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Wow....an old article but a goody! Some great debate, interesting experiences and funny comments to boot.

I've been in Japan 10 years now and the same very traditional large Japanese corporation for the last 4.

I think some of the seeming absurd rules mentioned in the article are exactly that - ridiculous - and likely don't even still exist. The job market is changing here and employers are having to create better working conditions to keep hold of talent. The odd wacky company with an eccentric CEO might still have the odd quirky rule (we have a company song we used to sing every morning up until a few months ago) but these are being questioned by more outspoken younger employees and disappearing.

Still, there are generally more company regulations to adhere to working at a Japanese firm but it stems from a culture of rigid hierarchy taught and learned right back in primary schools. Difficult to suddenly change a way of thinking so ingrained.

The fire exit story - I see the guys point, but then again it's a rule and there's no real reason to intentially break it. If your company back home had a similar regulation in place, you'd likely respect it.

I think it's important not to always to try find faults with Japan, or any other country you are an expat in. Could find a million reasons to complain about wherever you choose to live or work in the world, I'm sure.

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