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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,539 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 16,738 See in context

If anyone thinks these fluctuating daily numbers are to give you a complete picture of the direction this wave is heading, you're kidding yourself.

I'll ask the question I've been asking since last year, why is Tokyo not testing, at the very least, TRIPLE what they are currently on a daily basis?

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Posted in: Suga asks Pfizer CEO to bring forward COVID-19 delivery amid shortage See in context

Be thankful that things are slow. You will find out in the near future.

Oh wow, a time traveller! Can you give me next week's lottery numbers.

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Posted in: Japan births hit new record low in 2020 See in context


I’m pretty sure I read this news ... about 69 times since 2021 started.


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Posted in: Department stores, cinemas reopen in Tokyo as some restrictions eased See in context

Huh, didn't know the pandemic had ended. Gotta love the alternate reality the LDP lives in.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 260 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,793 See in context

Let me guess, from around 260 tests? lel

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Posted in: Japan to impose 10-day quarantine on travelers from India, 5 other countries See in context

Ah yes, more foreigner-blaming while the locals are continue to spread the virus at will.

Well done, LDP.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 542 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,261 See in context

I am curious what the betting odds are that the Olympics will be held. I say 75% likely they will be held. We shall know soon enough then Suga-san can face the voters in September.

Then watch him and the LDP get re-elected because the Japanese public: A: Turn out in terribly low numbers to vote, and B: have no spines when it comes to making mass public statements.

Oh, and C: Shouganai ne.

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Posted in: Japan faces longer state of emergency, casting doubt on Olympics See in context

Extending the SoE is pointless if you're just going to have the same lax recommendations that have failed with the last few iterations, i.e. asking people and businesses nicely not to go out/operate, and have companies continue to get away with not offering telework as an option, leading to people filing into packed train's every day.

And it certainly wont be worthwhile if testing as many people as possible isn't prioritised! Don't the government see that that what they've done in the past and even now isn't working? It's literally insane to keep trying EXACTLY the same methods and thinking they'll achieve a different outcome.

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Posted in: Cruise ship returns to Yokohama after one passenger tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Joke of a country. If they haven't already, surely now the international community will realise how much of a laughing stock Japan is on how it's handled the pandemic.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 698 new coronavirus cases; 1,043 in Osaka See in context

I don't know why so many people want to know the number of tests each day. I gave up being interested in that a long time ago. Whether it is 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 tested each day makes no difference to me.

I hear what you're saying, but I would be absolutely thrilled to see Tokyo test 100,000 people in a day!

At the virus's peak here in Melbourne, when there were similar case numbers to what Tokyo is supposedly reporting now, the city was doing 40,000-50,000 tests a day! And that's with a population about 1/4 the size.

I was surprised in the beginning about how Japan bungled the coronavirus situation, now I'm just angry.

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Posted in: Suga to designate Tokyo for stronger anti-virus steps as infections spike See in context

How about ramping up testing numbers to those being reached in third-world countries? That might be a good place to start for 'stronger anti-virus steps'.

This country's leaders at all levels are beyond an embarrassment.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 420 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,917 See in context

Sadly, I'm beyond making sarcastic statements about how pathetic the daily numbers are (both the testing numbers and the supposed case numbers).

It's clear the government has either given up or never really cared from the start about controlling the spread. It's almost certain at this point that there are multiple variants of the virus in the community (including the Japan strain, which of course has been swept under the rug).

I'm certain the Olympics will go ahead, but it will be the most sterile games in history, and once over Tokyo and Japan will have nothing to show for it. Maybe then and only then will the powers that be think "huh, this really wasn't worth it, was it?"

I'm also sure they'll get back to the Go-To Travel & Eat campaigns to revive the economy once the pandemic's in the rear-view mirror, only to realise that "hey, why did we introduce these economy-boosting measures DURING the pandemic instead of AFTER like anyone with a brain would have done?" Short term pain with an eye for longer term recovery and all that.

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Posted in: Springtime in Japan but COVID-19 limits festivities for cherry blossom fans See in context

When is the government, at national or prefectural level, going to realise that their 'urging' and 'cautioning' (basically HOPING) against people gathering in large numbers ANYWHERE is simply not working? I mean, I know it's Japan, but does anyone in power here have a spine? (Sadly I already know the answer).

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 335 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,280 See in context

How on Earth do you go from 340 cases from 1,551 tests, to 335 cases from 9,369 tests?! A DROP of 5 from over 8000 more tests? Has the Japanese public just been conditioned to believe that the virus behaves this way? Because everywhere else on the planet in areas where no strict lockdowns are in place (i.e. Tokyo), everything tells you that when you increase tests by 8000 with a base of 340, those case numbers are, without a doubt, rising.

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