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Posted in: Biden calls on Trump to 'wake up' to havoc caused by virus See in context

For one Biden barley knows where he is. I mean that is true whether you like President Trump or not. Furthermore, whay are you guys think Biden will do anything. The man has leterally been in congress for 4 decades and has not accomplised anything. Wake up people.

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Posted in: Bolton says Trump pleaded with China to help him get reelected See in context

People like Bolton are the reason American troops are always in danger. He is leaking classified info just to tarnish the President during an election year. I wonder how much the democrats paid him. he is disgrace to America. I also wonder if he is willing to publish classified information in a book then what other classified info he has spoken about as the national intel officer?

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Posted in: Young people turned out to protest in U.S. Now, will they vote? See in context

Hopefully the young Americans will show up and vote, but Black lives Matters and the Antifa looters and vilonet rioters can't vote any way as 90 percent of them are criminals.

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Posted in: Queen Latifah: Let ‘Gone with the Wind’ be gone forever See in context

The same woman who played a gangster killer thief in set it off. What a hypocrite.

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