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Posted in: After China snubs Japan, U.S. pulls out of naval ceremony See in context

It proves US is just acting like a elementary child

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Posted in: Stalker investigation squad make their first arrest See in context

I think there should be a similar squad for female stalkers!

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Posted in: Osaka gets snow in November for first time in 24 years See in context

Didn't see any snow in osaka this morning... was up at 6.30 am...

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Posted in: Kennedy meets emperor in ceremonial pomp broadcast live on TV See in context

who cares...

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Posted in: 13 dead in shooting rampage at U.S. Navy complex in Washington See in context

it is America's biggest business having guns, selling guns.... waging war! America is the worlds hell... we have to get rid of this fuuuuuuucking country! We don't need such a non-democratic country anymore!!!!

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Posted in: Triumphant Tokyo delegation returns to big welcome See in context

Liars often wins on this world!

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Posted in: Abe promises stand-out 2020 Olympics See in context

We are tired of Abes's promises! It seems gold medals are much more important than everything else?

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Posted in: Kim skates to wins women's title See in context

Congratulation Kim and Kostner!

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested in Okinawa for trespassing See in context

Change what you have control of and make this world a better place to enjoy for our children.

Are you saying we should get drunk, wander around in other apartments, punch some kid or rape some young girl, assault some taxi-driver? I'm pretty sure thei are not enjoying at all the art of live imposed by the US military...

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested in Okinawa for trespassing See in context

people act as fools in their own country... people act as fools not in their own country... American military should be in Japan for security reasons? Do you think people who wake up in front of drunken military guys in their own apartment feel that save? Pointing the finger to such fools is just obvious! And there is not JUST ONE US SOLDIER who act as fool!

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested in Okinawa for trespassing See in context

one moron, two morons, three morons.... there are too many morons now in the US military!

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Posted in: Island dispute takes bite out of Chinese tourism to Japan See in context

Ishihara did a "good job" for his Tokyo... I just hope the Japanese people will understand and not vote for such politicians again!

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Posted in: NZ joins Australia in court against Japanese whaling See in context

...and argues it has a right to monitor the whales’ impact on its fishing industry.

So they just should whaling on its waters?

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Posted in: U.S. military to begin patrols during curfew hours in Naha See in context

Nice! There will be even more military guys on the streets! Okinawan people may be very happy for this! I just hope this patrols will behave as they should...

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Posted in: Osaka to reintroduce Saturday classes for elementary schools See in context

I Toru Hashimoto should go back to elementary School too!

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