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Posted in: LDP favored to win lower house election See in context

The LDP is set to win this time round, people want to see changes economically, mainly. And some would want tougher government on China and Korea, not necessary a bad thing, but it's gonna be tricky threading on thin ice.

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Posted in: Crime, Ospreys add to Okinawan anger over U.S. bases See in context

It's simply disgusting to see that the military personnel are beyond the superior officer's control. This says a lot about the horrendous mentality of the Great USA. How can you have the cheek to quote Okinawans local crime statistics as a counter argument? Are you out of your mind? ONE case of criminal behavior from ANY soldier is ONE too many. Shame of you American soldiers. You stoop so low, and have no moral values to talk about. Japan doesn't need you to terrorize locals' peaceful life here. Go back to where you came from, seriously, just pack and leave.

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