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Posted in: Mos Burger adds sliced bread to their menus See in context

h0nz4Today 11:28 am JST

I miss the sourdough bread. Or ordinary normal bread from Central/West Europe. It's so difficult to get it here. Either you find it and it's ridiculously overpriced, or you find something that has weird ingredients like margarine and so on.

Shokupan is good only for putting it in a toaster and then spreading something over it, so you don't feel the terrible flavour.

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Posted in: Gov't to lift state of emergency for 6 prefectures on Sunday See in context

The decision comes as the government seeks to revive an economy hit by plummeting household spending and the absence of foreign tourists. Some health experts, however, warn an early exit could lead to a resurgence in infections.

You don't have to be the tharpest tool in the shed. They were so surprised how the numbers increased after the Go2Travel campaign. Maybe our government could for once listen to health experts or people educated in the field. Otherwise it'll be like a rolercoaster.

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Posted in: Go To Travel campaign may partially resume after state of emergency lifted See in context

Right. People will think it's over, we like campaigns and go to travel. Short time later, the spike will increase again and everyone will be so surprised how come that we are doing another wave again.. Ouroboros in reality

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Posted in: Coast Guard could shoot at foreign vessels aiming to land on Senkakus: gov't officials See in context

Wow, that escalated quickly.

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Posted in: App launched to issue partnership certificates for LGBT couples See in context

that will be accepted by a network of cooperating firms

Awesome, so just cooperating firms and still, they won't be legally obliged.

Right now, there are couples that needs to run through absurd obstacles if one of them wants to get a Visa in Japan. I know of a couple, two nice ladies, French and Japanese. They are married in France, because it's not possible in Japan. After living few years in France, they moved to Japan and their marriage wasn't legally recognized. In order to be able to stay together, the French lady married her Japanese wife's cousin. Just to be a family and in case something happens (hospital, etc). This is just ridiculous.

The loudest opponents against same sex marriage are usually unstable or sometimes show signs of latent homosexuality and use arguments like zoophilia, kids, etc. Or always argument with sex in front of someone, etc.

I don't see a reason, why two adult human beings can't be happy together. And I don't understand, why a government needs to undermine their efforts and face the situation. Reminds me reading about old arguments against women and voting (insert Borat's slurs here).

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Posted in: 50 LDP lawmakers urge local members to oppose separate surnames See in context

borschtToday 06:14 pm JST

The female in charge of female empowerment is against separate surnames because it will cause the unique Japanese social society to break down? Because Japanese society is so weak?

Exactly, that's quite an implication

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Posted in: 50 LDP lawmakers urge local members to oppose separate surnames See in context

The lawmakers, in their written request, argue that separate surnames could result in the collapse of the social system.

This is probably the most ridiculous comment this month.

There are many foreigners marrying Japanese in Japan. In case of foreign male and Japanese female, Japanese female often keeps her maiden name in order not to have troubles in work. For example nurses. Especially older people, seeing foreign family name, refuse to be treated by such nurse, not knowing she is just married to a foreigner.

Facts and reasons aside, many couples have "separate surnames" here, and the social system does not collapse. And considering what a hassle it is here for female to change her surname, it'd better keep this as they are.

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Posted in: What is your experience with executive recruiters or headhunters, if you prefer that word? See in context

Those one i've met are disconnected from the reality, including those who were in the company I already worked for. Most of them have no idea what their company is doing and what the company needs. For an IT company, they've had absolutely no idea about IT.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay scheduled to begin in one month — without cheering See in context

It's time to wake up. It's almost march. Vaccinations have barely started. There is absolutely no strategy in the long run. The more this agony prolongs, the more money (ours) will be wasted. I'd even say, it would be better to waste them in hostess clubs than this/Olympics

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Posted in: Turkish pilots, official get 4-year jail over Ghosn escape See in context

There is hostage justice and there is revenge justice. This is nothing else than revenge. No justice. They can't get Ghosn, so they find scapegoats. By the way, have anyone heard of the ground staff in Japan being investigated, trialed and executed? There must have been security checks in Japan, etc.

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Posted in: Ministry punishes 11 officials for ethics code violations involving Suga's son See in context

Instead of the usuall nonsense, bowing and apologizing, I'd me more interested now, the Ministry prevents this from happening again and what steps it has taken so such situation will not happen. Sure, maybe weeabos will start pointing out that corruption is in other countries as well. Yup, correct. But I can't think of a country where this kind of corruption and bribery takes place in public, no Japanese law or regulation specifically restricts bribery of private persons. They get "treated" publicly, everyone can see, but if they claim they visited not as a politician but a private person, it's fine.

