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Posted in: Hulu Japan to give all customers 1,000-yen apology for recent problems See in context

Wow. The adoption of streaming services are already more than a decade behind in Japan. I surveyed 75 university students recently and only 2 stream tv or movies. Hulu, while barely having a foothold in Japan, is one of the largest services in Japan. This is certainly a step backwards for a system that is already 10 years behind the western world in terms of overall adoption (for comparison in the USA Netflix has more subscribers than all of Comcast cable). Why Japanese people love driving to GEO/Tsutaya, buying a 5000 yen DVD, on top of paying 4 or 5,000 yen for cable TV instead of endless streaming for just a few yennies is beyond me. Who am I to judge a country that still has millions of land lines and is single handed keeping the fax machine businesses afloat. Stay weird Japan, thats why I you!

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Posted in: Hitachi builds elevator so fast it could carry you to Mt Fuji's peak in 3 minutes See in context

"In many countries outside Japan, Hitachi is best known as a maker of TVs, PCs, and other consumer electronics."

Not in the USA, not for the last decade. Walk into a Best Buy and you wont see a single Hitachi, Sharp, or Toshiba product on the shelves. Their once well known CONSUMER products have all but disappeared from the world and they are barely making it in Japan. Most they only sell products in Japan and few east Asian countries or they sell non-consumer products like IC chips, cell phone screens, or the super successful nuclear power facilities like Westinghouse.

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Posted in: Big Mac sauce now comes in a jar from McDonald’s Japan See in context

But I still can't get extra pickles on a McBurger even for extra yennies.

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Posted in: Japan's low jobless rate masks grim reality See in context

Yet another article that doesn't even mention the real problem at hand. Japan brags left and right about it low jobless rate. But zero mention of how they have one of the worst "UNDER employment" rates.

Half the country is working a part-time job. Like so many stats that are published/released in Japan, there are a lot of hidden numbers that just are not reported that tell the real story.

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Posted in: English education to start for 3rd graders from FY 2018 See in context

Over a decade teaching here from k-12 and University. I can tell you they absolutely do not have they do no have the quaildfied teachers for this. Worse yet they are NOT training new teachers to become qualified. Now that that whole Global 4O initiative is over, English departments from both public and private Unis are getting slashed. What I see right now is more English initiative and wishes (100% English by the olympics), it less financial help from the government than ever before and hardly any problems to train new or existing teachers. It's a empty pipe dream with no way to succeed in it current form. Just like 2007 MEXT initiative to change 6-12 English classes to a CLT approach. 10 years later and it's the same teacher centered teaching for exams aproach.

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Posted in: Ex-member of KAT-TUN arrested for marijuana possession See in context


"all those medicinal benefits you're touting have yet to be proven and the jury's still out". That was over TEN YEARS ago. They jury has very much come back on that one my friend. Do you really think 29 states and DC would legalize MEDICAL marijuana on a whim? You talk about carcinogen in the medicine. Do you really think marijuana is the only medicine with side effects. I happen to be on a medicine right now, that has been around for 20 years and is taken by around 1 million people. Guess what one of its known sides effects is, a rare type of terminal leukemia. But without this medicine, me and the people on it would have no quality of life so it's worth the risk. The same goes with medical marijuana, to treat epilepsy or Crohn's.

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Posted in: Ex-member of KAT-TUN arrested for marijuana possession See in context

Oh no! Better declare martial law. What was it, 1 entire gram!?

Science journals are being FLOODED with articles showing left and right the proven medical benefits of CBD and THC. Like so many issues in Japan, 20 to 30 years behind the rest of the world, I fear this is one that will Japan stagnate on for more like 50 to 75 years.

I mean... even the mere whisper of something as outrageous suggesting government supervised medical research on medical marijuana will land you in jail in Japan. Just ask Saya Takagi.

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Posted in: Kyoto University gets billed for using Bob Dylan lyrics in speech See in context

"not look for solutions in what is told to them but to free their minds " Then why in the world spend 21 or 22 years drilling into them the exact opposite. You can't gift them little jewel of wisdom until they graduate college?

