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Posted in: Labor ministry employee power harassed by his own power harassment counselor See in context

Kyakusenbi_ArimasuToday 03:40 pm JST

Have any of you thought about possibly viewing the side of the so called bully? Perhaps this worker was a rel tart and a loser and did not work but rather complained all the time?

Fair enough, he may be. But not sure why

“Can I break you?” and “If I say ‘die,’ will you die?”

was needed. And it doesn't change the fact, that the bullying and harrasment is deeply ingrained in our society. It starts in schools in here.

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Posted in: Myanmar crackdown death toll passes 500 See in context

u_s__reamerToday 03:23 pm JST

One day democracy will crush them. The people united will never be defeated!

No, it will not. Because it will not reach them. People will be kept from uniting like in North Korea. They will never gather crowd large enough to face the sheer military power. If things go "well", they will end up, in the best case scenario, like China or Russia. But I doubt even that.

Remember when Aung San Suu Kyi was released from her house arrest and elected? How many people thought things will turn good now. But pretty much nothing has changed.

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Posted in: Osaka launches campaign to make it new financial center in Asia See in context

Seriously, Osaka is too overrated. I have lived in Osaka for 7 years and to be honest, it's the least appealing and one of the dirtiest cities in Japan, IMHO. One thing is to think Kansaiben/Osakaben is funny and make fun of it, one thing is their food is said to be awesome. But both are just average, IMHO. Drunk people at any hour, noisy people. Maybe it's appealing for someone who is just a tourist or set a foot there once or twice. But I really can't understand the hype. When we go there to visit our client, I always can't await to go back.

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Posted in: What are some of the strangest things you have seen sold in vending machines in Japan? See in context

Back in early 1990s hard liquor in a place where anyone with coins could purchase. No camera, nothing. Then, again early 1990s, VHS and magazines with very very very young girls. They could have been around 10. Not all were fully dressed. Osaka and Tokyo. Used ladies underwear.

Fresh eggs. Circuit boards

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Posted in: University in Tokyo holds entrance ceremony 1 year late due to pandemic See in context

dkmToday 10:10 am JST

Are the entrance ceremonies important to the point of organizing one the year after?

I never had an entrance ceremony in my life so it's seem totally useless for me...

Entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, mascots and such things is something we probably couldn't live without in here. Although each entrance ceremony in here is EXACTLY the same. One may say "but hey, it's like that everywhere in the world". No, it's not. See few on Youtube if you want.

At least, during the virus time, they could skip this one. Save not so insignificant sum of money on both sides and make the infection risk even lower.

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Posted in: Overseas Tokyo Olympic ticket holders may get only partial refunds See in context

HimariYamadaToday 09:52 am JST

and why should it? There is nothing in the contract that says Tokyo has to provide a full refund. If the Olympics were cancelled, the IOC would not refund the money Tokyo spent (15b-24b USD). Would it?

In most civilised countries, this is called fraud, at least. In here, in Japan, it's called "しょうがない”. By the way, maybe you should read the article again. It's about buyer-seller. Buyer-seller agreement is a pact between the buyer and the seller. Which is the end buyer who purchased the tickets and the seller who sold the tickets. Which is mostly some third party. Not our government.

Our government is always incompetent and can never accept any responsibility. Just blame always someone else. And most our citizens are just OK with that. Imagine you'd pay for a new car at your local dealership and you wouldn't receive any car. I'm sure you wouldn't be OK with that.

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Posted in: 23 health ministry employees party until midnight despite virus restrictions See in context

Expressed remorse for the event. Yup, that's how we roll in here. Few 90 degree bows, 申し訳ございません, maybe few fake tears, another deep bows, talk to the media and express remorse. Maybe reduced salary, but that's all what is going to happen. I even guess we'll hear the "we were too stressed and exhaused over the corona virus thing, because we are working hard".

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Posted in: Gov't halts use of message app Line for sensitive information See in context

The Japanese government has decided to temporarily halt its use of popular messaging app Line, owned by SoftBank Corp's Z Holdings, to handle sensitive information, Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said on Monday.

Let me decypher it - "The Japanese government has decided to temporarily halt its use of popular messaging app Line to handle sensitive information". Are you telling me, that our government used the Line app to handle sensitive situation? Security clearance anyone? Did no one bothered to read Line's ToS? Telemetry was no problem at all?

I'm speechless..

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Posted in: Japan eyes setting up site to recycle rare metals See in context

Hold on, wasn't such plan planned around 2005, 2006? I remember it was in the early 2000s. If I am not mistaken, the goal was by or before 2020. It ended by saying it would be too costly, some people were worried about environment polution in Japan and it ended up in China (if I am not mistaken).

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Posted in: Railway company employee arrested for voyeurism at train station See in context

Such people should have their full name and face published. And then few public cheek slaps by the victim or police.

If they have a need, they have ton of material on the internet. Anything they can dream of. If they need to do it in the public, then they should face the consequences. The justice should not listen to their "I was drunk" or "I was stressed, because of XYZ" or "I had an argument with my wife the day before".

