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What I want to know is why science can land humans on the moon and vehicles on Mars and send them ( Voyager ) right out of the solar system, but they can't stop or change the directions of typhoons...

just try to imagine the amount of energy required to sustain such an idea. were talking exponential megatons of cooling. we could launch milllions of satellites with this amount energy.

1.3 x 10^17 Joules/day, to 5.2 x 10^19 Joules/day based on an average event, and the method of calculation "This is equivalent to 200 times the world-wide electrical generating capacity - an incredible amount of energy produced" source: NOAA

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All those ex-pats driving on an IDL, take note! Once you register as resident you must Apply, and take a written and driving test. Any one know the time allowed to make this conversion? used to be 1 year, but might be 90 days.. Police are likely to enforce this. I have seen police traffic stops occurring so frequently these days - creating revenue for the state.

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small inconvenience? one accident and all the trains on the line stop - I ve even missed a flight due to an "accident" - if I am in a train of 12 cars - each packed with 200+ people during rush hour - and a tain comes every 4-7 minutes - this is no small convenience... even if every one only makes minimum wage 30 minutes of "inconvenience adds up to thousands of hours - would be wise for the governmnet to address this more appropriately

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