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My concern is the ocean water being used to cool the reactors and then that water being flushed back into the ocean. I know the reactor accident was 8 years ago but when TEPCO was spinning truths back then, I am still in wonderment of where Fukushima is today and the process of cleaning up and containing the plant.

As far as "safe" food in Japan. I'm there every year and aside from the occasional MSG headache from ramen, I eat mostly vegetables, gyoza, and fish when I'm there... I feel fine and have no signs of illness.

Side note: I climbed Fujisan last July for the 1st time and it treacherous to say the least. The entire climb up and down was 15 hours. Bring your own food and oxygen if you attempt to climb. We fortunately got to our station hut 25 minutes late and dinner service (curry rice) was not available to us. Turns out, over a dozen people got violently ill and could not climb or needed assistance getting down the mountain. Bring your own food! 2 liters of water per person. Good Luck!

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so very sad to hear of this young ladies demise. I climbed Fujisan a few weeks back. I’m in pretty good shape and run for exercise.

Make no mistake about it, Fuji mountain is extremely dangerous, slippery and never ending. The hike up to station 8 where we rested ( many people got sick from the curry, beware) no sleeping. Many people throwing up from bad curry dinner and altitude sickness, then 3.5 hours to the summit.

5.5 hours down.

Mall in all 15 hours of serious hiking and climbing witch seems never ending. The switchbacks went on what seemed like forever.

Im so very sorry for her friends and family. I’m sure she did not climb alone. Tragic.

Please take my warnings about this mountain seriously. It’s dangerous, not fun. It’s beautiful, yes, dangerous, extremely.

always, always, always, pack a headlamp and wear the appropriate clothing. Bring your own food.

Start climbing from the 5th station no later than 1pm or you’ll be climbing treacherous rocks in the dark, like I did.

Good luck to those who climb, God bless to the gal who’s soul lives on the mountain.

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3 years of meetings about meetings about meetings.

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I'm sure booze and karaoke were to blame.

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The future is upon us

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