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Posted in: Takeda starts clinical trial of Novavax COVID-19 vaccine in Japan See in context

planning to domestically produce and supply it in the second half of 2021

It never fails to amaze me, how slowly we always react to everything and find ways how to delay things.

expects to gain results from a study on 200 Japanese participants

Wow, 200 participants?! That's a massive number! So again, we always must do things other way than anyone else does it. Normally, testing new drugs or vaccines takes thousands. But it's almost March 2021. This comes bit too late.

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Posted in: Forest fire in Tochigi burns 76.5 hectares; still spreading See in context

Bruce WayneToday 09:28 am JST

It is pathetic how NOTHING is known in Japan about aerial fire fighting!

While I agree with what you said, it's more an issue of being able to react without having someone telling you to do. This morning (about 6:50) I saw in TV a group of firefighters, two cars, full gear, lights and stuff. And they were watching the fire in the distance in the mountains! The fire was still kilometres away in the mountains and they were in what seemed like a middle of a city. The next cut was a TV reporter reporting on-site. He could have been hundreds of metres away from a smoking bush. He was standing on a road. Made me wonder, why the firefighters werent there, instead of him.

Few days ago, I saw exactly what you said - "Helicopters carrying small buckets unstabilizing them on long slings underneath in the powerful thermals in a forest fire is about as effective as urinating on a house fire". Except there was no bucket and the helicopter released the water from inside. But it looked ridiculously tiny and missed the spot.

The thing here is, if a new, unexpected situation occurs, people often can't react on their own and wait for order from their superiors. No thinking in consequences, what may happen if XYZ.

In here, we often boast with 空気を読む, but in fact it's just a myth.

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Posted in: First vaccines delivered under global Covax scheme; EU program struggles to speed up See in context

StrangerlandToday 08:54 am JST

I don't have a problem with vaccines. I have a problem with putting anything in my blood that comes out of Russia.

"Nas mnogo". Russia and Soviets never cared about little things, like side effects, etc. Collateral damage was never an issue.

And the lies about Sputnik-V and request for it's approval in EU are just a joke. They sent the request to European Medical Asociation, which is an institution in Belgium, with shady contacts to Russia. Basically, they don't approve anything in EU. They are just an ordinary, Russian proxy company.

But they are claiming they sent it to European Medicines Agency. Which is not true. And because European Medicines Agency has received no request, there was nothing to test or approve. So Russia claims EU refused Sputnik-V.

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Posted in: Celebrity doctor arrested for alleged stimulant use See in context

A member of Kurihara’s family called 119 after he lapsed into a half-conscious state

While I do believe that our "Stimulants Control Law" is ridiculous and needs to be revised completely (no, i'm not into drugs, not even alcohol), the article says "A member of Kurihara’s family called 119 after he lapsed into a half-conscious state".

So obviously they ran tests to know what was going on. And to be honest, if it was methamphetamine, just that is pretty obvious.

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Posted in: Concerns mount over trace app for potential foreign Olympic fans See in context


it's 7.3 billion. 73 Mill for an app would be still too expensive, but this one, 100x times more expensive takes the cake.

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Posted in: Cherokee Nation asks Jeep to 'retire' name of SUV See in context

Peter14Today 02:24 pm JST

They should allocate $100 from each "Cherokee" branded vehicle to the Cherokee nation. One thousand cars sold equals $100,000 the Cherokee nation can use for its own needs in any way it see's fit. Make it win win for all involved.

Right. And French people can allocate certain amount from every single french fry that was or will be sold. Countries selling the fries as "chips" will be fine.

That is stupid.

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Posted in: UK to push at G-7 for global standard on 'vaccine passports' See in context

commanteerToday 12:36 pm JST

The right to freedom of movement.........

You have the right to freedom of movement. Move as much as you want. And you have the right to be refused by other party/country for not complying with their requirement. I don't see problem with that.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for calling police station 1,700 times over 8 days See in context

When someone answered, he spoke incoherently and then hung up.

One question popped up my head - Maybe after two, 10 or 20 calls, why no one actually came to check what is going on? It could have been someone who was pranking the line and in such case, someone else who actually needed help couldn't reach them? How come they let it reach the number 1700? If someone spoke incoherently and I've got more than two calls, I'd start to wonder a bit.

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Posted in: UK to push at G-7 for global standard on 'vaccine passports' See in context

Yeah, like fundamental human rights.

Right. Your fundamental human right is to use your mental capacity and make decisions. You don't want to participate in this, because it's your fundamental human right violation? Fair enough, you absolutely don't need to get your jab, vaccine passport, whatever.

Oh, you want to use a service being offered by a private company, but they refused you? Well, they used their human right, you used yours. It's fair, no problem here.

Oh, you weren't allowed to enter a public/state property? They decided to protect the people who also used their fundamental human right and took part in your totalitarian superstate. You are free, they are sheeps. Whatever is fine with you, you made your decision.

And as a bonus, here is your aluminium hat.

