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He is free to state his opinion.

Of course, people are also free to state their opinion about his opinion. My opinion is that he sounded like a salty old man.

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Posted in: Appeal starts over 2017 murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context


Indeed. Your way of thought perplexes me. As such, I agree that we are unable to communicate, so quit it is.

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Posted in: Appeal starts over 2017 murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context

Indeed. You said it is twisted. I said it's the people's rights to petition for death penalty.

If they see petitioning as legitimate way to overrule the judgement which say life imprisonment, that could apply to anything else.

You are very concerned about this, about what other people see regarding petitioning. I explained that petition have no legal power, as an emphasis that people are free to do so since it won't change anything in this regard. Why am I explaining that? Because you're so concerned about it creating a legal precedence(your words: "it will be susceptible to pave the way to the creation a legal precedence in the worst case."). Again, it will NOT create a legal precedence because it does not work that way. So yeah, not "out of topic", really.

And one more thing? I'm being civil the entire time here since I see this as a civil discussion. You on the other hand, use demeaning attitude. Just thought you should know in case you don't realize. Have a very wonderful day.

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Posted in: Appeal starts over 2017 murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context

Do you understand what a petition is ?

Sure, a petition is a request. What's your point? My point still stands: People made a request(petition) because they think and believe that this guy deserve the death penalty. And people are free to do so. You're basically suggesting that people should not have the rights to petition for death penalty, is that it? If not, then I have to ask again, what's your point?

You cannot just say "that's beside the point". The petition itself cannot be separated from the fact that it have no legal power whatsoever. You are concerned that, somehow, if the judge decided on giving this man the death penalty, it will make it into a legal precedence for "allowing death penalty by petition". That is a concern that is needless. Legal proceeding does not work that way. If this is in fact not your concern, then indeed, I'm wondering too if we're talking to each other.

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Posted in: Appeal starts over 2017 murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context

So you think it is normal to have 1.34 million people sign a petition to ask for the death of someone. It is what is written.

These people signed a petition seeking the death penalty.

So you're asking me personally? Then I definitely think it's normal. I don't see why it is wrong for people to want someone who did such extremely horrible deeds to be punished as severely as possible. You have a personal distaste of the death penalty. Sure, very well. Those people who signed the petition, does not. There is nothing disallowing people to state their opinions(which is what those signatures amount to) regarding whether someone should be given the death penalty or not.

Note that, again, despite your usage of the words "pressure on the authority", that a petition by gathering signatures will not change how a legal proceeding goes.

Not directly relevant.

Evidently relevant, seeing as how you're concerned that the signatures will somehow pressure the authority.

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Flute: That is twisted. There is 1.34 million people which thought it was a good idea to have other people death granted over petitioning, really ? Did they not think of what they were asking for ? So how many signatures do someone need to collect to allow killing? How many for rape? How many for robbery? Does it work retroactively?

No, this is twisted.

What happened is that 1.34 million people thought the perpetrator who raped, killed, and then disposed off the body of a 9 years old girl signed the petition to show that they support and believe the death penalty is fitting for him. You have to note that no amount of signatures are going to somehow "allow" or "grant" the death penalty, that's not how the system works. And there's no need to vilify this as if signatures can somehow allow for rape or robbery.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context

Since1981: In the good old days we could take a joke or criticism and move on with life. Never heard in my days "he hurt my feels. I need a support animal to coop with the anxiety of someone calling me a name."

Oh sure, the days when being racist or malicious can be excused by "It's just a joke, get over it", right? Those truly wonderful days when people make light of psychological damage as if it's any less painful than physical ones? The terrific days when being a bully or barbarian is seen as strength, aye?

Good thing it's just "the good old days". Or rather, good riddance.

Also, if a person's brand of comedy and fun require it to be at other people's expense, then they'd better be ready to accept the consequences wherein other people does not find it funny or acceptable.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context

So many commenting about "the good old days"...

What, you mean the days when people are free from any responsibility after discriminating against others? The days when you can drive someone over the edge, hurting them with your toxic, malicious words and yet somehow others would just laugh it off and ridicule the victim? Those days?

Gosh, you'd think people would get wiser as they grow older, not get stuck in some irresponsible teenage way of thought.

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No, the "people" don't want this bill to pass. As an Indonesian myself, I can say with certainty that this kind of garbage bill is only pushed forward and supported by Muslim extremists(the article tried to use the "conservative" euphemism, but I'll call it what it is, extremists), which is actually still quite less than half of the entire Muslim population of Indonesia.

This is hardly the first time these extremists try to push their nonsensical ideology into the law despite Indonesia being actually NOT a Muslim country(Yes, 90% of the local population is Muslim, but it is not a Muslim country by constitution). The most disgusting thing about it is that these extremists are hypocrites. They try to ban things like smoking, drinking alcohol or sex outside marriage, but if they're the ones doing it it's suddenly totally fine.

So yeah, hoping this crazy bill will be ripped apart.

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No consent = Rape

It's so simple and yet some people seems to find it so difficult to comprehend.

So calledly most perfect sentient creature on earth with full capacity for higher thought and yet some people still act even worse than animals in heat...

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Doest sanction even work against dictatorships where those in power do not give a hoot towards their own people and the people have no power whatsoever that they can't even hold any public protests toward the government?

It'll just make the people suffer more while those in power continue living lavishly.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese men admit roles in killing of taxi driver in Cambodia See in context

No murderous intent after conspiring about it, right.

What did he said during the hearing? "No sir I didn't intent to kill him. I just want to know if people living in Cambodia bleed the same like the rest of the world when fatally stabbed"?

Killing and then lying to defend yourself, what a scumbag.

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