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Posted in: 1,744 accidents reported at child care facilities in Japan in 2019 See in context

A reason for the "spike" is that a more rigorous reporting system is in place.

We see the same thing happening in the marine and offshore industry.

There is a huge possibility that there are fewer incidences, just better reporting.

Our school calls us for even a small scrape or bump.

I would like to see the average per 1000 children incident rate and compared to other countries before pointing fingers.

Our school is doing a great job and is moving into a position that treats kids more independently.

There are just too many for one teacher and their aid to handle.

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Posted in: Lying down on the job See in context

The main reason for no benches or at least some benches but with dividers is to keep the vagrants and or loiterers from sleeping on them.

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Posted in: Man referred to prosecutors for leaking 3D map of Japan to China See in context

The data in question is quite more accurate than Google provides and is used for targeting systems that the military can employ.

Yes, it is a major crime to trade such data.

Nothing like a bootlegged movie

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Posted in: Anti-NHK party accuses Japan’s public broadcaster of concealing 'car-sex adultery' See in context

2 if the 18 minutes translated and this is what is brought forth...

Car sex and adultery .


NHK has more than its lion's share of controversy and poor tactics to cover and the Japan today runs this.

Focus on the power and sexual harassment, the scrapped news reports, the missing funds,etc and make a real case for the restructuring of NHK or outright refunding of it.

Or at least lower the fees to a reasonable rate of under 500yen a month.

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Posted in: Police, parents appeal for help in solving disappearance of 4-year-old girl in 1996 See in context

Just try to remember that 20 some years ago, as kids, we rode in the back of trucks, played outside daily unsupervised, didn't wear seatbelts or had no seatbelts, etc.

It was a different time to raise kids and places like the pachinko parlors, ball parks, game center,etc. were all places that we ran wild. There was really a thought that you would go missing.

It is just as safe now as it was, if not safer, but what has changed is the news making parents aware of the rare threat of abductions.

Just surprised that nobody here has hinted as to N Korean kidnappings.

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Posted in: Graffiti found on stone wall near emperor's residence See in context

Don't worry, the will use the peoples' taxes and bring this thug to justice.

I am sure that they will outsource the best cleaning staff and use biodegradable cleaning agents as well.

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Posted in: Company employee robbed of ¥10 mil See in context

Thunk about it like this.

Yout work at a shop that closes late.

The banks are closed, as a manager, you take it home for deposit the following morning.

Many people do this and it is common for this type of mugging to occur, usually inside job or an employee tells the wrong person.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for arson-murder of father See in context

There is something not in the story here that I am curious to know.

Was it abuse? Mental illness? Insurance scam? Sympathy for someone that suffered an illness?....

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Posted in: Canadian English teacher filmed hitting 2-year-old child at daycare facility See in context

My son attended summer school here 2yes ago and I know the instructor.

There were staff that were supposed to support him but they were lazy and he alone had to day care and teach.

Yes, he was very wrong in his actions then and in the past.

My son had no troubles with him.

This is a problem at many schools,not only private day cares .

The majority of the blame is on him, then o the stress that the school places on the instructors, and finally the parents of children that give 0 discipline.

I will not defend him, but I do not fully blame him.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed in multiple levels.

The good point is that it is not as bad as several years ago when a baby dies from being thrown to the floor by a staff member of a certified daycare center.

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