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Posted in: Japan to buy stealth fighters, drones and submarines See in context

These disputed islands should be symbol of friendship between those nations involved. A nature enclave that would hold native fauna and flora ; not to be raped by greedy people, but shared for what it represents: peace.

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Posted in: China, Japan scholars seek way out in islands dispute See in context

China & Japan should work together to solve this problem, without any outside interference .

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Posted in: Japan sees record number of welfare recipients See in context

Could it be that -video game releases- are tied into the record number of welfare recipients.?

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Posted in: All November NBA games wiped out as talks break off See in context

Basketball fans' can now enjoy NHL hockey next month- check it out.

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Posted in: Europe crafts debt deal as banks take Greek losses See in context

Iron-y reserves will not float the Euro-Zone. The E.U. will not be satisfied until: every last stitch of ideology, Cultural diversity and Economics is put together under one symbol.

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Posted in: Forestry Agency to test Fukushima cedar pollen for radioactivity See in context

This will be something to follow. Tree's have been working to support life on Earth' in one shape or another, since the beginning.

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Posted in: Merlin negotiating with Nagoya to build LEGOLAND See in context

What would be cool is a LEGO park made from recycled pieces, or pieces acquired from previously used LEGO.

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Posted in: Husband, wife die after falling into pit on Ishikawa beach See in context

This kind of story would be better reported with a photo - of the place - ,were this tragedy happened.

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Posted in: Risk to global economy rising: IMF chief See in context

Rising, -growing- ... but no easy solutions from the proverbial contractions, that could shake financial institutions into a frenzy.

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Posted in: 5 candidates for PM promise to resolve nuclear crisis, revive economy See in context

-Any of the candidates have a background working in feng shui ?

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Posted in: Painful finish See in context

Well run race Kinukawa, however, look like a baby, who needs changed.

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Posted in: New Toyota afforestation project announced in China See in context

Sometimes people cannot see the tree, because of the forest; A single tree supports more life then most can imagine -see and unseen- ,because a tree works 24 hours a day, supporting and protecting the life that is on our planet. Thanks to Toyota of China for showing wisdom and investing in the future.

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Posted in: The old-fashioned way See in context

Oh' the wonders of nature, are endless...

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Posted in: First opal-like crystals discovered in meteorite See in context

A photo would be cool.,

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Posted in: 30 U.S. special forces, 7 Afghans killed in copter crash See in context

Thirty-one families in grief...sad

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Posted in: Markets in Japan, South Korea, Australia plunge amid recession fears See in context

Just an thought. Computers use many numbers and calculations; maybe the computers are trying to take-over.

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Posted in: China calls Japan defense comments irresponsible See in context

As long as there is, big foreign military bases in Japan; the country will look hostile in the region.

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Posted in: North Korea demands peace treaty with U.S.; Japan says too early for 6-way talks See in context

The weather is FINE; but with an increase chance of thunderstorms. Oh' YES talking face to face is a start to a better future.

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