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Posted in: Japanese government says Toshiba, Western Digital need to get along See in context

Wow. Ten years ago you couldn't even find a Western Digital hard drive for sale in Japan even though they are the largest hard drive maker in the worker (the title sometimes goes Seagate).

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Posted in: Major Japanese firms expect record combined profit in fiscal 2017 See in context

"i am bracing myself for another 1000 yen annual wage hike in next fiscal"

Are you kidding? Back when I worked for a blacklisted uni, they gave us a whopping 2300 yen annual raise.

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Posted in: Subaru employee arrested for stealing co-workers’ car tires See in context

Don't those store buy used tired for like 5,000 to 10,000 a set?

I mean... the time and effort it took to get EIGHT tires he could have cleaned a gutter or painted a fence and made some of that money.

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Posted in: Fast-moving cyberattacks wreak havoc worldwide See in context

It only hits OUTDATED windows machines.

But sadly this is far more common than it should be. In fact I was using a massive computer lab this week with nothing but Windows XP on it. Microsoft has straight up and said stop using XP, its not updated anymore and it's not safe.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl becomes Japan's youngest lung recipient See in context

Glad to see Japan's new child organ transplant law working and glad to see Japan slowing warming up to more and more organ transplants.

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Posted in: 91-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, dies after head-on collision See in context


your comment is no help. By your logic what is the point of taking away their licnence if their going to drive illegally anyway. Self driving cars at least give them the OPTION of freedom, safely and legally.

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Posted in: 91-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, dies after head-on collision See in context

Easy solution around the corner. I have said it once. I guess I will have to keep it typing it while ya'll keep downvoting each other.

Self-driving cars. Legislation needs to be examined and passed in Japan so testing on a system can begin here ASAP. This is an issue that Japan can not afford to be 20-30 years behind like so many other things here. Japan has a problem, one that is growing with the booming elderly percentage and climbing life expectancy. No reason to stop people from getting around. 18 year Yoshi wants to take the car out, boom the cars reads the RFID on his licence and puts its into manual mode. Grandpa-Yoshi wants to go to the store the car reads the RFID on his licence. Boom, self driving mode only. Done and done. He gets to the store and back with out a scratch and could even safely watch some TV on the way.

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Posted in: Vets prepare to strengthen animal aid during natural disasters See in context

Let me guess that the downvotes I received are from people who paid 100,000 yen or more at pet shop for their kitten mill cat.

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Posted in: Vets prepare to strengthen animal aid during natural disasters See in context

Still waiting on anyone in Japan to care about puppy and kitten mills. How about only letting pet shops sell rescue dogs and how about Japan getting rid of their catch and kill order for 100% of all strays.

Seriously, they are talking about Fukushima where tens of thousands were abandoned. Japan kills 500 cats and dogs a DAY. Over 200,000 every year.

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Posted in: 'I’m glad I’m Japanese' posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users See in context

Some people get it, some don't.

This is about blood not what country you call home. Being proud to be an American or proud to be an Aussie is totally different from being proud to be a Japanese PERSON.

I can immigrate to Australia and apply for citizenship and become a proud Aussie. But no matter what I can never truly be a nihonjin can I?

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Posted in: Tokyo creates new logo, slogan to promote city overseas as prime tourist destination See in context

I feel like this is the biggest thing most people who have not been to Japan don't realize, the huge juxtaposition of old and new in Japan. But Tokyo?! Tokyo is hardly a showcase for that juxtaposition.

What, a few temples here and there? Asakusa. 9 of the top 10 things to do and see in Tokyo are science museums, massive towers, modern architecture, Odaiba, Akiba, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, etc, etc, etc.

Its not even until you leave Kanto completely that you really get a feel for old Japan. I even tell everyone who comes to visit go to Tokyo and one old city because you want to see all the modern stuff in Tokyo and old stuff in a place like Himeji or Kyoto.

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Posted in: Death of woman in Yamaguchi recognized as from overwork See in context

"despite her overtime having not reached official thresholds."

End of story. I found the reason.

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Posted in: Music labels explore new business in age of streaming See in context

Way behind.

