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Hahaha, that made me laugh. In three decades, the police have been unable to do anything about the bosozoku. When the bosozoku showed up somewhere, usually a few police cars arrived and just circled helplessly behind the bosozoku. The Bosozoku were just making fun of the police and the helplessness of the police.

The reason is simply that bosozoku are no longer in trend and the actors are middle aged and not in schools or that period. Probably like kogyaru - the boom was in the 90s, then it declined. Today, maybe someone is still doing it, but not in the same quantity as 20+ years ago.

And that they charged 53 individuals? Get that number down to absolute numbers. It's like peeing in the sea.

The police are merely taking credit for what is not theirs.

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Posted in: Do you believe China will try to retake Taiwan by force one day? See in context

I believe it will happen. Sooner or later, it will. Whether because of some pretext ala "they're oppressing ethnic Chinese in Taiwan. We'll protect Chinese everywhere" ala Ukrainian Crimea (and then later tales of how x centuries that territory was theirs and only a few decades donated under XYZ rule) or they'll just swim those few miles across the sea in a few moments.

China can't be trusted, just like Hong Kong couldn't be trusted when it went from British administration to Chinese administration and promises of how HK will be autonomous, citizens won't even know the change, etc.

China claims that Taiwan is an indivisible part of it. That is, that Taiwan is a province of China. That it is and always has been. And anyone who claims otherwise is lying and being nasty, mean and meddling in China's internal affairs.

Now imagine the following situation:

China retakes Taiwan by force. The same Taiwan that China believes is an indivisible part of it. The same Taiwan that China considers to be one of its provinces.

This move will only feather China's own nest, because in fact this would be, according to previous claims, China invading China. China invading its own territory, Province. China would take back territory that it says has always been part of it. Simply grotesque.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that China would be saying, in a way, that it hasn't been telling the truth for decades. And that therefore Taiwan was not part of it, etc.

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Posted in: LDP, opposition clash over economy, COVID in election campaign See in context

Keiichi Ishii, secretary general of the LDP's smaller partner Komeito, said in Tokyo, "Only the LDP-Komeito coalition can revive the Japanese economy damaged by the coronavirus pandemic."

Japan's struggling economy because of the corona virus because for nearly two years it has been bad decision after bad decision. And the absolute highlight, the icing on the cake, was the Go To Travel campaign and similar. The main problem is simply that in order to avoid anyone having to accept any responsibility, the government has taken its hands off everything. A declared state of emergency? Nonsense - if they had actually declared one and it was a hard lockdown like in many other countries, they would have had to deal somehow with the businesses that were closed and losing money because of the government's decision. So the government would be spending a lot of money to cover the losses.

However, as it has so far been only a form of a request, the businesses have not been ordered to close, so they have closed of their own accord and therefore will not get any proper compensation. Maybe some small, but it will not even partially cover their losses.

This cowardly attitude has affected not just pubs, izakayas and hotels, but just about everything.

And now the government literally wants to solve the spilled milk on the floor by pouring water on it, covering it with a rag and looking the other way until it somehow resolves itself...

In Sapporo, Kazuo Shii of the opposition Japanese Communist Party, said, "We need a change of government in order to protect lives from the novel coronavirus."

A typical populist claim by communists who are in opposition...

More than a change of government, it takes a change of mindset. Planning. And most importantly, a crisis plan and capable crisis management. Changing the government won't just be like a POOF - and all is well

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Posted in: In Tokyo court, 5 ask N Korea to pay for false 'paradise on Earth' promise See in context

Five people who say they were promised "paradise on Earth" in North Korea but suffered human rights violations instead told a Japanese court Thursday that they were deceived and kidnapped to that country and that they now want its leader Kim Jong Un to compensate them.

If they are building on the fact that they believed what someone told them and they did not verify it in any way, then it should rather be about deprivation of legal capacity and assignment of a legal guardian. They have only shown their naivety with this whole move. That's all.