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Posted in: Lawmaker Akimoto pleads not guilty over casino graft scandal See in context

Akimoto received a paper bag containing 3 million yen in cash in a parliament members' office building and said, "Thank you for everything," when he later met the firm's officials, according to the prosecutors.

He has received a paper bag and thanked for everything, implying he knew about the contents.

Akimoto's defense team countered that although the lawmaker was invited to travel, he paid the expenses "accordingly" and did not receive any cash.

Then why did he thanked for everything?

But he will be back. Now it's time to get off the public grid, enjoy his hard earned money and appear later in a senior position or as a guide, etc. He'll pull the "I didn't know it was illegal" card and will be fine. I'm sure, knowing our justice system.

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Posted in: ANA conducts COVID digital health passport trial at Tokyo airport See in context

samuraivunylToday 09:11 am JST


You have the right to travel????? Really???? In which constitution is that written ????????

I guess in their own sovereign citizen movement constitution. Or maybe The Turner Diaries.

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Posted in: Overseas Tokyo Olympic ticket holders may get only partial refunds See in context

Well, especially or at least for customers of EU, unless the seller has had anything like this in the ToC, you will get 100%. Especially if you haven't cancell it on your own but the seller or third party did. If not, banks can cancel the transaction or your card provider will. Our government may pull something like this on our citizens and they know nothing will happen, but they forgot that many citizens in other countries will not tolerate it. They have not received a service/goods they paid for. Contract of sale in most EU countries considers this as unjust enrichment by the seller.

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Posted in: ANA conducts COVID digital health passport trial at Tokyo airport See in context

WhatsnextToday 08:10 am JST

Liberals that support this are not liberals. This is an invasion of personal rights. Literally forcing people to inject themselves with experimental drugs to participate in society. This is exactly something the nazis would do. Forced experimental medicine. Goes against the geneva convention.

No, this is not an invasion of personal rights. Same as the passport you mention in your other post. You were issued a travel passport. How is that less invasion of your personal rights?

Great fallacy, reductio ad hitlerum. Please read the Geneva convention. It's belongs among basic education in many countries. The Geneva Conventions establish the standards of international law for humanitarian treatment in war.

WhatsnextToday 08:38 am JST

I already have a passport. I have a right to travel. Forcing me and my family to put experimental drugs in us just to visit our family members is inhumane and wrong

No, you do not have a passport. A passport is a travel document issued by a country's government to its citizens that verifies the identity and nationality of the holder for the purpose of international travel. The passport has been only issued to you and does not belong to you. Passports are government property, and may be limited or revoked at any time.

Travelling is not a right, it's a privilige granted to you by your country and the country/countries you are traveling to.

No one is forcing you and your family to put any drugs in you just to visit your family members. You don't want any drugs? Fine. The airline/rail company/bus company has the right to refuse you. They cannot force you, you cannot force them. It's simple as that. Forcing you would be like holding a gun to your head or so.

Michael MachidaToday 08:27 am JST

I do not trust this vaccine as of yet. I need to know it is 100% safe. However trials take much more time to know if the vaccine is safe. Having said that, not air travel for me until I know this vaccine is safe. Safety is the No. 1 importance for me and any company I come into contact with. Agree?

Good luck with 100% safe anything. Even Aspirin, which is with us for 100 years (and salicylate is known for several thousand years) is not 100%. Nothing is 100% safe. You cannot rule out all combinations of all aspects possible. If anyone claims anything is 100% safe, it's just a snake oil.

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Posted in: More people abandoning aging parents due to financial and emotional strain See in context

It's your parents. No matter if your relationship with your parents is good or bad, they are your parents. Never do to anyone else anything that you would not want someone to do to you

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Posted in: Bogus electrician arrested over sexual assault of teenage girl See in context

Stressed, drunk, wasn't aware it was illegal or not remembering things are so common excuses in here. Why they don't just shut up, instead of releasing such lame excuse for such crime? They hope they'll get suspended sentence?

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Posted in: Fukushima tries to update image with new multilingual website See in context

For a foreigner, who doesn't know that much about life in Japan and especially the "cute characters", "mascots" and overally childish presentation of information, this page looks very unprofessional. "Professor Tablet"? The music in the videos? The "anime" voice in the videos?

This looks like they've hired only someone who translated the webpage into all the foreign languages available, without any marketing specialist who knows about the difference between Japanese marketing vs the rest of the world marketing/presentation.

One thing above all - most foreign countries/their consumers want to present things just straight. In here it's presented in a softened way so it doesn't sound too harsh. In here it's not straight YES or NO, GOOD or BAD, etc. It would sound too blunt if one said it straight in Japan. But in most foreign countries, one will think like you are not comming clean and are hiding something.

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Posted in: From April, all price tags in Japan must reflect final cost with sales tax included See in context

This will be an excellent excuse to raise the prices.

Welcome to the 20th century. Oh wait.. In most civilised countries, final price must be written, or at least it has to be the most visible number, where the price without tax is required to be smaller.

