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"The Tokyo Olympics have become a face-saving exercise for Japan, which has officially spent $15.4 billion to prepare them. For the IOC, the Tokyo Olympics are critical since 73% of its income comes from selling television rights."

While the IOC is apparently able to organise free vaccinations to all the Olympic-related people coming to Japan, the Japanese government has already lost face by not being able vaccinating their own people to protect them from virus imports.

The IOC has probably already taken, distributed, and used the income form television rights and cannot pay it back anymore.

I'm also wondering whether the government is dragging this vaccination out until they can buy the vaccine from a Japanese pharmaceutical company that has very good connection to the government?

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"Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's government on Friday added Tokyo, Kyoto and Okinawa to the list of prefectures requiring stronger virus countermeasures under a quasi-state of emergency."

The emergency is with the government. Japan has one of the lowest of vaccination penetrations worldwide. The government should realize that their slow reaction is the main reason for the emergency and should change their behavior accordingly - not change other peoples' dining habits. Who in his right mind believes that closing restaurants one hour earlier will have any significant impact. LOL, actually LOVL

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I wonder whether the report will mention the museum the team had to visit to gain their insights . . . .

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine; 4 ministers visit See in context

Does anybody here know, what is the exact difference between the '14 war criminals' and the other soldiers? Some may say everybody who goes to war becomes a war criminal - once he looses the war. Who declared the 14 as war criminals? The Japanese who went to Yasukuni today? They probably did not. So for them there is no reason not to go. However, already Ceased said 'Vae Victis'

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Why curfew at 10:00.

Does the virus come after dark?

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Don't waste your time talking with the red Mafia, CCP.

Talks are just their stalling technique.

After talking they continue to lie, cheat and steal as before.

The only thing they respect is force.

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Posted in: LDP policymakers say Japan should have missile base-striking ability See in context

I don’t think that NK is the target of the preemptive defense weapons. They don’t have enough money to send more than 1 rocket anyhow.

The real enemy to protect from is the human rights violator China who has already started aggressively to encroach on Japanese territory (Senkaku and Okinotorishima).

In a sense the conflict has already started. Japan should be well prepared to counter the threat.

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Posted in: Japan to lift virus ban on re-entry of some foreign residents from Aug 5 See in context

Btw, Japan is not the only country from banning foreigners coming back ‘home’. Same in the human rights violator China and some other Asian countries.

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Posted in: Japan to consider first-strike alternative to Aegis Ashore by October See in context

In this case the neighbors, China and North Korea, have already first strike capabilities and are not shy about it. Japan also having first strike capabilities is actually a deterrent.

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