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Posted in: Kishida says only LDP capable of protecting Japan from security threats See in context

It is like this:

LDP: "Only the LDP is capable of protecting Japan from security threats. Don't you believe it? Have you seen any actual security threat to Japan in the last decade? You haven't? Then see how the LDP has protected you!!!"

Common folks: "Actually, that's true. I don't remember any terrorist attack like elsewhere abroad, I don't remember any immediate security threat. So the LDP has lived up to its words and I will continue to vote for them. And so will my children. And my children's children. And their children's children.".

The LDP has done nothing special to do that. The whole thing just works out of inertia. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Posted in: Don Quijote asks couples to refrain from breaking up in its Osaka store See in context

I'd quite like to know the details of what this poster was based on, what was behind it. After all, it looks like it was printed and not just sloppy..

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Posted in: The fact that small cameras have become easily purchasable online has contributed to the increase... In some cases, a camera is hidden in the tip of a shoe or an umbrella. See in context

Another leaflet, this time urging vigilance and alertness to hidden cameras inside umbrellas on the subway? Another mascot? The same was claimed in the first half of the 2000s with the rise of cameras in mobile phones. The problem is not the availability of the mini cameras. The camera is just an inanimate tool and it's not its fault. The problem is the people who will use the camera for said purpose. It's like saying that knife sales and easy availability have increased the number of knife attacks.

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Posted in: Tourism minister to consider when to restart Go To Travel campaign See in context

Just as some (including myself) predicted - once the emergency is over, the Go to travel programme or similar will be launched to improve the economic situation and the tourism sector in general. Since we love all sorts of bogus "discounts" and "campaigns" here, people will take advantage of it. The number of infected will increase (like last year), the whole event will be stopped, there will be another emergency (or give it another name) and again. The number of infected will increase, the economic situation in the tourism sector will worsen (again).

Of course, it will then be the fault, as usual, of the operators of the pachinko parlours, karaoke and izakaya. Not those who started the campaign.

Sometimes, their genius is frightening...

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Posted in: Saitama's new ordinance banning walking on escalators gets off to a standing start See in context

Good luck enforcing it.

I'm quite interested to know how much money this event cost... And more visual noise

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Posted in: Britain blames 'heavy-handed' EU for Brexit deal problems See in context

Staying in the EU = bad. "The bad EU this and that and this and that".

Leaving the EU = bad. "The bad EU this and that and that and that"

The EU has moved on from Brexit and it is simply a closed chapter, there is no need to keep opening the door. Britain should do the same, keep its promises to its citizens and let the door close with the EU exactly as they wanted it to. So far the only obstruction I see is on the UK side, but it is always easier to blame the EU.

If Britain fails to meet its settlement obligations, then it cannot expect leniency from the other side.

So suck it up, stop crying, start doing something and get over it FCOL

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Posted in: What issues do you think new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida should put priority on? See in context

Outdated court system - modernise. It's not the 13th century, it's not the 15th century, it's not even the 18th century. It's the 21st century.

Modernise the telecommunications sector in Japan - let's ditch faxes, hanko stamps, pagers and similar nonsense that does not save time nowadays, but rather prolongs and adds work. It's not the 1980s. It's 2021. It's not a problem. Or let's keep the faxes, but tax them, etc.

Let's finally start doing rational and calm international politics and not with heated heads and exaggerated nationalism. It's not just us. There are other countries we (have to) work with.

Less paperwork and generally less obsession with paperwork in government. Keep the paperwork for those who don't have the ability to do things online.

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Posted in: Docomo reports ¥100 million in damages in phishing scam See in context


In the town where I live, the ward office handed out flyers about a year ago telling people to beware of phone scams. It didn't apply to this case, but the principle was the same or similar. And before that, our office gave out leaflets to make people beware of phone calls, especially older people, where the other party pretends to be a family member and needs financial help, or where a family member is in hospital.

