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brianct, no doubt you are trying to change the topic of the discussion, or you are trying to imply that "Americans are just as bad as Japanese!", but let us put it very clearly right from the start:

The day that the mayor of an big US city publicly announces that those rapes were necessary, for allowing the soldiers to let of some steam, and the American citizens as a whole do not really disagree with what he is saying, THAT day the Americans will be as bad as the Japanese, and not a day earlier.

And this comes from someone who does not have a particularly high opinion of Americans.

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Posted in: Defiant Hashimoto says U.S. troops abused women during occupation See in context

And another thing... Since these women were supposedly treated so well (better than many are treated now in Japan apparently), and that all the ex-"comfort women" who are complaining now are obviously frauds... where are the Japan-loving well-treated ex-"comfort women" to defend Japan and its past great sex system?

Each time this topic comes up, there must be hundreds of women saying "hey, things were not so bad!! We got a fair salary and were never forced to do anything we didn't want to do!"

Right, there must be hundreds of them, right?

Well, where are they?

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Posted in: Defiant Hashimoto says U.S. troops abused women during occupation See in context

Oh dear oh dear, this is getting so ugly.

First off all, about the "lack of evidence"

Really? There is no hard evidence that women were really forced to do it or not.

The main reason there is a lack of evidence in general, is because Japan, conveniently made no effort whatsoever after WW2 to gather information on what had happened. Japan probably thought this was a wise strategy that would allow it to escape various kinds of criticism. Japan didn't document, and did not educate its people. Then, a few decades later, people form other countries strated to come out with what they had gathered. If only Japan had been more proactive then...

Seiji Yoshida a famous Japanese who,also himself was a Japanese soldier, said that there were many women who were forced to have sex with Japanese soldiers. But later he admitted that it was a fiction. (

See? This is exactly what I am talking about. The source you are citing is a communist novelist and ex-soldier. Behold, everyone, the kind of high level authorities Japan has produced regarding this topic!! Not even a journalist, not a historian. No, a novelist ex-soldier. And, more importantly, look at the conclusions that are made by this Japanese poster: "the novelist wrote fiction that really turned out to be partly fiction, hence there is no hard evidence". Now, where is the logic in all this??? There is none. Perhaps the Japanese brain loses its capabilities for logical thinking whenever this topic comes up?

It said that we are recruiting whore and that we will pay this amount of money and so forth. It means that they were not FORCED to do that job.

Another interesting one. So, they apparently put up an ad for a "whore". "Hence," this Japanese poster Kyou1 says, "there has been no forced prostitution at all." It's ridiculous. It's like proving the atomic bombs were not dropped because you know that the US was also in possession of other non-atomic bombs.

Next one:

Here is a document which reads that those who work as "comfort women" were treated well and that they earned money. (

From the document: "The nature of this "service" was not specified but it was assumed to be work connected with visiting the wounded in hospitals, rolling bandages, and generally making the soldiers happy." "On the basis of these false representations many girls enlisted for overseas duty and were rewarded with an advance of a few hundred yen."

A bit further in the document: "The contract they signed bound them to Army regulations and to war for the "house master " for a period of from six months to a year depending on the family debt for which they were advanced ..."

And: "The "house master" received fifty to sixty per cent of the girls' gross earnings depending on how much of a debt each girl had incurred when she signed her contract. "

And: "Many "masters" made life very difficult for the girls by charging them high prices for food and other articles."

So, this Japanese guy kyou1 posting here uses this as a proof of how well these girls were treated, and also claims there was no evidence for forced prostitution. Yet, in the link he provides us there is, in ONE document: false representations at recruitement, making the girls accepting a debt, and the "house master" receiving most of the income and charging them a lot for food. Now, what does this sound like exactly?? Indeed: modern human trafficking of girls who end up in the sex industry and can't quit because they have a debt to pay to the gangers that recruited them. In other words: complete and utter forced prostitution.

People, this is all from 1 link that the Japanese poster "kyou1" gave us as a reference for how well the girls were treated, a few lines after he said there was no evidence for forced prostitution. Can you believe it??

What he said is that I have to raise my voice to protect Japan from bad reputation which doesn't have hard evidence and that why only Japan should be blamed for having sex in organised prostitution despite the fact that many countries had also done it.

Japan has made this bad reputation by herself. First, she did horrible things. Then she did no effort to gather information on the truth. Then guys like Ishihara and Hashimoto showed up who offend and apologize, offend and appologize, offend and apologize. Look how many times we have apologized, say the Japanese, ignoring all the insults they made. What's more, the Japanese LOVE politicians like this, and keeps re-electing them. It makes Japan look like a backward country of negationists. If Japan had been more honest from the start, Japan would not have a bad reputation now.

Japanese is shy and doesn't speak out even when it is necessary.It's Japanese culture and it has good point and bad point.

Kyou1, you are not among tourists here. Most posters here are living in Japan. There is therefore no need to tell lies. Japan as a country has bad relationships with all its neighboring countries and one reason for that is exactly because the country Japan is not shy at all, but rather insensitive and stubborn, and has a high pride.

As for Hashimoto, he is handling this like a right-winger on the internet: trying to sound hash and straight to the point, but lacking in education and sense to convince anyone except those that are already convinced anyway (and are equally lacking in education and sense). It starts with denial, then pointing out that everyone is also doing it. By that time he has forgotten that he has just contradicted his original denial. Then he has to twist words, insert a fake apology that is more blaming the others than himself ("I am sorry that they misunderstood me" etc). In other words, this guys carreer as a politician in Japan can not fail.

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