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Re: "...Ridding water of tritium has been carried out in laboratories. But it’s an effort that would be extremely costly at the scale required for the Fukushima plant, which sits on the Pacific coast. Many scientists argue it isn’t worth it and say the risks of dumping the tritium-laced water into the sea are minimal...."

Tritium is used in REAL, (Vs. the Bush-Blair-Iraq-Imaginary...), N.-W.M.D.'s, as a megaton-yield-booster...

Sorry if it's getting REALLY, really expensive to maintain this mechanical_affront to humanity / vainly, attempt to control the dangers of N-elements...some of which stay, dangerous for time-periods, longer than humans have walked the earth, but... The Japanese government, 'N Tokyo Light, 'N Power took it upon themselves to place a multi-reactor N-power-plant where a Tsunami / Earthquake could destroy it, all the while endangering the rest of us, so... I have ZERO sympathy!

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