I think the main problem is the fact that in Japan there are a huge number of leaflets warning, urging, campaigns, etc. And there are so many that it creates a kind of noise and sense of overwhelming. Another thing is that most of the leaflets are full of childish characters, various drawings, and the important information is somewhere in the middle, lost in the flood of irrelevant drawings and infantilism.

Instead, Docomo could have reacted immediately and blocked these types of messages at the network level. Just like a lot of mobile operators did a few years ago in Europe when phone calls/messages from African countries became rampant. They already have the resources and tools to do this.

But it is true that in general there is little awareness of cybercrime in Japan, the prevention of cybercrime itself. Instead, it's only dealt with when there's a real fire.

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Posted in: Japanese abductees' families urge Kishida to resolve issue with N Korea See in context

This message always appears with a new PM. Always. With perhaps one or two exceptions. It's been going on for decades. And no PM has been able to do anything about it. Why? Because we simply don't have the leverage to do it, or any legal means at all that the DPRK would eventually accept. It's exactly as @ReynardFox wrote. Occasionally someone expresses concern about what happened and strong disapproval of these hijackings. But that's it. And the DPRK doesn't make anything of it. It almost seems like we have a useless JSDF or our intelligence services are useless and don't know/wouldn't know who is/was moving in our territory

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Posted in: What do you think are some of the main differences between the way Japanese and Western media report the news? See in context

The Japanese media in general is self-censoring and it shows. No questioning of the government or the ruling party. Minimum foreign news, the vast majority is domestic news. If it is foreign news, it is mostly negative. News is mostly delayed, there is no equivalent of LIVE news. Sticker boards, generally analogue format.

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Posted in: Some Japanese KitKats just got bigger… but still the same size they were a year ago See in context

Such practices are common here. For example, eggs today cost 220JPY. Tomorrow the same product will cost 350JPY. And the day after tomorrow, they'll put a SALE or 20%OFF sign next to the product. Same with the weight of the goods.

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Posted in: The increasing number of consultations regarding unwanted pregnancies amid the coronavirus pandemic once again highlights the need for sex education that teaches people about the importance of life. See in context


That's odd, I distinctly remember attending an open day at my son's primary school where one of the lessons was quite definitely sex ed (age-appropriate, of course; how to care for your bits, how to respect that other folk had different bits, etc. Not how to put what where to make a baby, or not, as the case may be), and the workbooks my kids brought home had sections on sex ed, too.

As a parent, of course I made sure that for my kids it was all revision. Why leave it up to the schools?

Maybe it was some own initiative of the school your son goes to, or something on a local level? However, as far as I know, nationally this is not in the curriculum, or at least wasn't until 2010. Neither of my daughters had anything like this at school. I don't keep track of how it has been since then, but I know my nephew and niece haven't had it yet (they are 11 years old).

I agree about why leave it up to the schools. However, the point is that such a basic thing should be covered at school. Especially when I compare it to the country I'm originaly from, where you can't get A-magazines so easily in a regular konbini and the AV titles on offer aren't like here in Japan, but the basics are just taught to kids in school. And here in Japan it's almost the opposite - you kind of expect to have some school education on that matter with all the sexualization in all sorts of places.

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Posted in: Opposition leaders harbor low expectations for change under Kishida See in context

If people really wanted change, really and fervently wanted change, they would have already done something about it. The political dinosaurs would have recognized this by now.

But if entire generations in one family vote for a single political party and continue to vote for that party only because their ancestors voted for the same party, then no change can be expected.

I'm the only one in my family who doesn't vote LDP, and although my family is otherwise fine and very cool people, they look the other way on this issue.

Between the lines, I was told several times that I should vote like my family. Why? Because that's how they vote. And so do their neighbors. And so I should stick with my family and vote the same way, mainly because as a "foreigner" I'm more visible, stick out. And it doesn't matter that I've been a citizen here for decades.

