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Posted in: British PM Johnson plans to visit Japan in mid-February See in context

Wouldn't be making too many long term plans Boris.

Hopefully by then his diplomatic immunity will have expired.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kissing 3-year-old girl playing video game See in context

So a man kissed a 3 year old girl who was left alone to play video games in a shopping centre?

There is so much to question here. Why was a 3 year old left alone? Why didn't she tell the grandmother right away? What video games are 3 year olds playing? How did he get to her mouth as 3 year olds are famously quite short?

It all seems strange until the last sentence, the classic I don't remember this incident.

Pretty much secures his guilt.

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Posted in: Are you a Netflix user? If so, how would you like to see it improved? See in context

I hate how all the blurb is in English but then there are no english subtitles available. Also sometimes the trailers have subtitles but the actual show doesn't.

Not expecting them to subtitle everything but would be nice to see more. Especially as there are anime subtitles available in other countries but not Japan.

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