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Posted in: Industry minister tries to convince public on need for nuclear energy See in context

Is Industry Minister Obuchi insane? Fukushima Daiichi is already the worst nuclear disaster in history and promises to become a whole lot worse if Building Four collapses. Japan should emulate Sweden and look at ECAT cold fusion http://hydrofusion.com/news/wanted-pilot-customer-for-ecat-1-mw-plant , accelerate solar to microwave power from satellites or lunar stations, expand its geothermal program or build a hypersonic transportation system using 6-passenger capsules traveling through vacuum tubes to replace its passenger rail system at a tremendous reduction in energy costs.

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Posted in: Why is anti-Japanese sentiment remaining from the World War II era almost non-existent in countries like Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, unlike in China and South Korea? See in context

China still correctly sees the US as an enemy, knows the US still exercises a great deal of control over the Japanese government and resents Japan for helping the US project power into the Pacific rim, as it did during the Korean War and still does today. South Korea resents Japan, not only for its misdeeds during World War II but the recognition that the US reinstalled Korean collaborators into power after Japan surrendered and that Japan helps the United States prevent unification of North and South Korea. While the US continues to project some power into the Philippines, its influence has weakened greatly since the 1980s. Likewise, the US and the UK have minimal influence in Malaysia, so the populations have little recent to resent Japan's cooperation with the US government. Besides, most of the people either Japan or the US brutalized in these countries are dead, unlike those in South Korea who still suffer under the yoke of US occupation after over 60 years. Except in Okinawa, most Japanese apparently do not think of Japan as an occupied country. This is also true in Germany.

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Posted in: Japan's plutonium stocks no reason for concern: IAEA chief See in context

I see. It OK for friends of the US to have weapons grade plutonium, but not OK for those countries whom the US or Israel deem worthy of attack.

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