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Posted in: The increasing number of consultations regarding unwanted pregnancies amid the coronavirus pandemic once again highlights the need for sex education that teaches people about the importance of life. See in context

I agree. On the one hand, there are all sorts of A-videos being produced in Japan, and it's common to find magazines in konbini with scantily clad stars who aren't even 18 years old. Some 15 years ago, bikini magazines with little girls in bikinis were common in konbini.

So you'd think sex and things like that would be common here.

But no. There's no such thing as sex education at school. Not as an official subject.

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Posted in: There are many cases in which foreigners failed to get vaccinated because they threw away vaccination eligibility cards that they were unable to read, or because they could not fill out the pre-vaccination questionnaire. Some hesitate because they are unable to explain their preexisting medical problems during an interview with a doctor. See in context

@El RataSep.

Unlike Egypt Japan doesn't need the foreigners, the foreigners need Japan therefore it is them the ones who have to assimilate.

Excuse me, but have you ever been to Japan in the last 30 years, or are you a citizen of Japan? Because what you're saying is the complete opposite of the current situation. Japan needs foreigners, and that's mainly due to the decline of its own population and the unfilled positions of certain jobs.

I'm not saying that foreigners shouldn't adapt here. But you're completely twisting the arguments and using the twisted arguments to argue that it's twisted.

After reading your response it seems that foreigners in Japan love to play the victim card all the time - ohh! Poor me! The government and the locals blame me for everything! - I can assure you, Japanese people don't care about the how foreigners live their lives unless it affects them. Personally, I refuse to play the victim card.

Could you please read the article's perex again? Or, let me do it for you.


There are many cases in which foreigners failed to get vaccinated because they threw away vaccination eligibility cards that they were unable to.....................................


................A spokesperson for the Immigration Services Agency................

Yes, some people like to use the foreigner card. However, in this case it is quite the opposite, in this case it is again finger pointing at those foreigners who can't read, etc.

You still don't understand that it's not the fault of foreigners that the whole vaccination process is so complicated. Even for many Japanese it was a bit of a hassle to register and dig through that "mountain" of irrelevant paperwork. Even for foreigners who have lived here for decades and speak Japanese at a native speaker level.

Essentialy, this is just pointing the finger and shifting the blame.

Instead of the process being simple and efficient like in other countries (you don't need 10 papers when only two are relevant) it's just unnecessarily complicated and instead of someone acknowledging that it's complicated and simplifying it, the finger is pointed at a certain group of people and the conversation turns that direction. Instead of wasting money on leaflets in an envelope with infantile characters urging people to get vaccinated (and this leaflet is irrelevant to the vaccination process itself), they could have either saved the money or put it towards some translation for those "incompetent foreigners who can't read".

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Posted in: Japanese hope Kishida shows better leadership through pandemic See in context

Japanese hope Kishida shows better leadership through pandemic

"Leadership". We used to hear this in Europe 40 years ago, and it came from the Eastern Bloc countries. Like Japan now, there has always been one-party rule. Officially, there were countless political parties, but they were usually linked in some way to the ruling party.

while Kanta Hironaka, 40, said, "I don't see Japan reforming under the politics of the LDP."

Yesterday we had a discussion on this topic in the extended family. The over 60+ view is that reform is not needed and possibly what kind of reform?

It really seems to me that Japan wishes to stay somewhere in the 50-60s with the nostalgic atmosphere of the 30s or even earlier, but with 21st century conveniences.

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Posted in: 76-year-old man arrested after causing accident and driving without license for 50 years See in context

So in 50 years without a license, he's never once been stopped by the police, never once shown his driver's license (which he doesn't have)? What about vehicle registration, inspection, etc?

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Posted in: Kishida's longevity as PM hinges on November general election See in context

They really need some advice on media appearances. Look at that picture and his height in that chair. And it's not about the height of his body per se, but how he looks in that picture. And his hands, too.

"We need to show the people that the LDP has been reborn,"

I've heard that so many times in the last 30 years that if I were to put a 1Yen coin in my piggy bank, I'd be a millionaire by now and buy you all.

