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Still the world gave it a thought , nobody cares about the US version :P

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People should be able to dress how they want without getting comments like the one you posted. If you don´t like how they dress you have your free will to look another way.

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Posted in: Law making it illegal to download pirated music, videos goes into effect See in context

We have a similar law here in Sweden, We forced by the EU to implement it. The law has none to zero effect. The only one that have been fined is over government because they put it in to effect after the deadline set by the EU (7,7 Million Euro).

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Posted in: Man explains why he pulled knife on teenagers for littering See in context

Good for him, a knife is a bit unduly but i can understand him. He should have just used his mouth, if you use it wisely it can be as powerful as a knife. We have the same problem in Sweden, some are just too disrespectful. I always scold people that throw trash where it not belongs. almost everyone are ashamed of their actions and pick the trash up and throws it in a trash can.

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