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There is a piece missing to this excellent discussion of why the U.S. used the atomic bomb at the end of WWII. Japan was also making an atomic bomb in relatively unbombed Korea. They had been working on it since before the war and when the war went bad it became high priority. Strong evidence indicates they may have test fired a nuclear device off Korea. But too late. The Russians, aware of their nearby plants, invaded Korea and sealed off the north where they looted them. The Soviets, of course, became the next world power to have an atomic bomb. That was partly because of what they took from Korea. What was left by the Japanese became the beginning of North Korea's nuclear program. The little-known story is in my new book, Japan's Secret War, Third Edition - built on decades of research and two earlier editions. The Japanese were hoping to use the bomb on the Allied invasion fleet. We beat them to it. The race was very close, a story largely hidden to this day.

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Samit Basu it is true. North Korea inherited the remains of Japan's WWII program which was centered in Hungnam (Konan). When the Russians invaded, they looted it for several years, then left the rest for fledgling North Korea. Their struggling program began there in those ruins, which included plants, trained personnel, and uranium mines bearing fruit. It was later that Pakistan became involved. I went to Japan, interviewed participants, dug up many formerly top secret documents from U.S. archives. Read my two earlier books about it. Or, better yet, read the newest, Japan's Secret War 3rd edition, coming in December. Bensei in Tokyo just published it in Japanese.

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It's ironic that North Korea actually began it's nuclear program by inheriting Japan's World War II atomic program.

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It's time Japan defends itself instead of relying on other countries. The only viable defense to nuclear attack, is the possibility of nuclear retaliation. Japan is capable. In fact, it probably produced a nuke at the end of World War II. But too late. The war ended and the Russians took it's plants in Occupied Korea. The little-known story, fully documented, is in Japan's Secret War, 3rd Edition, published in Japan by Bensei this past August and to be published in the U.S. this coming December.

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