And most importantly, releasing a phrase like that to the media... that's just not the way to say it. I don't think they really realize it. They're implying that the LDP has been in some kind of mess or worse and now they're out of it. Only now.

All this buffoonery just goes to show that Japan is a country with a one-party government. The other political parties are there just to be counted and to play along.

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Posted in: There are many cases in which foreigners failed to get vaccinated because they threw away vaccination eligibility cards that they were unable to read, or because they could not fill out the pre-vaccination questionnaire. Some hesitate because they are unable to explain their preexisting medical problems during an interview with a doctor. See in context

El RataToday  01:41 pm JST

In Japan people speak Japanese, this country is in no obligation to accommodate people who can't communicate in the language of the land.

You are absolutely missing the point.

The vaccination process itself is simple. Needle, small sting, over. Ten seconds.

And it's not even about whether someone should know this language or that language if they live here or there.

It's about the fact that even for a Japanese or a person who speaks perfect Japanese, the whole tiyatra around it is opaque and absurdly complex. It's not just that one ticket comes in, I copy a code on the booking page of some medical facility, I get there at the time given, and in ten seconds I'm done.

It's like I wrote above - in addition to the two relevant documents, some 8 other irrelevant documents arrive in an envelope with some infantile characters, etc. Once you fill out a paper, you still get asked about what's already in the paper. And I haven't even mentioned the complicated procedure one goes through to register.

The point of the article was that someone from the "Immigration Services Agency" is pointing the finger at foreigners and that it's their fault for not getting vaccinated and throwing away the paperwork or not being able to fill it out BECAUSE IT IS TOO COMPLICATED. It's easy to blame everything on the foreigners who live here. But it is not a problem that a foreigner does not get vaccinated because they may not speak the language. It is mainly because here any situation, any procedure has to be made as complicated as possible, as much paperwork as possible, etc. Why make it easy when we can make it complicated? And by making it as complicated as possible, then we are pointing out that it is actually all the fault of the foreigners living here.

TLDR - is the difference between cause and effect. Causality. Translating the relevant paper is something else entirely-

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Posted in: Kishida to become next PM after winning LDP leadership vote See in context

YubaruToday  03:58 pm JST

Only to you and the folks on JT!

One thing lost in all the noise about nippon kaigi this, or nippon kaigi that, is that Kishida was never a fan of Abe, and strongly supported Abe being forced to face the music about Moritomo Gakuen.

Now that he is PM, there is a strong possibility that the issue gets reopened for discussion.

THAT alone gets my vote for him! If he can bring Abe to heel and force him out of the LDP and Diet, then he will be, in my opinion, one the the "best" PM's in Japanese history!

Do you even know what Nippon Kaigi is, what their program and points are?

If you approach elections in such an irresponsible way and more or less just throw your vote to someone, then I don't know if I can say that that speaks volumes about the state of the society here.

Give it to someone just so that he can bring Abe to heel and force him out of the LDP and Diet.....

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Posted in: Japan to lift state of emergency nationwide See in context

Everyone get ready to look surprised in a few weeks as there is another wave and as the number of infected rises. Let's look surprised and pretend we didn't see it coming.

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Posted in: North Korea says it tested new hypersonic missile See in context

Samit BasuToday  09:46 am JST


 I seriously doubt that the N. Koreans have even a rudimentary capability

Russians sold its scramjet technology to everybody but Americans and Japanese. Wouldn't be surprising if North Koreans acquired the design. Chinese and Koreans are confirmed to have them.

Their previous (I don't know about this one) missiles were derived from Russian or Soviet models and the parts came from Russia through intermediaries. It's obvious even with a cursory glance. A wonderful example is the Hwasong-10.

The DPRK is not China or Russia, and the DPRK simply does not have the means to develop and build these missiles on its own. Either financially or materially.