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Posted in: Filipino in Japan forms labor union for overseas workers See in context

Look, the labour union is a good idea. Always. But not in here, especially if a foreigner has formed it. They will be pretty much ignored and frowned upon. And "said the woman, who goes by the pseudonym Maria Santos as she worries her union role may hinder her search for a job." proves it. In a civilised country, where labour union is respected and has the power to do something, giving you troubles in your job just because you're a member of labour union would be illegal and boy, everyone knows what a hitstorm will follow.

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Posted in: Indictment dropped against 17-year-old boy whose suicide leap killed woman See in context

Police initially sent papers on the boy to prosecutors, charging him with manslaughter

The incident occurred at around 5:50 p.m. on Friday, Oct 23. The boy, who was a high school student, and the woman were taken to hospital where the boy died about 40 minutes later.

So, it's been 5 months. They dropped the indicment after 5 months. Someone has obviously too much time on their hands if it took them 5 months. It's even more terrible for the families.

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Posted in: NTT Docomo cuts mobile fees, intensifying price battle with rivals See in context

I'd like to insert a sarcasticaly-ironic laugh here, but that would make it even more saddening. Over the 30 years, I've heard them cutting fees and such so many times that I can't already remember. They are very annoying to deal with. From the customer's side and then them being our customer as well at one point. They are just living off people being totaly unaware of how much are they paying for very little service.

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Posted in: Suga to invite Biden to Tokyo Olympics See in context

Wait.. Didn't we say no foreign spectators? Didn't it matter if vaccinated or not?

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Posted in: Russia wants Tchaikovsky music for anthem at Tokyo Olympics See in context

"Russia wants". There will be no Russian team at the Olympics if I am not mistaken.

Russia has no right to want. They can politely ask. That is all. They want to be seen as tough, but in real they just look like a school bully. Weak to the core, compensating for something.

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Posted in: Do you agree with the decision not to allow spectators from overseas to attend the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games? See in context

PerformingMonkeyToday 12:19 pm JST

Because you can still be a carrier of the virus.

Yes, but that is not what the situation is about. The situation is that foreign spectators/fans can't come here, but on the other hand, Japanese citizens who are residing in a foreign country can come here without any problem. Imagine a foreign citizen and a Japanese citizen who are married. They are taking the same airplane and one of them will not be allowed to enter Japan due to corona spreading.

I'd understand if our dear government completely closed down our country for anyone incoming OR testing people, but this is just a half solution. Heck, it's not even a "solution". It's just another erratic move

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Posted in: S.RIDE taxi cars in Tokyo will soon become moving ad galleries with new advanced window tech See in context

Exactly, we need more ads, more visual and sound polution to what we already have here. The more flashy, the better! With anime sounds, like in TV.

Like there was not enough of ADs, various comercials, campaigns and so on. Even inside the cab it's like a festival of comercials.

This is getting way out of hand over the past years. The situation 30 and 20 years ago was roughly the same here. But then suddenly it spiraled to such absurd level like we are now.

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Posted in: How do you dress and groom yourself for online meetings during the pandemic? Are pajamas, no makeup, scruffy beards common sights? See in context

@kyushubillToday 08:33 am JST

Shower, shave, brush teeth, and wear a suit. You represent your company.


If there is an online meeting, do as in the company. You represent your company and have some dignity as well. It's not that hard thing to do, you'd do that in normal times as well, while going to your office.

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Posted in: Teacher fired for installing spy camera in junior high school toilet See in context

He was drunk and can't remember things? Or he and his wife have had an argument? Or maybe he wasn't aware he was doing something illegal? I wonder which excuse he'll use.

But, anyway,

*When school staff reviewed the footage, *the male teacher was seen installing the miniature device.

Maybe it'd be good to reconsider being a teacher. I mean, installing thing like this and recording yourself as well? How dumb one has to be to do that?

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Posted in: LGBT groups want equality law in Japan before Tokyo Olympics See in context

Activists submitted a petition with over 106,000 signatures to Japan's ruling party Thursday, calling for an LGBT equality law to be enacted before the Tokyo Games

I can imagine the old chaps at the ruling party having a good laugh, several sexist remarks, maybe some "enlightened one" saying like ああああ、難しね. Then they will look into it and that'll be it.

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Posted in: Japan complains over U.S. military's use of term 'East Sea' See in context

How about other countries, sometimes even in Europe, who use both terms, East Sea and Japanese Sea? Is that a problem too? This is so childish.

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Posted in: Gov't opts not to resume Go To Travel program until at least June See in context

The government will earmark 300 billion yen ($2.8 billion) as reserves to support municipalities' own travel promotion initiatives until the Go To Travel campaign restarts, the person said.

In other words, the government will waste 300 billion yen ($2.8 billion) as reserves to support municipalities' own travel promotion initiatives until the Go To Travel campaign restarts and then waste some more money. Money that had been collected through taxes will be given back to municipalities. Of course, someone will stuff their pockets along the way, new documents, brochures and other unnecessary things will be printed out and will end later in the rubbish.

Does it make any sense? If people want to travel, they will visit the place anyway. If they don't want to travel and/or are worried about getting infected, they will not go there anyway. What is the point? Another way of helicopter money.

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