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Posted in: Netflix to launch in Japan on September 2 See in context

So what just like Hulu, Amazon and every other site the price will be double what it is in the U.S. with half the content.

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Posted in: 'Silver porn' shows 50 shades of greying Japan See in context

I just love this! In my country elderly people are thrown away as an inconvenience to consumers. You go Japan!!!! Forever young forever beautiful!!!!!!

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Posted in: Why is Japan such an unpopular tourist destination? See in context

First there is an overwhelming attitude in this country that anything old is dirty and worthless. I have visited beautiful old farmhouses in Shikoku and Kyushu asking the owners if theyd tell me the story of the house and allow me to photograph it. More often than not I find the owners are ashamed of their old house and say they wish they had the money to smash it down and build a new home. Almost every river and lake is clothed in concrete leaving very little of the environment in its natural state. There is almost no thought to city planning around cultural sites. Apartment buildings are built within feet of temples, advertising signs are allowed to be posted anywhere and everywhere including temple fences. With such a rich history you would think Japan must have amazing museums but thats not the case. Garbage bins are few and far between which leads to an incredible amount of garbage thrown along roadsides, hillsides, parks and beaches. Almost nonexistent WIFI and those places that do have it require a complicated sign up all in Japanese. Traveling between historic sites is a tiresome adventure with little to no guidance in English as to how and where to purchase tickets for trains and tour buses. Forget about information on discount tickets that`s like a heavily guarded national secret and again with no access to WIFI and very few people, including those who work at information booths, who speak English traveling here is often an adventure in frustration.

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Posted in: Is Japanese TV really as bad as its reputation? See in context

Awful! Absolutely awful. Everything is oishi!!! Umai!!! Sugoi!!! The dramas are the worst overacting amatures trying to depict attitudes no Japanese person would ever display. Its almost like trying to show people what society would never allow. I watch one show whenever its on called before and after. What`s needed are fresh creative ideas coming from young people. Wait! This is Japan. That would be impossible.

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Posted in: Angelina Jolie's 'Unbroken' strikes a nerve in Japan See in context

Its staggering how the point of this film is so completely missed by so many! Its not about what Country did what or who was right and who was wrong! Its certainly not about Japan bashing. Humans are a warrior race. We have always been and not one race of humankind can say it doesnt have a history of what we now deem to be extreme atrocities to its fellow man. We continue those atrocities today. I am often sickened by the fact that there are starving people in the World and the average American restaurants breakfast is enough to feed a family of four in most countries. Can we feed those starving people? Yes of course we can but we dont because there is no profit in it. Now that is an atrocity to mankind. Films like this need to be shown so that we can see who we were and where we should go. As an American visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki I didnt feel a million hate filled eyes on me. What I found were people viewing the exhibits with a shared understanding that we as human beings should never allow that to happen again. The war was bad and bad things happened. Its easy to sit and stare at your computer screen saying this or that but unless you have experienced the terror of war first hand you have no idea what it does to the human mind. But leave that alone. That is not what this is about. Its a film about finding within yourself the drive, the will, the power to never, under any circumstance, give up. Its about forgiveness. It`s about just how extraordinary human beings can be!

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Posted in: Vagina kayak artist arrested in Japan See in context

Ok where do i sign to end this madness? You walk proud young lady!

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Posted in: Chinese leader vows to protect territorial interests See in context

Moron! It`ll never happen and he knows it.

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Posted in: Obama inadvertently galvanizes anti-immigration sentiments in Japan See in context

I came to Japan when I was 17 years old. I`m now 48. Still I dream of the day when I can be considered simply a neighbor or even the guy next door rather than the gaijin.

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