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Posted in: Japanese man freed from Chinese prison to return home See in context

He added Japan has repeatedly called on China to ensure "transparency in the judicial process"

Imagine that a foreign country, or even China, dared to repeatedly call on Japan to ensure "transparency in the judicial process" and "人質司法". We would reply that it's perfectly OK, we are transparent, make a new webpage and a mascot, throw pamphlets here and there and make an excuse that you can't compare our country with a Western country.

I'd rather be quiet

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Posted in: Toyota begins building smart city near Mt Fuji See in context

The term AI is just misused in Japan. Even the most basic scripts or programing are being presented as AI here. There is no way that even Toyota would be able to pull off something on such scale.

What I'd believe more is that it'll be full of gadgets with some proprietary API, which will just cease to work after few years (i'm looking at you, SHARP).

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Posted in: Concerns mount over trace app for potential foreign Olympic fans See in context

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga admitted he was "not aware of the exact figure" to develop the app

One company, nevertheless, made and won the bid in January to develop the app for a gigantic 7.3 billion yen

This is such a blatant scam that I am surprised how this is even possible.

They don't even need to reinvent the wheel. Such apps do exist already. There are probably hundreds of them

First, they could make a use of Google API for Exposure notifications, which most countries use for the tracking apps. It helps cutting the cost, you don't need to invent your own API (and reinvent the wheel). And even if they decided to make their own API and perhaps whole eco-system from scratch (talking something like Wechat, Line or Kakao Talk thing), it would not cost even this much.

Right now, they'll just waste huge sum of money, of which only a fraction will be used to make the app, the rest will just go to the managers and others. And it'll be another useless app with horendous, overbloated design from the 90s with lots of flashy banners with advertisements and so on (take the convenience store apps for example, or even Paypay.. Horrible). And I bet, the security will be also pretty bad.

COCOA has been a huge fail. Their failed implementation of the Google API and the weird DNS requests the app made was just shady.

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Posted in: Top Chinese official outlines plan to ensure 'patriots' run Hong Kong See in context

Burning BushToday 11:07 am JST

The current pro-China government won the election fair and square.

Wait, what? What year or parallel universe are you living in? Are we talking about the 2019 election in Hong Kong, the clashes there and so on?

Judging by the narratives you're using not just under this topic, I'm beginning to believe you're a russian troll.

Using your narrative

If you think the Hong Kong election was "stolen" then prove it.

if you think i'm wrong, then prove it.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson sets out cautious lockdown exit plan See in context

British PM Johnson sets out cautious lockdown exit plan

Not sure if the pun was intended or not, but i'd be extra careful with any exits if I were him. The last one wasn't so smooth.

AttilathehungryToday 02:13 pm JST

The same Boris who said in March of 2020 that just a three week lockdown was needed to "flatten the curve"?

What a joke. The only thing that got flattened was the British economy.

Yeah I remember him saying something about herd immunity last year in March.

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Posted in: Japan renews claim on South Korea-held island See in context

Here we go again...

Our government and South Korean government have to pour salt into old wounds, blame each other for things that happened once and can't move forward, look rather into the future. Yeah, let's go into the future by comparing who has bigger チンチン.

So childish, both.

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Posted in: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo ask gov't to lift state of emergency early See in context

Fourth and fifth wave comming in 10...9...8... And everyone will be surprised how could it be.

GoodlucktoyouToday 08:24 am JST

Curfews have proved ineffective and counterproductive in UK and EU.

In which country? In countries where there were curfews, the numbers dropped. When the curfew was over, people forgot what it was about and the numbers increased again. Take a look at Czechia for example.

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Posted in: Japan considers creating waiting lists for COVID-19 vaccine: Kono See in context

Here we go, as predicted! considering.......

We should.........

I don't think.....

So, basically, no action at this moment, personal opinions and more meetings.

How many vaccines have we already got and how many people got a jab? Also, how many people a day? Just curious.

Even after all those years, our government doesn't fail to surprise and astonish me by making the same fails again and again. This time, we order certain number of vaccines and don't seem to have a plan to distribute them/jab people. Talk about crisis management and crisis leadership.

In times when they should act, they always have meetings, more meetings, reports and investigate possibilities and research. In times when they should rather take a step back, take a few deep breaths and plan, they do something hilariously dumb and when it gets out, they find a scapegoat or make ridiculous excuses. Our government seems always to do things the opposite way.

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Posted in: TEPCO says Fukushima nuclear plant seismometers were broken See in context

10 years.

Now take Chernobyl accident in 1986 for example. 10 years later, they done more than our government. Our government just asks TEPCO, hold meetings, investigate over and over again and think who is to blame. This is absurd.

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Posted in: Man gets out of taxi on Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge; then jumps to his death See in context

It's definitely tragic.

On the other hand, that is so sureal. He calls himself a cab in order to commit a suicide.

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