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Posted in: Universal basic income proposal by Suga adviser may be hard sell in Japan See in context

Show me the money!

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Posted in: Woman jumps to her death at Shin-Koiwa Station; 5th suicide there since July See in context

I think we need those suicide booths like in Futurama. The ones Bender is always going into. Barriers wont stop people from jumping. Maybe if they had a nice cozy suicide booth to go to to end it all we wouldnt have these constant train delays and PTSD people who have at see the aftermath of a train hitting a soft human body at speed!

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Posted in: Why do so many Japanese women take photos of their food at restaurants and post it on Facebook or their blogs? See in context

I take a photo if I feel like it, whether its at a 10,000yen per person restaurant or a local Izakaya. No one gets hurt and I have a photo to share and enjoy at a later date. You people who get angry about this sort of thing need to chill the frak out.

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Posted in: Anti-nuke See in context

If they took the money they spend on nuclear plants and put it into solar research/development I'm sure the efficiency could be improved. There's no time like the present.

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Posted in: Comments from U.S. Embassy and British Chamber of Commerce on radiation danger to Tokyo See in context

From the Australian Government SmartTraveller website: Because of continuing disruptions to transport, communications, power and other infrastructure, school closures and continuing aftershocks, Australians in Tokyo and affected Prefectures, who do not have a need to be there, should consider departure. It is for the same reasons that the Australian Government is authorising the voluntary departure of dependants of Australian officials from Tokyo.

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