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Posted in: There are many cases in which foreigners failed to get vaccinated because they threw away vaccination eligibility cards that they were unable to read, or because they could not fill out the pre-vaccination questionnaire. Some hesitate because they are unable to explain their preexisting medical problems during an interview with a doctor. See in context

There are many cases in which foreigners failed to get vaccinated because they threw away vaccination eligibility cards that they were unable to read, or because they could not fill out the pre-vaccination questionnaire.

Yes, I haven't heard that in a long time. That it's the foreigners' fault they didn't read it.

The problem is rather that the whole vaccination event is an incredible mess and confusion. Did you realise how many different papers came in the envelope with the vaccination coupon itself? That alone is confusing. And then once you have to fill it out. Then you have to register once. Upon arriving at the vaccination center, one person checked part of one paper, asked me one thing, another person checked a second paper and asked another thing. And finally they asked me if I had any health problems, although that is exactly what I stated on their questionnaire. I have no problem with Japanese, but it was very confusing. In the envelope I received several leaflets with various childish mascots in the sense of "let's vaccinate ourselves to get rid of the corona virus", etc. Of the 10 or so different sheets, two were relevant - a vaccination card and a health questionnaire. And the fact that it's all confusing and overcomplicated is not a problem of foreigners or (in)knowledge of the language, it's a problem of it being overcomplicated and overconfusing.

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Posted in: Survivors sue landowners over deadly July mudslide in central Japan See in context

They have no chance of winning at all. At best, the lawsuit will drag on for years, they'll have to prove that the companies are responsible, wasting a lot of time looking into things,...... A common practice in such cases.

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Posted in: Tokyo Games CEO: Official costs will be known early next year See in context

Toshiro Muto, the chief executive officer of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee,...................................“I'm not prepared to reply to your question," Muto said when asked by a Japanese reporter during a news conference. “I don’t have the information yet. The people in charge are looking into this.”

Typical. No one's in charge here. It's always someone else. The health minister in charge of health? No, it's someone else. The CEO of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee in charge of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee? Someone else.

Then who's responsible? And what powers does/had the CEO of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee then? How much did he get paid for it? And everyone is always looking into something.

Don't they have a ledger, ongoing statistics, ongoing accounting? So they don't keep track of how much money they spend/spent, to whom, when, for what? Is this a joke?

As @factchecker said

Expect the phrase 'Eye watering' to be used.


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Posted in: Suga touts achievements, rues short tenure in final press conference See in context

touted his government's success in rapidly vaccinating Japan's population against COVID-19 but voiced disappointment at the shortage of time to implement his policies at what is expected to be his final press conference in office

Does he mean the fact that a lot of private companies have taken the situation into their own hands and started vaccinating their own employees? Because either there were no vaccines, or there were and it was almost impossible to get vaccinated anywhere without having to phone dozens of different places?

And the lack of vaccines? Does he mean the fact that we have bought 60 million doses of vaccines and have gradually donated them to other countries, or are we yet to donate them as we have committed to?

And lack of time? They had more than a year and a half to prepare a plan and respond to the situation. Instead, it was just a misery of trying one course of action and seeing what happens. Instead of taking their cue from, for example, hard-hit countries like Italy or Spain, the Czech Republic, etc.

No, Japan fell asleep. We may be vaccinating at a faster pace now than when we started, but few people realise or even mention the fact that Japan is supposed to be a developed country, not a third world country.

Suga thanked the public for complying with restrictions on social and business activity, which had remained in place in at least some part of the country since early April.

"Without your cooperation, we would not have been able to realize a single thing. I want to thank everyone for your support," he said, bowing deeply in front of the cameras.

Exactly. Without our cooperation. Many businesses, private individuals and the like have taken the situation into their own hands rather than live in that "legal vacuum" where the state on the one hand has issued a "state of emergency" and on the other hand has argued that it can't enforce it because the Constitution does this or that.

but I was able to tackle longstanding issues and set a path for many reforms

In other words, I didn't do anything myself, I just left it to my successors.

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