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Posted in: Japan's peace constitution under pressure at 70 See in context

" warn attempts to revise it risk whitewashing the country's modern history."

dont make me laugh. Any one who has two minutes of experience in Japan and has read two paragraphs of a history book know full well japans modern take on history in Japan is the definition of white washing. The denial of Nanking has been common place for decades. Japan as the victim and USA and the big meany who dropped the bomb and the Chinese who started the war are all common place. That's the tip of ice burg when it comes to common place Japanese history white washing.

that being said, Japan is NOT an occupied country anymore, and for better or worse they should be able to admin or write their own constitution.

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Posted in: 13 people injured after car rams into Oita hospital See in context

Everyone is arguing about taking away licences from the elderly. Yet I have not seen one person every put forth the TRUE solution to this problem, which I 100% guarantee will come about at some point. Self-driving cars. Of course little is being done about testing it in Japan or even talking about it, but I can promise you in our lifetimes this will become the reality and the ONLY viable solution to truly decreasing accident rate of the very elderly.

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Posted in: Japan wrestles over smoking ban as Olympics loom See in context

" smoking customers .... We must take care of them."

Good lord. Even as someone who enjoys the very occasional cigarette with his father and brother in-law, this type of thinking is the exact typical state of mind of Japan's and why it is often seen as archaic and unwilling to change. Its why so many companies just implode rather than change with the times. Japan is like a river and a bolder, it takes either centuries for anything to change or it takes something MASSIVE to occur. More times than not, it's just the stubborn boulder.

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Posted in: Yamato to hike parcel delivery rates for 1st time in 27 years See in context

So what? Not a big deal. I saw this story over on other news sites as well. They are making it such a big deal. It's called inflation! Yamato is awesome, I don't mind a small hike.

25 years ago a coke was 50 yen. Now the newest diet coke is not only smaller (470ml) but now costs 170 yen. Over 300% price hike and not a single news story.

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Posted in: Samsung's Galaxy S8 hits stores See in context

But... not in Japan.

And SoftBank doesn't even carry the S7. They are still trying to push the S6. I am trying to move on to a low cost cell carrier to save about 7000 a month so I went in to talk to SoftBank about getting my MNP number (to switch carriers and keep my cell number). Just for kicks I asked them are you getting the Samsung S8? They replied "You mean the Galaxy S8". Lulz. I guess Samsung's attempt at trying to hide the fact that their phones are in fact, GASP, South Korean phones, is working in Japan.

Also the S8 and S8+ sim unlocked versions are not out for another month.

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Posted in: Gov't asking Japanese firms to invest in Toshiba's chip unit See in context

"memory chips require a large amount of investment each year"

Just as the article says. Like GPUs and CPUs, memory chips fall under Moore's law. The only reason we are seeing improvements in GPUs and CPUs is because intel, nvidia, and AMD spend more and more each year to get the same level of improvement. To get say 5% improvement year after year and push Moore's Law back a little R and D cost are going up exponentially. Chips are no different. Buying Toshiba's chip division is far from a one time purchase. Personally I thought it would have been the perfect purchase for Amazon or Google both of which were rumored to be interested, but I guess not so much anymore.

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Posted in: Japan needs anti-smoking law ahead of Tokyo Olympics: WHO See in context

Japan is already 10-15 years behind the world in terms of smoking laws, regulations, enforcment. What in the world are they going to do when millions of people come from overseas vaping and using e-cigs. Japan doesn't even know what those are. The U.K. And USA are already passing laws were you can and can not vape. Japanese heads will explode when they see people vaping and have ZERO clue what it is.

I vape VERY occasionally. I made the mistake of doing it Osaka public once. I had a fricking crowd look at me like I was a theee headed alien. Absolutely no one had any idea what was going on. First and last time I ever vaped in pubic. Come the olympics, I can promise you I won't be the last. I since gave it up, just a fad I was curious about.

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Posted in: Sick pay in Japan: What you need to know See in context

@Disillusioned its like a J-friend of mine who was complaining on facebook that his company forces him to work off the books for free and calls it "volunteer time" like that makes the illegality of all the better. Not only that but he was forced to use nenkyu for his recent sickness during the first 3 days of April, then they told him since he already used some vacation, he couldn't not take any days off until May. I honestly can not believe how widespread this type of activity is and accepted.

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